Strategy for Hindi medium students to crack IBPS PO Exam


IBPS PO, the very name of this exam gives many students butterflies in their stomach, making them just want to fight through everything, in order to clear every phase of this exam. But, success is not gained just through hard work. It is often the smart work that rings the bell of triumph. Now, smart work must include a simple strategy which will help students to pass through all the questions of the question paper.

Now, the strategy we referred to here may basically refer to anyone, from English medium students to Hindi medium students or any other medium for that matter, and each and every single one of them have their own strengths and weakness.

Also, the medium does not always mean that English medium students will be excellent in English or Hindi medium people may be weak in English or any other subject to be precise. But, if we do a bit of a calculation and statistics, we can see that the ratio of students from all mediums are mostly equivalent. And of course, there is always an option to change your language during the IBPS PO exam for the particular subjects like Reasoning and Quantitative from English to Hindi and vice versa.
But, the main point of focus is that if you are from a Hindi medium background and English isn’t your thing then the main focus should be on this subject because maths and reasoning can be mastered through regular practice but English section demands understanding of certain rules and ample practice.

So, let’s see how the students of Hindi Medium institutions can crack the IBPS PO Exam 2018!

How can Hindi medium students crack IBPS PO?

English now a days is a must in all of the competitive exams and it is a very important section. Now most of the non-English medium students do get jitters while looking or even hearing the name of the subject English but, still you can’t ignore the fact that there are a number of non-English medium people who have aced IBPS PO exam, which contains the English language subject, and have become a successful Probationary Officer in one of the participating banks of this exam.

First and foremost, there are three important things you must remember and follow:
(a) Create the plan
(b) Stick to the plan
(c) Get it delivered without giving up hope.

So, let’s begin!

The subject English is all about vocabulary and grammar. You need to know the write words that you should use and their exact meaning as well and when to use them.

  1. Download any app or search the internet for a list of vocabulary words which are important for IBPS PO exams and every morning when you wake up, open this list and learn one word.
  2. The best method would be to use mnemonics to remember the word better. Every night before going to bed just see the word you learnt and try to remember its meaning. Slowly as the word list increases, make flashcards and every now and then go through the flashcards and see how much you can remember.
  3. Pick up a grammar book and go through a chapter everyday and take a quiz on that particular chapter.
    For example, if you are reading tenses, then after you have completed the chapter open any site that will have quizzes and attempt them with proper time constraints. After completing one quiz, check the mistakes which you made and write them down. Taking notes of your mistakes will help you remember the rules more efficiently.
  4. When you see a new rule, write it down properly in a separate notebook. Remember to revise this every Sunday or any particular day you may chose.
    After a whole week of giving exams and learning new topics you should keep one day for revision.
  5. Start reading newspapers. You will come across a number of new words in different articles of the newspaper. Underline them and write them down and revise them periodically.
  6. Read the newspaper out loud slowly and grasp every word you say. In the beginning it might be very slow but, as you keep doing it you will catch speed. There are a number of newspapers which one may refer, for instance,  “The Hindu”, “The Economist” etc. The editorial part is a must read, as the Reading comprehensions mainly come from there.
  7. Everyday, pick a time and write down a small paragraph on something; any topic of your choice. And instead of using the simple words, use the words you learnt in your vocabulary session.
  8. You can also try writing sentences and find the synonyms of the same simple word that you use every day.
    For example, if I write a sentence like “Ram is a very handsome and intelligent man” Instead of the words handsome and intelligent, one may go for alternatives such as ”Ram has a very stunning appearance and is very quick-witted”. Through this you can also understand the changes in tense.
  9. Take an English Test on your revision day. A complete IBPS PO pattern based English exam with different types of English questions that are asked in the exam like Para jumble, Error spotting, Reading comprehension, Sentence correction etc.
  10. Pick a previous year’s IBPS PO question paper and solve the English portion and analyse the parts where you went wrong, or didn’t understand. Write it down and open your grammar book and see that part so that you will remember the mistake you made and avoid repeating it in future.
  11. Communicate in English with other people instead of your native language. Use words that you have learnt and converse with your friends and family members in english whenever possible.

So, these are a few things which will positively help you gain good English skills and crack the IBPS PO exam with flying colours.

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