Weekly CA Quiz: December 1st week (1 Dec – 7 Dec)

Hello Aspirants

We have chosen the best 60 questions from the Current Affairs of the First Week of December (Dec 1 – Dec 7). Take the quiz and excel in your upcoming exams. Take the quiz to check your knowledge.

To start the quiz, click on start quiz button below. To end the quiz, click on Quiz-Summary after the last question and then click on finish quiz.

  • Share your marks in the comment section below.
  • You can take this quiz as many times you want.


Click here to read the December Current Affairs






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33 Thoughts to “Weekly CA Quiz: December 1st week (1 Dec – 7 Dec)”

  1. " Born To Win "

    thnx mam

    1. ambika

      congratulations ruhi :))))) so happy for u dear

      1. " Born To Win "

        Thanx dear:)

        1. ambika

          atb for interview sweety :))

          1. " Born To Win "

            thnx ambi

            u ko All the very best for mains __/___

          2. ambika

            thanku dear 🙂

        2. ambika

          and clerk mains bhi hoga ab to u ka ??

          1. " Born To Win "

            han 1 ko h

          2. ambika

            ohh great good luck :))

          3. " Born To Win "

            ur score ?

          4. " Born To Win "

            wow wow wow

            mine 73 only;p

          5. ambika

            it doesn’t matter dear :)) qualified that matters and i am really very happy for u 🙂 ab chodna mat u have to be po :))

          6. " Born To Win "

            ty dear
            will try my best ..
            rest only god knows !!…

          7. ambika

            gn bye bye prep well for interview ok :))

          8. " Born To Win "

            bbye dear nd hng pr a jao grp yar plz
            aise gussa nhi hote kisi bbat se

          9. ambika

            i will after 1 jan ok u can add me then :))

          10. " Born To Win "

            ok dear

          11. GourAv

            aur yeh ladki kehti hai “she is not good in maths”…wah wah…gud nhi ho tab 80 thorda better hoti toh 100 he cross kar jati…:))

          12. ambika

            hahahaha 🙂

          13. GourAv

            all the best for tomorrow..CANDY….

          14. ambika

            thanku to u too all the very best :))

          15. GourAv

            kaisa hua exam?

          16. ambika

            ekdum bakwas :(( tumhara ???

          17. GourAv

            ohh why…meine toh yeh wala fill he nhi kiya tha form..tumhari prep toh acchi thi..kitne attempt kiye?

          18. ambika

            math ne band bja di :((
            bdi mushkil se 17 hi ho paye quants se total 81

          19. GourAv

            overall toh attempt accha hai…clear ho jaega pre

          20. GourAv

            haan ho jaega mein keh raha hun na…tumhara ho jaega

          21. ambika

            achha hua tumne fill ni kiya

  2. ambika

    thanku mam 🙂

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