Syllogism by Rules Part 6: Certain Controversy and Exceptional Case

Shortcut to solve syllogism by rules

Day 6: Certain Controversy and Exceptional Case


Two Exceptional Case of SOME NOT

On Day 3 we learned a rule that SOME NOT + ANYTHING = NO CONCLUSION
Here we will see two exceptional cases in which SOME NOT and ALL are involved. Rest everything can be solved by using the table discussed on Day 3.

Exception 1:

Exception 2:

In Rest All case of SOME NOT + ALL or Any other proposition we will get NO CONCLUSION

Example 1: Some A are not B + All B is C. Here the common term B is neither in the starting in both the proposition neither at the end in both proposition. So exceptional case is not valid here.

Example 2: Tell which of the following conclusion follows
All red is pink
Some red is not green
I. Some green are not pink
II. Some Pink are not green

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: Only II. Follows
This is the case 1 of exception. Common term is in the starting. So arrange them in the order Some Not + All . Then take the term from down to up, as explained. We get Some Pink are Not Green

Example 3: Tell which of the following conclusion follows
Some blue are not green
All red is green
I. Some blue are not red
II. Some red are not blue.

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: Only I. Follows
This is the case 2 of exception as the common term is at the end. So take the sentence in order All+ Some Not. Start from down move to Up as in the image of example 8. Some blue are not red


Certain Controversy

Case Solution
1 Does restatement follows? As explained on Day 5 The Rule is
1) Restatement Follows
2) Possibility of Restatement Doesn’t Follows
Example: Statement: Some A are B
Conclusion: Some A are B(Follows)
Some A are B is a possibility(Doesn’t Follows)
2. Does Some A is B means Some A are Not B or vice versa? NO. It does not means.
3. Does All + No makes complimentary pair? NO. They don’t. On Day 5 we have covered this topic
4. The statement
All A are Not B ???
What does it means
This is a controversial statement which can have two meaning. So you will never get this statement in exam.

Certain Special words used in Syllogism and their meaning

Terms Meaning Example
Atleast, Most, Many, few SOME Atleast some A are B*
Most A are B
Many A are B
Few A are B
=> Some A are B
*In exams you will mostly find the case of Atleast.
Only Statement: Only A is B Conclusion: All B is A

Trick to solve the new pattern syllogism in short time using rules

By using rules we can solve the new pattern reverse syllogism questions in very less time. We can further reduce this time by having a correct thought process while solving the question. In the below example we will show the right approach to solve such question.

Example 4: Conclusions: Some cars are not trucks. Some buses are trucks.
A) All cars are scooters. No bus is scooter. Some busses are trucks.
B) All cars are scooters. No truck is scooter. All trucks are busses.
C) All cars are scooters. All bus are scooters. All trucks are busses.
D) Some cars are scooters. No truck is scooter. No bus is car.
E) None

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  Option B

Now how to tackle such questions? You can either check all the option and get the correct answer easily. Or you can simultaneously use elimination and reduce the number of options that you have to check. To eliminate wrong options follow this approach:

One of the Conclusion is SOME NOT : When do we get SOME NOT? We get one SOME NOT when one of the proposition is SOME and another is NO. OR we can also get SOME NOT when tthere is case of NO :example No A is B also means that Some A is Not B. So even If All + No is there we can get SOME NOT.
So check in each option at a glance which option does not contains Some + No OR All + No together And eliminate that option as that cannot be the answer.
So we get Option C) cannot be the ans as it has Only ALL.

Now go to the second conclusion: We have the case of SOME. When do we get SOME? We get Some when the first proposition is Some and the second is All. Or both is ALL. Now scan the remaining options which does not have either Some+ All or All  + All together. So see that Option D is also eliminated.

Now we are left with only Option A) and B) now use the rules and check both the case. And get the final answer. You can practice this though process now and gain expertise over it  and use it in real exam.

