Mixed Quantitative Aptitude Questions Set 39

Quantitative Aptitude Questions for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk, SBI PO, NIACL, NICL, RBI Grade B/Assistant, BOI, Bank of Baroda and other competitive exams

  1. Mahesh is very expert in bargaining ,once he went to a shop. When he asked the price of tea packet , the shopkeeper told him the price by increasing 15% of the original cost. But he insisted to decrease the price by 15% so the shopkeeper sold it by decreasing the price by 15%. What is the loss or profit of shopkeeper and by how much percent?
    A) 5.52% loss
    B) 2.25% loss
    C)2.25% profit
    D) 3.5 profit
    E) 1.55 profit
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      Option B
    Let the actual price be 100
    100 ….(+15%)……115……(-15%)….97.75
    =100 – 97.75 = 2.25% loss
  2. Ram scores 80% marks in Physics and 66% marks in Chemistry  and the maximum marks of both the papers are 100. What per cent does he score in Maths which is of 200 marks , if he scores 80% marks in all the three subjects?
    A) 70%
    B) 67%
    C) 87%
    D) 95%
    E) 72%
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      Option C
    (80/100) + (66/100) + (x/200) = 320/400
    => x = 174
  3. 16 workers working 6 hours a day can build a boundary of length 150 metres, breadth 20m and height 12 m in 25 days. In how many days 12 workers, working 8 hours a day can build a wall of length 800 m, breadth 15 m and height 6 m.
    A) 20days
    B) 30ays
    D) 55days
    E) 50days
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      Option E
    Use this formula =( L1 B1 H1 )/(L2 B2 H2) = (M1 D1 T1)/(M2 D2 T2)
    (150*20*12)/(800 *15* 6) = (16*6*25)/(12*8*D2)
    => D2 = 50 days
  4. A rectangular lawn is 18m * 12 m . It has a gravel path 1.5 m wide all around it on the outside. What is the area of the path.
    A)  70
    B) 88
    C) 75
    D) 99
    E) 95
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      Option D
    Area of the lawn = 18*12 = 216 m^2
    Total area = (lawn + path) = 21*15 = 315 m^2
    Area of path = 31-216 = 99 m^2
  5. Amit covers a certain distance with his own speed , but when he reduces his speed by 10km/hr his time duration for the journey increases by 40 hours, while if he increases his speed by 5 km/hr from his original speed he takes 10 hours less than the original time taken . Find the distance covered by him.
    A) 1500km
    B) 2000km
    C) 800km
    D) 1100km
    E) 1800km
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      Option A
    Let dist. be x km and speed be y km/h .
    [x/(y-10)] –(x/y) = 40
    => x= 2y(y-10)——–(1)
    and (x/y) – x/(y+5) = 10
    => x= 2y(y+5)———(2)
    On solving (1) and (2) , we get
    y = 25km/hr and x = 1500 km/hr
  6. Smallest side of a right angled triangle is 8 cm less than the side of a square of perimeter 56cm . Second largest side of the right angled triangle is 4cm less than the length of rectangle of area 96 cm^2 and breadth 8 cm. What is the largest side of the right angled triangle?
    A) 8cm
    B) 12cm
    D) 10cm
    E) 13cm
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      Option D
    side of a square = Perimeter /4  = 56/4 =14 cm
    smallest side of the right angled triangle = 14-8 =6 cm
    length of the rectangle= Area / breadth = 96/8 = 12cm
    second side of the triangle= 12 – 4 = 8cm
    Hypotenuse of the right angled triangle = √(6)^2+(8)^2 = 10cm
  7. The age of Rama and Krishna are in the ratio of 7:10 resp. After 6 years the ratio of their age will be 17:23. What is the difference in their age?
    A) 11 years
    B) 10 years
    C) 15 years
    D) 12 years
    E) 16 years
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      Option D
    After 6 years = (7x+6)/(10x+6) = 17/23
    => x =4
    Required difference = 10x – 7x = 3x = 3*4 = 12 years
  8. A fast moving superfast express crosses another passenger train in 20 seconds . The speed of faster train is 72km/hr and speed of slower train is 27km/hr. Also the length of the faster train is 100m , then find the length of the slower train if they are moving in the same direction.
    A) 115m
    B) 90m
    D) 200m
    E) 150m
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      Option E
    Time = sum of the length of the two trains / Difference in speeds
    => 20 = (100+x)/(25/2)
    => x = 150 m
  9. In how many ways can a student choose a programme of 5courses, if 9 courses are available and 2 courses are compulsory for every student?
    A) 25
    B) 35
    C) 20
    D) 42
    E) 37
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      Option B
    Required ways = 7C3 = 35 ways
  10. A brother and sister appear for an interview against two vacant posts in an office. The probability of the brother’s selection is (1/5) and that of the sister’s selection is (1/3). What is the probability that one of them is selected?
    A) 2/7
    B) 1/2
    C) 2/5
    D) 3/7
    E) 2/9
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      Option C
    One of them is selected either brother or sister.
    Required probability = (1/5)*(2/3) + (4/5)*(1/3) = 2/5

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