Static GK Quiz for Upcoming Exams Set 224

Static GK Questions for IBPS RRB, IBPS PO/Clerk, RBI Assistant, NIACL, OICL, NABARD, Bank of Baroda and other competitive exams.

  1. The World Population Day is observed on ____________
    A) April 17
    B) March 2
    C) July 11
    D) August 8
    E) May 30
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      Option C
    Some Extra: World Population day is an annual event, observed on July 11 every year, which seeks to raise awareness of global population issues. The event was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in 1989.
  2. Dhalo is a famous folk dance form of which state?
    A) Goa
    B) West Bengal
    C) Assam
    D) Arunachal Pradesh
    E) Odisha
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      Option A
    Some Extra: Dhalo is a popular ritual folk dance form Goa, India. The dance is performed by women and serves as a prayer of protection for their households. The songs to which the dance is performed are usually sung in Konakni or Marathi.
  3. Who is the Minister of State (Independent Charge) of the Ministry of Labour and Employment?
    A) Mahesh Sharma
    B) Rao Inderjit Singh
    C) Jitendra Sharma
    D) Santosh Kumar Gangwar
    E) R. K. Singh
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      Option D 
  4. The Obra Thermal Power Plant is located in which state of India?
    A) Madhya Pradesh
    B) Bihar
    C) Uttar Pradesh
    D) Haryana
    E) None of These
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      Option C
    Some Extra: ‘Obra Gajrajnagar is located in Sonbhadra district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, about 13 km from Chopan Railway Station and about 125 km from Varanasi. 
  5. The Gnana Saraswati Temple is situated in which state?
    A) Assam
    B) Bihar
    C) Haryana
    D) West Bengal
    E) Telangana
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      Option E
    Some Extra: Gnana Saraswati Temple is a Hindu temple of Goddess Saraswati located on the banks of Godavari River at Basar, Telangana, India. It is one of the two famous Saraswati temples in India, the other being in Jammu & Kashmir.
  6. The Victoria Memorial is situated in which of the following states?
    A) Gujarat
    B) West Bengal
    C) Goa
    D) Karnataka
    E) Maharashtra
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      Option B
    Some Extra: The Victoria Memorial is a large marble building in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, which was built between 1906 and 1921. It is dedicated to the memory of Queen Victoria and is now a museum and tourist destination under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture
  7. The World Customs Organization is located in which country?
    A) Paris, France
    B) Hague, Netherlands
    C) Vienna, Austria
    D) Brussels, Belgium
    E) None of these
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      Option D
    Some Extra: The World Customs Organization is an intergovernmental organization headquartered in Brussels, Belgium
  8. Which among the given small finance bank is headquartered in Chennai?
    A) Ujjivan Small Finance Bank
    B) Equitas Small Finance Bank
    C) Utkarsh Small Finance Bank
    D) AU Small Finance Bank
    E) ESAF Small Finance Bank
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      Option B
    Some Extra: Equitas Small Finance Bank is a small finance bank founded in 2007 by Equitas as a microfinance lender, with headquarters in Chennai, India.
  9. Moroni is the capital of which country?
    A) Ecuador
    B) Djibouti
    C) Comoros
    D) Georgia
    E) Latvia
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      Option C
    Some Extra: Currency – Comorian franc
  10. Who is the writer of the book titled “Winning Like Virat: Think and Succeed like Kohli”?
    A) Abhirup Bhattacharya
    B) Siddhart Dasgupta
    C) Jayantha Kalita
    D) Kamlesh D Patel
    E) Shyam Saran
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      Option A 
  11. Which of the following cities is located on the banks of the Vishwamitri river?
    A) Mathura
    B) Vadodara
    C) Kannauj
    D) Surat
    E) Honnavar
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      Option B 
  12. The Bhakra Nangal Dam in Himachal Pradesh is situated across which of the given rivers?
    A) Ravi
    B) Mahi
    C) Beas
    D) Sutlej
    E) Chenab
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      Option D
    Some Extra: Bhakra Dam is a concrete gravity dam on the Sutlej River in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh in northern India. The dam forms the Gobind Sagar reservoir.
  13. The Veer Savarkar International Airport is situated in which state/UT?
    A) Andaman & Nicobar Islands
    B) Andhra Pradesh
    C) Karnataka
    D) Daman & Diu
    E) Assam
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      Option A
    Some Extra: Veer Savarkar International Airport also known as Port Blair Airport, is a customs airport located 2 km south of Port Blair and is the main airport of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India. It is named after Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.
  14. The Bhausaheb Bandodkar Ground is situated in which state?
    A) Madhya Pradesh
    B) Tamil Nadu
    C) Odisha
    D) Maharashtra
    E) None of these
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      Option E
    Some Extra: Bhausaheb Bandodkar Ground (also known as Campal Grounds and Panjim Gymkhana Grounds) is a cricket ground in Panaji, Goa.
  15.  R. A. Sankara Narayanan is the CEO of which Indian Bank?
    A) Punjab & Sind Bank
    B) United Bank of India
    C) Vijaya Bank
    D) Oriental Bank of Commerce
    E) Corporation Bank
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      Option C 

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