Questions for Practise

  1. Conclusions:
    (i) All red is blue is a possibility.
    (ii) All green being yellow is a possibility.
    A) All red is yellow. All yellow is blue. No blue is green.
    B) Some red is yellow. No yellow is blue. Some blue is green.
    C) Some red is yellow. Some yellow is blue. No blue is green.
    D) All red is yellow. No yellow is blue. All blue is green.
    E) None
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     Option C

    From option C, i) Some+Some = NO CONCLUSION and NO Conclusion means Any Possibility is True. => ) Some red is yellow. Some yellow is blue. = All red is blue is a possibility is true. AND ii) Some + No = Some Not => Some yellow is blue. No blue is green.= Some Yellow are Not Green => All green being yellow is a possibility. [Remember When SOME A is NOT B is true then All B being A is a possibility is also true.]
  2. Conclusions:
    (i) Some business are express
    (ii) Some express are times
    A) All business are standard. All standard is times. Some times are express.
    B) All business is standard. Some standard are times. All times are express.
    C) No business is standard. All standard are times. Some times are express.
    D) Some business is standard. All standard is times. No times is express
    E) None
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     Option E

    Statement i) doesnot follow in any of the Option
  3. Conclusions:
    (i) Some heater are lamp.
    (ii) Some fan are lamp.
    A) All lamp are bulb. All bulb are fan. Some fan are heater.
    B) All lamp are bulb. Some bulb are fan. All fan are heater.
    C) Some lamp are bulb. All bulb are fan. All fan are heater
    D) All lamp are bulb. All bulb are fan. Some fan are heater.
    E) None
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     Option C

    From option C, i) Some+All+All= Some => Some lamp are bulb. All bulb are fan. All fan are heater= Some lamp are heater= some heater are lamp(reverse) AND ii) Some +All=Some => Some lamp are bulb. All bulb are fan. = Some lamp are fan= some fan are lamp(reverse)
  4. Conclusions:
    (i) Some tulip are not lily.
    (ii) Some flower are rose.
    A) Some rose are not lily. All rose are tulip. All tulip are flower.
    B) All tulip are rose. Some lily are not rose. Some tulip are flower.
    C) All rose are lily. No lily is tulip. No tulip are flower.
    D) Some rose are lily. No lily is tulip. Some tulip are flower
    E) None
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     Option A

    From Option A, i) ) Some rose are not lily. All rose are tulip.=> Some tulip are not lily AND ii) All+All = All => All rose are tulip. All tulip are flower.= All rose are flower= Some flower are rose.
  5. Conclusions:
    (i) All water being river is a possibility
    (ii) Some ocean are not lake.
    A) Some lakes are water. All water us ocean. No ocean is river.
    B) All lakes are water. All water is ocean. Some ocean is river.
    C) All lakes are water. No water is ocean. Some ocean is river.
    D) Some lakes are water. Some water is ocean. All ocean is river.
    E) None
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     Option C

    From option C, i) No+Some = Some not reversed=> No water is ocean. Some ocean is river.= Some river are not water. = All water being river is a possibility. AND ii) All+ No = No => All lakes are water. No water is ocean. No Lake is ocean and hence Some Ocean are not lake is also true.

This is the end of the course in Syllogism by Rules. 

Ask your doubt in comment section.

Thank You!!!!!

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  1. arvndu

    thnq very much

  2. rs

    sir eg 3 mai typo hai ? some ke place par some not hona chahiye ?

    1. Suraj

      yes u r right,, some not hoga,, will edit it

      1. rs

        sir ALL+NO = NO
        then Eg 4 mai some not kaise ? So even If All + No is there we can get SOME NOT.

        1. ShilpA (Born to Win)

          No +all= some not

        2. Suraj

          All+no =no
          And if no a is b means some a are not b will also be true.. see part 5 concepts

          1. rs

            got it
            thank uh sir

  3. ShilpA (Born to Win)

    Suraj sir

      1. ShilpA (Born to Win)

        Sir, me syllo by rule hi krti hu but exceptional case nhi padha tha mene..Muje usme doubt h

          1. ShilpA (Born to Win)

            Some blue are not green
            All red is green
            I. Some blue are not red
            II. Some red are not blue.

            1st q nhi hoga

          2. Suraj

            Isme some blue are not red true hoga. Means 1st wala. In that example maine typing mistake se only ii follow likh diya.. explanation me see some blue are not red likha h.. will edit it

          3. ShilpA (Born to Win)

            Ohh.. Mai last 15 mins se wahi soch rhi thi..
            Thank u..
            All explainations are very good. ??

          4. Suraj

            Thanku 🙂

          5. ShilpA (Born to Win)

            Expl 4 me 2 statement..
            is it correct??

          6. Suraj

            Car and truck wala?

          7. ShilpA (Born to Win)


          8. Suraj

            All + no = no them some not kyu. Ye doubt h?

