Static GK Quiz for Upcoming Exams Set 205

Static GK Questions for IBPS RRB, IBPS PO/Clerk, RBI Assistant, NIACL, OICL, Bank of Baroda and other competitive exams.

  1. Where is the headquarters of FATF (Financial Action Task Force) situated?
    A) Paris
    B) Shanghai
    C) Singapore
    D) Kathmandu
    E) Kabul
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      Option A
    Paris, France
  2. In which of the following states is Bir Bara Ban Wildlife Sanctuary situated?
    A) Assam
    B) Manipur
    C) Arunachal Pradesh
    D) Chhattisgarh
    E) Haryana
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      Option E

  3. What is the currency of Ethiopia?
    A) Kwacha
    B) Quetzal
    C) Franc
    D) Birr
    E) Euro
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      Option D
    Some Extra: Capital city- Addis Ababa
  4. Where is the headquarters of BNP Paribas Bank situated?
    A) Seoul, South Korea
    B) Ontario, Canada
    C) Bangkok, Thailand
    D) Paris, France
    E) Brussels, Belgium
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      Option D
  5. Where is Sri Venkateswara Temple situated?
    A) Telangana
    B) Andhra Pradesh
    C) Tamil Nadu
    D) Kerala
    E) Odisha
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      Option B
    Some Extra: 
    Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple is a landmark Vaishnavite temple situated in the hill town of Tirumala at Tirupati in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh
  6. Through which city does River Tapti flows?
    A) Ahmedabad
    B) Jaipur
    C) Surat
    D) Sonipat
    E) Bikaner
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      Option C
  7. Where is Badarpur Thermal Power Station located?
    A) Punjab
    B) New Delhi
    C) Rajasthan
    D) Haryana
    E) Gujarat
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      Option B
  8. When is National Panchayati Raj Day observed?
    A) 24 April
    B) 17 April
    C) 26 April
    D) 18 March
    E) 20 March
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      Option A
  9. Kambala is a folk sport, held traditionally in
    A) Tamil Nadu
    B) Andhra Pradesh
    C) Odisha
    D) Karnataka
    E) Goa
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      Option D
    Some Extra: Kambala is an annual Buffalo Race held traditionally under the sponsorship of local Tuluva landlords and households in the coastal district’s of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi of Karnataka India which is termed under single region known as Tulu Nadu.
  10. Where is the Captain Roop Singh Stadium situated?
    A) Vadodra, Gujarat
    B) Jodhpur, Rajasthan
    C) Gwalior, MP
    D) Ranchi, Jharkhand
    E) Faridabad, Haryana
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      Option C

  11. When is World Meteorological Day observed?
    A) 22 April
    B) 23 March
    C) 14 April
    D) 25 March
    E) 13 June
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      Option B
  12. Vizag Port is situated at?
    A) Maharashtra
    B) West Bengal
    C) Goa
    D) Tamil Nadu
    E) Andhra Pradesh
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      Option E
  13. Kalbelia Dance is the folk dance of which Indian state?
    A) Kerala
    B) Himachal Pradesh
    C) Gujarat
    D) Rajasthan
    E) Haryana
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      Option D
  14. Sirohi National Park is situated in which state?
    A) Manipur
    B) West Bengal
    C) Goa
    D) Assam
    E) Andhra Pradesh
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  15. Where is the Mithivirdi nuclear power plant siuated?
    A) Gujarat
    B) Madhya Pradesh
    C) Himachal Pradesh
    D) Kerala
    E) Sikkim
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      Option A

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