Quantitative Aptitude: Time, Speed and Distance Set 7

Time Speed Distance Questions for NICL, SBI PO, IBPS PO, NIACL, LIC, Dena Bank PO PGDBF, BOI, Bank of Baroda and other competitive exams

  1. A man covers a distance in 10hrs and in three equal parts. The speed is 10kmph, 20kmph and 60kmph respectively. Find the distance?
    A) 240km
    B) 300km
    C) 150km
    D) 180km
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    Option D

    Distance = speed * time
    Here we need average speed. So average speed will come 18kmph
    Distance = 18*10 = 180km
  2. Two persons covers same distance at 42kmph and 48kmph respectively. They find that the slower one takes 30minutes more to cover the distance. Find the distance cover by them?
    A) 150km
    B) 168km
    C) 200km
    D) 224km
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    Option B

    42 : 48
    7 : 8
    Time 8 : 7
    .        (+1)
    8=240minutes = 4hrs
    Distance = speed * time
    = 42*4
    = 168km
  3. Two persons goes from A to B at 12kmph and 8kmph. The faster one reach B first and come back. He meets slower one at a point R. find the distance between A & R if the distance between A to B is 20km?
    A) 12km
    B) 24km
    C) 16km
    D) 18km
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    Option C

    it is clear that both person covers double distance .
    So 2*20/(12+8) =2hrs
    Slower one covers 8*2 = 16km
    In that time in which father one covers 12*2 =24km
    So 16km is ans
  4. Two trains are running on a parallel track in same direction. Train A comes from behind and overtake train B in 60seconds. One person in train A observes that he covers train B in 40seconds. If the speed of trains in the ratio of 3:1, then find the ratio of length of train A & B?
    A) 1:3
    B) 3:2
    C) 2:3
    D) 1:2
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    Option D

    In this question speed doesn’t matter because we know …..length = speed*time. Speed remains same in both cases so it will cancel out.
    Now length of A+B =60unints
    Length of B = 40 units
    Length of A = 60-40 =20units
    A : B
    20 : 40
    1 : 2
  5. If a person cover a distance in 5/7th of his normal speed, then he will reach his destination 20minutes late. Find the usual time taken by him on his normal speed?
    A) 100min
    B) 50min
    C) 140min
    D) 70min
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    Option B

    Shortcut : multiply numerator by time/difference
    Difference = 7-5 =2
    Time = 20
    5*20/2 = 50min
  6. A man cover a distance in t hrs, if he met with an accident after 20km and he then run at his 3/5th of his normal speed, so he reach his destination 40minutes late. If he met with an accident at 30km then he reach only 30min late. Find his original speed?
    A) 60kmph
    B) 50kmph
    C) 40kmph
    D) 24kmph
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    Option C

    After moving 10km more, man saves 10minutes. For saving of 40minutes he has to cover 40km.
    Now speed:   after accident            before accident
    .                             3                                5
    Time                      5                                3
    .                                            (+2)
    (Normal time) 3= 60min
    So he covers 40km in 60min with normal speed = 40kmph
  7. A thief steal a car at 1pm and run at a speed of 80kmph. The theft discovered at 2pm and police run behind him at a speed of 100kmph. Find at what time police will catch the theif?
    A) 6pm
    B) 7pm
    C) 8pm
    D) 5pm
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    Option A

    The thief cover 80km in 1hr.
    Time – 80/(100-80) = 4hrs.
    So – 2pm+4 = 6pm
  8. A boat travels upstream from Q to P and downstream from P to Q in 3hrs. if the distance between P to Q is 4km and the speed of the stream is 1kmph, then what is the speed of the boat in still water?
    A) 4.5kmph
    B) 5.2kmph
    C) 2.5kmph
    D) 3kmph
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    Option D

    Go with options
    4/(3+1) + 4/(3-1) = 3hr
    Only option D satisfy
  9. A boat covers 12km upstream and 18km downstream in 3hrs. while it covers 36km up stream and 24km downstream in 6(1/2) hrs. find velocity of the stream?
    A) 1.5kmph
    B) 1kmph
    C) 2kmph
    D) 2.5kmph
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    Option C

    12/y + 18/x =3…………..(1)
    36/y + 24/x = 13/2……………(2)
    By solving above equation we will get
    X=12kmph, y = 8kmph
    Speed of stream = (12-8)/2 = 2kmph
  10. Two person A & B with speed of 30kmph and 40kmph comes towards each other. When they meet it is find that faster one cover 30km more than slower one, find the distance cover by train?
    A) 210km
    B) 240km
    C) 280km
    D) 300km
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    Option A

    Faster train cover 10km more in every hour. So for 30km the train has to run for 3hrs.
    Distance = (30+40) *3
    = 210km

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