Static GK Quiz for Upcoming Exams Set 93

Static GK Questions for IBPS RRB, IBPS PO, RBI Grade B, Dena Bank PO PGDBF, NIACL, BOI, Bank of Baroda and other competitive exams.

  1. Commonwealth games 2018 will be held in ____?
    A) Glasgow(Scotland)
    B) Tokyo(Japan)
    C) Sochi(Russia)
    D) Rio De Janeiro(South Korea)
    E) Gold Coast(Australia)
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      Option  E
  2. Zaruki international Airport situated in ___ ,India?
    A) Mizoram
    B) Gujarat
    D) Meghalaya
    E) Bihar
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      Option  D
    Some Extra:
    Shillong, Meghalaya
  3. National Green Tribunal enables creation of a special tribunal to handle the expeditious disposal of the cases pertaining to environmental issues. Who is the chairman of National Green tribunal?
    A) Rajesh Kumar Chatur
    B) Justice Swatantra Kumar
    C) TS Vijayan
    D) C P Gurnani
    E) Ved prakash
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      Option B
  4. Padayani is one of the most colorful and popular folk dance of which Indian state?
    A) Gujarat
    B) Odissa
    C) Karnataka
    D) Madhya Pradesh
    E) Kerala
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      Option E
  5. Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple located in___?
    A) Shravanabelagola ( Karnataka)
    B) Maduri (Tamil nadu)
    C) Tirumala(Andhra Pradesh)
    D) Thiruvananthapuram(Kerala)
    E) Garhwal (uttrakhand)
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      Option D
  6. According to India’s 2011 census, which of the following is the 100% banking state of India?
    A) Andhra Pradesh
    B) Kerala
    C) Karnataka
    D) Maharashtra
    E) Tamil Nadu
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      Option B
  7. Nordic stock exchange is of which country?
    A) Sweden
    B) Canada
    C) New York
    D) Nepal
    E) Male
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      Option A
  8. Dhanwantri Award is given for?
    A) Medical science
    B) Sports
    C) Music
    D) Sanskrit
    E) Journalism
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      Option A
  9. Bareen Volcano is active in which country?
    A) Italy
    B) India
    C) Indonesia
    D) Philippines
    E) Pacific ocean
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      Option B
    Some Extra:
    India( Andaman Nicobar)
  10. Headquarters of APEC is located in___?
    A) Vienna
    B) Jakarta
    C) Singapore
    D) The Hague
    E) Geneva
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      Option C
    Some Extra:
    Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a forum for 21 Pacific member economies that promotes free trade throughout the Asia-Pacific region. It was established in 1989 in response to the growing interdependence of Asia-Pacific economies.
  11. Nanda Devi national park situated in which of the following Indian state?
    A) Himachal Pradesh
    B) Chhattisgarh
    C) Uttarakhand
    D) Madhya Pradesh
    E) Odisha
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      Option C
  12. When was NASSCOM founded?
    A) 1980
    B) 1982
    C) 1986
    D) 1988
    E) 1992
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      Option D
    Some Extra:
    The National Association of Software and Services Company is a non-profit organisation.
  13. Golden fiber Revolution is for which production?
    A) Petroleum production
    B) Fish production
    C) Jute production
    D) Egg Production
    E) Honey production
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      Option C
  14. When was the India’s First census?
    A) 1865
    B) 1868
    C) 1870
    D) 1872
    E) 1878
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      Option D
  15. What is name of Secretary General of UNO?
    A) Ban Ki Moon
    B) Sam Kutesa
    C) Antonio Guterres
    D) Michel Mollar
    E) None of these
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      Option C
    Some Extra
    The United Nations Organisation is an international organisation founded in 1945 after the Second World War by 51 countries committed to maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights.

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