Static GK Quiz for Upcoming Exams Set 136

Static GK Questions for IBPS RRB, IBPS PO/Clerk, RBI Grade B, NIACL, BOI, Bank of Baroda and other competitive exams.

  1. What is the tagline of Indian Overseas bank (IOB)?
    A) Your tech friendly bank
    B) Good people to grow with
    C) Tradition of trust
    D) The name you can bank upon
    E) Banking for all
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      Option  B
    Some Extra:
    Hq- Chennai
  2. Durand Cup is related to which of the following sport?
    A) Cricket
    B) Tennis 
    C) Hockey
    D) Badminton
    E) Football
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      Option  E
  3. Name of the capital city of Argentina is__?
    A) Tehran
    B) London
    C) Buenos Aires
    D) Madrid
    E) Damascus
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      Option C
    Some Extra:
    Currency- Peso
  4. Bellandur lake is located in which of the following Indian state?
    A) Uttar Pradesh
    B) Sikkim
    C) Karnataka
    D) Manipur
    E) Odisha
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      Option C
  5. Hq of Food and Agriculture Organization is situated at___?
    A) Rome
    B) The Hague
    C) Geneva
    D) Vienna
    E) Paris
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      Option A
  6. Bihu dance is a popular folk dance of which of the following Indian state?
    A) Karnataka
    B) Kerala
    C) Odisha
    D) Assam
    E) Arunachal Pradesh
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      Option D
  7. According to 15th census (census 2011) of India, what is the percentage of Literacy of male?
    A) 64.20%
    B) 82.14%
    C) 88.44%
    D) 74.14%
    E) 76.86%
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      Option B
  8. Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday October 2nd is observed as___?
    A) International Peace Day
    B) International Law day
    C) International Non- Violence Day
    D) International Education day
    E) international Youth day
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      Option C
  9. Hq of United Nations World Tourism Organization is situated at____?
    A) Vienna
    B) Madrid
    C) London
    D) New York
    E) Geneva
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      Option B
    Some Extra:
    Madrid, Spain
  10. What is the name of the chairman of Press Council of India?
    A) Shekar Basu 
    B) Sunil Kanoria
    C) Chandramauli Kumar Prasad
    D) Shashikant Sharma
    E) Archana Ramasundaram
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      Option C
  11. Essar Mahan Power plant is situated in___?
    A) Haryana
    B) Madhya Pradesh
    C) Bihar
    D) Himachal pradesh
    E) Uttarakhand
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      Option B
  12. Lipu lake pass connects India with___?
    A) Nepal
    B) Tibet
    C) Bhutan
    D) Pakistan
    E) Bangladesh
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      Option B
  13. Vidya Pillai is an Indian player of which sport?
    A) Shooting
    B) Tennis
    C) Snooker
    D) Badminton
    E) Chess
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      Option C
  14. What is the name of President of Iraq?
    A) Haider Al- Abadi 
    B) Fuad Masum
    C) Charles Robert
    D) Abdul Salam Arif
    E)Jacob Zuma
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      Option B
    Some Extra:
    Capital of Iraq- Baghdad, currency- Dinar
  15. Where is the capital city of Seychelles?
    A) Abuja
    B) Tripoli
    C) Banjul
    D) Victoria
    E) Rwanda
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      Option D
    Some Extra:
    Currency- Seychelles is rupee

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