          9. ShilpA (Born to Win)

            Example 4: Conclusions: Some cars are not trucks. Some buses are trucks.
            A) All cars are scooters. No bus is scooter. Some busses are trucks.
            B) All cars are scooters. No truck is scooter. All trucks are busses.
            C) All cars are scooters. All bus are scooters. All trucks are busses.
            D) Some cars are scooters. No truck is scooter. No bus is car.
            E) None

            Some buses are trucks is a definite conclusion. Ye Sahi h..
            1st conclusion kese

          10. Suraj

            In B) using first two we get no car is truck
            and if NO A IS B then some A are not B Or some B are not A .. ye dono bhi true honge.. part 5 dekhna syllogism ka. Usme ye sab diya h
            So some car are not truck true hoga

          11. ShilpA (Born to Win)

            Got it.
            Sorry sir..Taking ur time.

          12. Suraj

            Its ok. We are here to help

          13. ShilpA (Born to Win)


          14. ShilpA (Born to Win)

            One more doubt in last que..
            May I ask?

          15. Laughing tym its nitrous oxide


          16. •?((¯°·._.• ąʍβɨЌą •._.·°¯))؟•

            ruhi ????

          17. Laughing tym its nitrous oxide


          18. Laughing tym its nitrous oxide

            R KO
            Case of Complementary Pair (EITHER-OR)


  4. ShilpA (Born to Win)

    Suraj sir

  5. Dipankar

    sir eg4 mai some rose are not lily. all rose are tulip => some tulip are not lily kese hua

    1. Suraj

      issi post me exception case 1 dekho,, uska example hai ye

  6. Dipankar

    oh ab clear ho gaya sir

  7. sachin shukla@Target sbi po


  8. sachin shukla@Target sbi po

    sir tell me syllogs with diagram method

  9. Stoic

    @surajskt:disqus sir
    Atleast some A are B
    No A are B
    #isme either -or follow hoga? mns ye conclusion h agr to?

    1. Suraj

      ha hoga,,
      coz atleast simply means some..

  10. Stoic

    @surajskt:disqus sir
    Tysm Sir:) for bringing these rules in light.I was in quest for complete rules since a long..due to increasing level of difficulty i dropped this method bcz nobody was der to solve the queries but now can ask….so,Thank u:)

    1. Suraj


      yes you can ask anytime

      1. Tulip

        Sir, possibility me apne ek case btaya h
        Statement -No A are B
        Conclusion-NO B is A
        Some A are not B
        Some B are not A
        #my doubt is last two conclusion k jo points h how do we recognise dat its of possibility case? because NO ka conversion to sirf ek hi hota h i.e first conclusion.
        and sir “can never be” line is also consider as possibility na? for ex-
        Q.statement=Some A are C
        Some B are C
        conclusion=All A can never be B
        some A are B….its ans? only 1 or none?

        1. Suraj

          dekho, JAB koi bhi A , B nhi hai,, to definitely some A are not B… isliye isse possibility nhi keh sakte,,, ye definite conclusion me ayega…

          1. Tulip

            but sir apne to ise possibility wale section me btaya h 😐

          2. Suraj

            lekin aage possibility nhi likha hai na,, jiske aage possibility likha hai ,, bas wahi possibility hai,, for example ye image dekho


          3. Tulip

            ok sir…mns NO k three conclusion will be consider?
            one more ques plzz if in conclusion its gvn
            All A are B
            No A is B
            so wat will be ans ? agr hm is NO ko somenot me convert kr denge to complimentary case k acco. either or ho jaega but in actual ALL NO me to either or hota nhi so ans to none hona chahie …and sir none hi bht tym dekha b h..bit confused 😐

          4. Suraj

            lekin there is a difference ki kab ye 3 conclusion consider karne hai…
            jab hamara conclusion aaya ho, ki SOme A is B,,, and question k conclusion me diya ho, ki SOme A are not B.. then ye wala rule follow krna hai,, is case me aise nhi kr sakte ,, isme sirf reverse wala concept jo day 2 me hai,, wo follow krenege..

            It is like this… jab ques me diye statements ko reverse krna padea,, then use only the case of reverse,, jo day 2 me hai,, and not this one..
            and use this table,, when u have got a conclusion between A and B suppose,, Like No A is B is what u have got.. and in ques it is asked some A are not B.. then u should use this table,, ki kya No A is B se ye true hoga?? think like this,, agar hoga then mark it as ur ans..

            and for this doubt
            All A are B
            No A is B

            isme u r reversing the conclusion.. means jo concluion me diya hai,, uspe rule aplly kr rhi,, we cannot do this,, jo conclusion hume mila hai,, by rules using the statements rules bas uspe aplly karnge

