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The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Words with Meanings for various Exams: SBI PO/Clerk, IBPS PO/Clerk, RRB, RBI, LIC, NABARD, SEBI, SSC, UPSC, IPPB, etc.

We are providing vocabulary words from the Editorial articles in The Hindu newspaper which is important for all the upcoming competitive exams. Add some more words to your English vocabulary words list.


TOPIC – True mettle

India saw another fortnight of good tidings in sports from Tokyo. Close on the heels of the recent Olympics there, in which India claimed an overall tally of seven medals inclusive of a lone gold, the country’s differently abled athletes extended this tale of excellence into the Paralympics Games. The quadrennial event, which concluded at the Japanese capital on Sunday, witnessed an exemplary show by these athletes representing 2.2% of India’s population, who are differently abled. India finished 24th in the table with 19 medals that featured five golds, eight silvers and six bronzes. This was India’s finest outing at the Paralympics and eclipsed the previous best of four medals at the Rio de Janeiro edition in 2016. In a nation where sporting culture is sacrificed at the altar of academic excellence, any news about success on the turf has to be treated as a system altering result. The challenges for the differently abled are tougher, considering the body’s limitations that these athletes first cope with through sheer willpower, and then there is the secondary task of overcoming society’s innate scepticism. A simple access audit of India’s urban buildings would reveal how even a ramp essential for the differently abled is either missing or added as an afterthought. In 2016, an audit initiated by government agencies did not find a single building that was completely accessible to the differently abled. Seen in that context, what India’s Paralympics contingent achieved is mindboggling. This was a leap of faith mounted on endless hours at grounds and inside gymnasiums while sharpening muscle memory. The Indian contingent reflected life’s vicissitudes with athletes having personal stories steeped in tragedy: accidents, polio afflictions or genetic issues. Yet, they strove towards excellence with an effervescent smile in place. Be it athletics, where javelin throwers are the toast of the month, or badminton or shooting, India had its moments of splendor. The five gold medalists — Sumit Antil, Pramod Bhagat, Krishna Nagar, Manish Narwal and Avani Lekhara — led from the front, and the last named 19yearold shooter also won a bronze. India drew a blank in shooting at the preceding Olympics, but the differently abled added five medals. The coaches, the Paralympics Committee of India and Sports Ministry played their parts while India excelled in a championship held in the shadow of a pandemic. Since its first medal at the 1972 Paralympics, India was a marginal presence until now. A reflexive rewards exercise is on from various governments, and the corporate sector. If a percentage of those riches are allocated to improve sports infrastructure for the differently abled, India will have more reasons for cheer in the coming years.


The Hindu Editorial Words with meanings, synonyms, and antonyms 


Exemplary (adjective) – Being or serving as an illustration of a type

Synonyms – Laudable, meritorious, archetypal, emblematic, impeccable

Antonyms – Outrageous, sinful, vile, obnoxious, mediocre


Turf (noun) – Range of jurisdiction or influence

Synonyms – Sward, terrain, bailiwick, divot, hippodrome

Antonyms – Lodge, receive, entertain, shelter, disaster area


Innate (adjective) – Being talented through inherited qualities

Synonyms – Intrinsic, congenital, inbred, ingrained, visceral

Antonyms – Bizarre, adventitious, extraneous, psychogenic, anomalous


Skepticism (noun) – Doubt about the truth of something

Synonyms – Suspicion, cynicism, incredulity, dubiousness, atheism

Antonyms – Conviction, credence, aplomb, bluntness, chastity


Vicissitudes (noun) – Irregular change

Synonyms – Vagaries, chanciness, fickleness, caprices, glitches

Antonyms – Conformity, evenness, steadiness, usualness, permanence


Steeped (verb) – Surround or fill with a quality or influence

Synonyms – Drenched, soused, macerated, marinated dunked

Antonyms – Anhydrous, arduous, brittle, callous, dewless


 Afflictions (noun) – A cause of great suffering and distress

Synonyms – Agonies, torments, maladies, tribulations, ordeals

Antonyms – Consolations, contentment, rejoice, tranquility, comfort


Effervescent (adjective) – Marked by high spirits or excitement

Synonyms – Vivacious, ebullient, frothy, scintillating, exuberant

Antonyms – Lackluster, stolid, desolate, leaden, melancholy


Splendor (noun) – A quality that outshines the usual

Synonyms – Grandeur, resplendence, opulence, majesty, dazzle

Antonyms – Drabness, dimness, austerity, dinginess, frigidity


Allocated (verb) – Distribute for a particular purpose

Synonyms – Dispensed, meted, doled, accorded, admeasured

Antonyms – Coalesce, conglomerate, merge, hoard


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