Mixed English Questions for Mains Exam — Set 304

Directions(1-5): In this question, two Columns I and II and three sentences are given, which are divided into two parts. Column I (A, B and C) consists of the first half of each sentence and Column II (D, E and F) consists of the second half of each sentence. Match column I with column II, so that the sentences formed are both meaningful and grammatically correct. Choose the correct option as your answer.

  1. I.
    A) The right to privacy of an individual is a basic human right, as
    B) The government is meant to serve people and safeguard their
    C) The government should understand that in a democracy, the
    D) nation and the state are by the people and not the other way around.
    E) privacy is something directly linked to personal dignity.
    F) interests, and not rule over them as per its own whims and fancies.
    B-E and C-F
    A-E, B-F and C-D
    A-F and C-D
    A-E and C-F
    Option B


  2. I.
    A. My dryer was a length of string which ran
    B. He is always accusing me of having
    C. She had to find out what it was
    D. Across my bedroom from the mirror into the cupboard.
    E. And she had the intuition that he would help her.
    F. Strange ideas about what word should be stressed.
    B-F and A-E
    C-E and A-D
    Option D


  3. I.
    A) Although inflation is rampant,
    B) It lies pleasant in a well-wooded country on the
    C) The washing machine broke down so we

    D) had to call in the technician.
    E) small river Brett, a tributary of the Stour.
    F) the standard of living has gone up.

    A-F, C-D and B-E
    A-F and C-D
    A-F and B-E
    B-E and C-D
    Option C


  4. I.
    A) One of the reasons for his
    B) The stop sign on the corner is supposed to
    C) The countess was still unwell and unable to travel but
    D) it was impossible to wait on her recovery.
    E) demotion are his carelessness.
    F) be a deterrent that discourages speeding.
    A-E and B-F
    B-F and C-D
    A-E and C-D
    Option E


  5. I.
    A) Jane was the only one in the fourth grade who accidently kicked off
    B) Susan volunteered at the shelter
    C) Andre himself had ordered for their exiles when
    D) where she handed out warm clothes.
    E) her shoe into the sewer on the way to school one morning.
    F) it was revealed they were Sasha’s spies.
    A-E and B-D
    A-E, B-D and C-F
    B-D and C-F
    Option B


  6. Directions(6-9): In the given question, one statement with a blank along with four words is given. Two of the given words can fit into the given blank. Five options with various combinations of these words are given. Choose the combination of the words that best fits into the blank.

  7. We need to think of climate change mitigation like a _________ race, where short-lived pollutants get a head start and CO2 reductions eventually catch up and provide more and more cooling.
    a) lurched
    b) flabbergasted
    c) staggered
    d) deserted
    Option E
    ‘Flabbergasted’ means to surprise and does not fit in the context. ‘Deserted’ means abandoned and does not go along the context of the statement, thus it should not be used as well.


  8. As a journalist in the 90s, Stuart Freedman’s work brought him to India, and he sought refuge in these coffee houses away from the _______ of the busy city.
    a) distortion
    b) cacophony
    c) hustle
    d) harsh
    Option B
    Distortion- deformation
    Cacophony- a harsh discordant mixture of sounds
    Hustle- commotion


  9. The _________ multi-storeyed residential apartments recently came into news after Zohra, a domestic maid, was allegedly assaulted and held hostage by her employer on suspicion of theft.
    a) majestic
    b) rich
    c) upscale
    d) luxurious
    Option C
    ‘Majestic’ is used when the buildings have grandeur or have an imposing character. The sentence doesn’t specify any such properties of the apartments. It’s just a regular residential apartment.
    Both ‘upscale’ and ‘luxurious’ give us an idea about the residents of the apartment (they’re rich), without drawing out much focus from the main issue of the sentence.


  10. Paramjit Khurana has developed hybrid strains of mulberry, wheat and rice which can ___________ drought and high heat, to help farmers who depend on weather.
    a) Brace
    b) Prevail
    c) Withstand
    d) Endure
    Option D
    Brace means to secure (something) against pressure or impact; make steady.
    Prevail to appear or occur as the more important or frequent feature or element.
    Withstand means to stand or hold out against successfully.
    Endure means to sustain without impairment or yielding.


  11. The following question carries one statement with one blank. Choose the most appropriate word from the options to fill the blank making the sentence grammatically correct and meaningful.

    The company has discontinued the practice of __________ the staff with free lunches.

    Option A


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