Static GK Quiz for Upcoming Exams Set 360

    Static GK Questions for SBI PO/Clerk, IBPS RRB, IBPS PO/Clerk, RBI Assistant, LIC, NIACL, OICL, NABARD, SEBI and other competitive exams

  1. Where is the headquarter of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) based?
    A) London, United Kingdom
    B) Geneva, Switzerland
    C) Paris, France
    D) Vienna, Austria
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    Option B

  2. Who is the president of Fiji?
    A) Ali Bongo Ondimba
    B) Jioji Konrote
    C) Sauli Niinistö
    D) Frank Bainimarama
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    Option B
    PM – Frank Bainimarama, Capital – Suva, Currency – Dollar

  3. When is the “Central Excise Day” observed?
    A) 20th June
    B) 4th May
    C) 17th December
    D) 24th February
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    Option D

  4. Where is the hq of Axis Bank?
    A) Thrissur
    B) Kolkata
    C) Srinagar
    D) Mumbai
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    Option D
    Tagline – Badhti Ka Naam Zindagi

  5. Which among these is the National Heritage Animal of India?
    A) Elephant
    B) Tiger
    C) Giraffe
    D) Cow
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    Option A
    National Heritage Animal of India is Elephant.

  6. Where is the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport situated?
    A) Ahmedabad
    B) Kandla
    C) Shimla
    D) Srinagar
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    Option A

  7. What is the state animal of Chhattisgarh?
    A) Gaur
    B) Asiatic Lion
    C) Wild buffalo
    D) Blackbuck
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    Option C
    State Bird – Hill myna, State Flower – Rhynchostylis gigantean, State Tree – Sal.

  8. Which of these institutions is based in Madrid, Spain?
    A) World Tourism Organization
    C) International Civil Aviation Organization
    D) Amnesty International
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    Option A

  9. What is the currency of Australia?
    A) Dollar
    B) Euro
    C) Dinar
    D) Taka
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    Option A
    Capital – Canberra

  10. Garba is the folk dance of which of the following Indian state?
    A) Himachal Pradesh
    B) Gujarat
    C) Haryana
    D) Karnataka
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    Option B

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