Share your SBI PO Mains Exam Experience (04 June 2017)

SBI PO Mains Exam 2017 was scheduled on 4th June 2017. The exam timing is of 3 and a half hour along with descriptive section. There is only 1 shift for the exam,.

Do share your exam experience with us. Share the type of questions asked. 

Kindly share

  • Any questions you remember,
  • The difficulty level of exam,
  • Difficulty level of all 5 sections:  Data Interpretation and Analysis, Reasoning and Computer Aptitude, English Language, General Awareness and Descriptive Section.

We will soon post the questions asked in Exam and the best possible review.




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66 Thoughts to “Share your SBI PO Mains Exam Experience (04 June 2017)”

  1. ravi

    kuch na ho gay mera:((

    1. ravi

      lagta hai sbi examiner ka candidate ka kable paisa aur ek chance chiyahe hota hai :((

      1. Pattern changed from last year?
        N english ?

        1. PHOENIX

          Mam English was doable somehow, but now everything depends on quant 🙁

          1. Yes is bar fillers n errors aa gae.
            Quant acha kisi ka b nhi gya. Cutoff accordingly hi jaegi. Accuracy will matter.
            No. Of Questions attempted ?

          2. PHENOMENAL

            BT ma’am jitni bhi jaye gnrl ki 5+ hi rhegi loss to apna hi h baki ki to 5- rhegi

          3. jitendra srivastav

            mam ibps bhi is year esa hi hoga ??

          4. Last year to kiya tha same
            To expected hai. Cat say

          5. jitendra srivastav

            mam phir kanha se kari jaye taiyari ..and knha milenge ese questions and english meri bahut weak h and mam mujhe reasoning and math ke sare concept clear h and english m sp bakshi bhi pd chuka hu ..phir bhi mock m english m 5,6 marks hi aate hain and mock m 50 se jyade score nhi hota mam i need your help how to clear ibps bs 3 months hi bache hain

          6. We will start adding such questions
            English me only rules karne se kuch nhi hota
            English language ko use me b lao
            like newspaper ya kuch b English me read karo.

          7. PHENOMENAL

            🙁 again cycle continue 1 saal wait kro ibps 🙁

          8. Inquisitive

            ya mere se to hua hi nhi kuch maths me :'(

          9. PHENOMENAL

            Same here wrd prblm waise smjh to ati nhi ye di me de diye

          10. Inquisitive

            han unka possible hi nhi hai jo log di /series/quad pe depend hoke gaye the :'(

          11. Inquisitive

            kitne kiyye tumne?

          12. PHENOMENAL

            80 only

          13. Inquisitive

            this is gud enough ,hope accuracy is good

          14. BeenThere

            Ur attempts?

        2. ravi

          yes mam ,,,,,i’m out from race:(
          ab bas ibps sa kuch hoga

          1. Yes dont loose hope. IBPS hai abi

        3. ravi

          how to solve mam:)))

          probability que-
          there are 3 bags contain 3 colour balls red yellow green
          bag A cndition- red ball =15
          G:Y= 9:4
          probability of drawing 1 yellow ball is 2/9

          BAG B conditoon-
          green in bag B is 1/3 of grren in A
          yellow is 3 greter than red
          avarage of red gren yellow is 15

          bag C condition
          for 3 clours
          then que on this
          this is a probability que this time in sbi po mains

          1. I will add the question in quiz

  2. Saravanan M

    toughest than expected…

      1. vikash mishra

        Mam general awareness provided by aspirant zone is expectionally brilliant ,kindly provide us the toughest reasoning ,quant and English so that we all can practice and qualify the upcoming banking exam

        1. jaga

          Bhai az pe sab available hai ..but aj jisne question set kiya tha wo khud diya hota aj ka exam to pakka fail hota.?

          1. vikash mishra

            Aisi Di bhaii aajtak dekhi ni

          2. DEEP..!!

            exactly,i thought for a moment to call one of the staff of sbi there to sit aside and finish any of the DI in 45 minutes.
            I called it ridiculous,its not the way to check temperament and all,its like a sweet and simple way to finish you with a single gun shot that you will never try to stand again.

        2. Did u find questions in GA from the site ?

          1. vikash mishra

            Out of 40 I HV done 37

          2. nice nice
            So good
            and what about other sections ?

