Static GK Quiz for Upcoming Exams Set 96

Static GK Questions for IBPS RRB, IBPS PO, RBI, NIACL, BOI, Bank of Baroda and other competitive exams.

  1. Who is the current union steel minister of the Indian constituency?
    A) Harsimrat kaur Badal
    B) Harsh vardhan
    C) Prakash  Javadekar
    D) C. Birender Singh
    E) Jagat Prakash Nadda
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      Option D
  2. The National Stock Exchange of India Limited is the leading stock exchange of India, NSE was established in___?
    A) 1984
    B) 1986
    C) 1990
    D) 1992
    E) 1994
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      Option  D
    Some Extra:

    HQ in Mumbai, India
  3. International day for the Preservation of the Ozone layer observed on which of the following date?
    A) 8 September
    B) 14 September
    C) 15 September
    D) 16 September
    E) 21 September
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      Option D
  4. Rangapahar wildlife sanctuary is situated in___?
    A) Odisha
    B) Manipur
    C) Arunachal Pradesh
    D) Meghalaya
    E) Nagaland
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      Option E
    Some Extra:
    Nagaland capital- Kohima
  5. What is the currency of Turkey?
    A) Baht
    B) Lira
    C) Dirham
    D) Riyal
    E) Somoni
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      Option B
    Some Extra:
    Capital- Ankara
  6. Mattur Dam situated at which of the following river?
    A) Kaveri
    B) Krishna
    C) Sutlej
    D) Kabini
    E) Periyar
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      Option A
  7. Betla national Park is situated in___?
    A) Chhattisgarh
    B) Bihar
    C) Madhya Pradesh
    D) Jharkhand
    E) Uttar Pradesh
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      Option D
  8. Where is the World anti- Doping agency (WADA) is situated?
    A) Geneva, Switzerland
    B) Washington DC, USA
    C) Vienna, Austria
    D) Montreal, canada
    E) Berlin, Germany
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      Option D
    Some Extra:
    WADA formed in 1999.
  9. Lal Bahadur Shastri stadium is in___?
    A) Bangalore
    B) Hyderabad
    C) Mumbai
    D) Rajkot
    E) Jalandhar
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      Option B
  10. Rangit Hydro Electric Power project is situated in___?
    A) Assam
    B) Odissa
    C) Sikkim
    D) Arunachal Pradesh
    E) Meghalaya
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      Option C
  11. Where is the capital city of Zimbabwe?
    A)  Lusaka
    B) Harare
    D) Rabat
    E) Maputo
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      Option B
  12. Geeta Rani related to which of the following sports?
    A) Chess
    B) Tennis
    C) Badminton
    D) Weightlifting
    E) Shooting
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      Option D
  13. What is the name of the Governor of Haryana?
    A) Vajubhai Vala
    B) Kaptain Singh Solanki
    C) Om Prakash Kohli
    D) Narinder Nath Vohra
    E) S.C. Jamir
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      Option B
  14. Name of the Chief Justice of India is___?
    A) John G. Robert
    B) H.J.kania
    C) J.S.Khehar
    D) T.S.Thakur
    E) none of these
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      Option C
  15. Kaziranga national Park situated in which of the Indian state?
    A) Odisha
    B) Assam
    C) Kerala
    D) Goa
    E) Manipur
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      Option B




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