Mixed Reasoning Questions for Upcoming Exams – Set 74

Directions (1-2): Study the following information and answer the given question:

Point Ff is 10 km to the south of Ee. Point Gg is 3 km to the east of Ff. Point Hh is 5 km to the south of Gg. Point Ii is 6 km to the west of Hh. Point Jj is 10 km to the north of Ii. Point Kk is 6 km to the east of Jj. Point Ll is 5 km to the north of Kk.

  1. If there is any point Zz which is between Jj and Kk such that Zz is in north-west from point Ff, then Zz is in which direction with respect to Ee?
    North East
    South West
    North West
    None of these
    Option B


  2. If there is any point Yy which is between Ii and Hh such that Yy is in also the south-east direction from point Jj, then Yy is in which direction from point Ee?
    North West
    South East
    North East
    None of these
    Cannot be determined
    Option E


  3. A certain amount was distributed among six persons– Avni, Brijesh, Ceon, Deeksha, Evram and Farah. Brijesh received more than only Avni. Farah received more than Brijesh. Farah received less than Ceon. Evram received more than Ceon but he did not get the highest amount. Who among the following received the second most amount?
    None of these
    Option E


  4. Directions (4-8): Study the information carefully and answer the questions given below.

    A certain number of students sit in a row facing north. Akansha is 2nd from one of the ends. Number of persons between Elvish and Gattu is one less than between Elvish and Catty. Not less than five persons sit between Farhan and Elvish. Seven persons sit between Akansha and Farhan. Not more than nine persons sit to the right of Banya. Catty is 4th right to Banya. Gattu is right to Catty and Elvish. The number of persons between Akansha and Dattu is same as between Catty and Elvish. Banya is one of the neighbor of Farhan. Dattu is 13th left to Gattu.

  5. How many candidates are sitting in the row?
    None of these
    Option B


  6. If Yash sits exactly between Devendra and Banya, then who sits 3rd right to Yash?
    Cannot be determined
    None of these
    Option A


  7. How many persons sit to the right of Gattu?
    Option A


  8. What is the position of Catty with respect to Farhan?
    1st left
    2nd right
    Immediate left
    3rd right
    None of these
    Option D


  9. Four of the following belongs to a group according to their positions in the given arrangement, find the one that does not belong to that group?
    Option E


  10. In the question given below are some statements followed by two conclusions. Taking statement to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known fact, mark the correct options below.
    a)All P is B.
    b)Some P is M.
    c)No B is C.
    a)Some C can be M.
    b)Some P are C.

    Only a follows
    Only b follows
    Either a or b follows
    Both a and b follows
    Neither a nor b follows
    Option A


  11. Mani starts running in the west direction and walks for 8 km, then he takes a right turn and walks for 5 km again he takes a right turn and walks for 2.5 km and at last he takes a right turn walks for 5 km, then in which direction and at what distance is Mani from his initial position?
    4.5 west
    5.5 km west
    5 km east
    6.5 east
    None of these
    Option B


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