          3. vikash mishra

            Mam English, quant aur reasoning k questions aajtak aise kbhi dekhe hi ni they bht hi Jada tough aur toughest section di thi

          4. Yes it was. But its ok. Sabke liye tha tough so cutoff accordingly jati hai

          5. Be positive

            Yup mam muje help mila.. Bt mein current glt krti exact figures bhul jate 🙁

          6. BeenThere

            Mam at least 35 questions of ga were from aspirant szone

          7. Good
            So U attempted them all ?

          8. BeenThere

            29 got right, 8 wrong

      2. Saravanan M

        Shubhra …. I have attended 89 questions in total.
        DI – 11, GA – 32, Reasoning – 26, English – 20

        1. Attempts are very nice. If much does not go in negative. U are surely IN

          1. Saravanan M

            Thank you ………….. 🙂

  3. vikash mishra

    Iss paper main general awareness k baad kuch bhi easy ni tha
    Di based on alligation, time and work, profit and loss, stream and boat , probability, geometry k questions
    Reasoning machine input output k new questions block main number likh they first they multiply the number fir alag alag logic follow ho rhe they, puzzles k 4 questions aaye they all are tough
    English 5 small passage are given and the questions put up by recruiters like provide me the from the option which link passage 3 and four,aur passage SE direct questions bhi they ,level of questions put up by recruiters required very deep knowledge

    1. Yes all sections had new pattern questions again. Different from last year. The role of banks in the country has grown up and so the change of patterns in recruitment exams too. But it was difficult for all aspirants. If you did not get too much confuse there, attempted fine with accuracy, You are IN. SBI now wants to check presence of mind at difficult situations. Thats why it changes the pattern. And asks what is not expected.
      All the best

      1. jaga

        Mam ese kya faida..60 question b nahi ata thik se …..presence of mind difficult situation mai ese check karte hai??aur ese kiya hote to aj npa itna jyada nahi hota ..marks to 60 ayega ki nahi wo doubt mujhe…aj se sbi ka exam nahi dunga ….sbi ka sab rude ….employee rude…xam quedtions sab rude….rona arah tha mujhe aj ??.. ..i m out of the race…

        1. I know bht frustration hoga abi ki itni preparation ke bad b esa. But ye expected tha with SBI
          Did u see ki essay n letters jese phle aate the vo nhi aate ab
          jese ek bar OROP aya tha
          but ab GST, PCA jo sab abi chal rha hai, vo nhi aya
          last year b ese topics nhi aae the
          even GD me b presence of mind vale topics the

          So tabi mai bht bar keh rhi thi ki confuse mat hona, nervous mat hona bas
          and also 60 questions does not mean 60 marks, its more than that. 2 marks k questions b to the
          Last year b sab esa hi bol rahe the, but clear b hua tha unka. So dont loose hope abi se.

          1. _sud_

            mam…last year bhi kuch ques 2 marks n kuch 1 marks ke the?….ya equal distribution tha marks ka?

          2. nhi last year b same ese hi tha. 2 and 1. English me 1.5 and 1

        2. Inquisitive

          me too :/ maths me hua nhi kuch mujse

  4. vikash mishra

    Banking exam k ab lgta hai koi fix pattern ni hai..

  5. jaga

    #Ye kisine kaha tha gradeup pr
    Latest SBI PO eligibility criteria
    1) You should be a professor of English at Harvard University.
    2) You should be as logical as Sherlock Holmes.
    3) You should think Math in the same way as Mr. Ramanujan used to do.
    #Bilkul sahi kaha ????

    1. Hehe
      yes ye bilkul correct hai
      English language ka level increase kar diya hai SBI ne, ki esa lagta hai they want to recruit for their foreign branches, and not here

      1. Be positive

        Mam aap b mns man rhe aisa.. Mam gud attempts bta Dijie…aur descriptive me word limit extend ya short hone p marks kaise deduct hote h wo b..

        1. Yes yes aisa hai bilkul
          Gid attempts 65-75 hai. Now depends ki kisne 2 marks k jada questions solve kiye, n kisne 1 marks k

          n descriptive yes. 150 word limit in both. To according to me. They will now check vocab and whether you have added the main points or related points only.

          How much u attempted ?

          1. Be positive


          2. Quant me kam hi attempt kiya h mostly ne. Do lets hope ki kam jae cutoff

          3. Be positive

            Mera matter to sahi h format b bt essay me thoda word limit extend ho gya.. Dats y worrying..

          4. Thoda bht to upar niche chal jata hai. But bht jada nhi hone chaiye


        Maths bhi ma’am ab Jo di k bharose gye the including me band bn gyi ek bhi nhi bna mushkil se 10 kiye with tukka SB mehnt brbad ?

  6. Ranvijay Singh

    My attempts in exam were:-
    Is there any chance ,General Category?

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