          5. Tulip

            hmm got it tysm 🙂

        2. Suraj

          none hoga iska..
          1 isliye nhi follow hoga coz by rules
          Some A are C + SOme C are B= no conclusion, means any possibility between A and B is true.. it means All A can be B.. hence iska reverse is false

          1. Tulip

            ohh mns negative possibility is false ..and positive one is true

          2. Suraj

            yes negative possibility k case me,, positive ko check krte hai,, and agar wo true hai,, then negative false rahega

          3. Tulip

            ohk tysm sir 🙂

          4. Spark

            Gud mrng sir….one doubt in “can never be” continuation that i asked a long tym ago..
            Statement- All Apple are grapes.
            Some Apple are mango
            No mango is banana
            All banana are guava
            Conclusion-Some grapes can be Bananas
            All apple can never be guavas.
            # doubt is-u told that negative possibility me apn positive case check krte h agr wo true hota h to negative possibility incrct ho jaegi and ithr All apple can be guavas ho skta islie negative possibility incorrect hona chahie but ans is both..and sir both kr b skte h agr venn bnae to..plzz explain..

          5. Suraj

            show the venn diagram….
            as per venn also all apple can be guava..

          6. Spark

            yup sir.. i think ans is gvn wrong …only 1 will follow

          7. Spark

            One more question sir
            All A are B
            No A is C


            All A can never be C
            Some B can never be C

          8. Spark

            One more facing confusion in never case
            No houses are villages.             
            All villages are towns.
                    All towns are cities.
                    Conclusions :
                    I. All villages are cities.
                    II. All towns can never be houses. It’s ans?

          9. Suraj

            NO+ All= Some not reverse
            means some town are not house is the conclusion..
            when some town are not house, then definetly all towns will never be house, so 2 follows
            1 also follows- all + all= all

          10. Spark

            Yup more I HV asked

      2. diaries

        Statement. Some B are not D
        All D are E

        Con. Some B are not E
        Sir it follow by diagram please clear it is right??

          1. diaries

            statement: all A are B
            some B are C
            No C is D
            all D are E
            Some B are not E
            Some C are not D
            Some D are not C
            Some B are C
            which one follow??

          2. Trisha

            2,3,4 will follow..

          3. diaries

            Restatement doesn’t follow

          4. Trisha

            acc. to the suraj sir rules, it follows, rest its a controversial, don’t know what is right or wrong..

          5. diaries

            our teacher said that restatement doesn’t follow because we can’t prove by diagram it is already showed

          6. diaries

            do u know where deep, ronnie , barbie are quizzing?

          7. Trisha

   idea about them

          8. diaries

            Ok thanku:-)

  11. Bhatt Lalit

    No key is door, All door are lock, Some window are key, Some door are window
    I. All window being door is a possibility
    II. All lock being key is a possibility
    III. No key is lock.
    IV. All lock are door
    1.Only I doesn’tfollows
    2.Only I and III follow
    3.Only I, III and IV doesn’t follow
    4.Only I, II and III doesn’t follow
    5.None follows

    What is the answer?

    1. Pratik Agrawal

      Only conclusion 1st follow s

      1. arun praveen s

        None follow

  12. Abhilash Fating

    Each means ALL or Some

    1. Fullheart☔️


  13. vivek sahu

    All Q r T, some T r G, some Q r P

    Conclusion.. 1. someP r not G
    2. If some P which are not T are not Q….
    Pls let me know the meaning of ” if “…here?

  14. poorna chandra Reddy

    Is Some A are not B implies All A are not B? or is it vice versa?

  15. swapna

    thank you very useful

  16. swapna

    but always one doubt …restatement follows or not pls rly to early as possible tomorrow exam sir

    1. All people have there own views on restatement, its a debated topic
      No need to do, will not be asked in exam.

      1. subhain

        maam … Can be and can never be possibility hoti hai ya definite?
        doubt clear kar do maam..

          1. Palani Kumar

            Ms.Subhra can u pls say is ” can never be” is possility conclusion as like “can be” ?
            Since I don’t know Hindi I can’t understand what he asked completely

  17. arun praveen s

    Sir, for 2nd question, if there was a statement with “ALL” in the 3 condition s
    All business are standard.
    All standard is times.
    All times are express.

    Will it be the answer?

    My only doubt here is if we combine all 3, we will get All business are express .
    Since all can be written as some, it will give the answer. But can we do such a thing?

    1. ครђ

      @su@surajskt:disqus sir same doubt … Clear pls 🙂

  18. Manikanta

    Sir what is the difference between
    1.Some A are B
    2.If Some A are B

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