Quantitative Aptitude: Profit and Loss Set 8

Profit and Loss Questions for for IBPS PO, IBPS RRB, NICL, UIICl, OICL, RBI Grade B/Assisatant, Bank of Baroda and other competitive exams.

  1. A dealer offers a discount of 20% and still makes a profit of 20% and he further allows 4 articles free on the sale of 12 articles. Find the ratio of cost price to market price.
    A) 1:2
    B) 4:5
    C) 3:7
    D) 2:5
    E) 5:7
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      Option A
    Formula : MP(1 – d%) = CP(1+g%)
    MP(80/100) = CP(120/100)
    CP/MP = 80/120———(1)
    16 articles given in the cost of 12 articles
    MP of one article = total /12——–(2)
    CP of one article = total /16———(3)
    For one article:
    CP/MP= (80/16)/(120/12) = 1/2
  2. A and B are dealers of a bike company. The price of a bike is Rs.28,000. A gives a discount of 10% on whole , while B gives a discount of 12% on the first Rs.20,000 and 8% on the rest Rs.8000. What is the difference between their selling price?
    A) Rs.110
    B) Rs.180
    C) Rs.240
    D) Rs.200
    E) Rs.90
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      Option C
    A’ s discount = 2800
    B’s discount = 2400+640 = 3040
    Required difference = 3040-2800 = Rs.240
  3. Sonata sells a wrist watch to a wholeseller making a profit of 10%. The wholesaler sells it to the retailer making a profit of 10%. A customer purchases it by paying Rs.990. Thus the profit of retailer is 2(3/11)% what is the cost incurred by the Sonata to produce it?
    A) Rs.755
    B) Rs.950
    D) Rs.550
    E) Rs.800
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      Option E
    [((x*1.1)*1.1)*(1125/1100)] = 990
    => x = 800
  4. Fanta and Coke, there are two companies, selling the packs of cold-drinks. For the same selling price Fanta gives two successive discounts of 10% and 25%. While Coke sells it by giving two successive discounts of 15% and 20%. What is the ratio of their marked price?
    A) 110:111
    B) 120:125
    C) 131:133
    D) 136:135
    E) 140:141
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      Option D
    Fanta *0.9*0.75 = Coke *0.85*0.80
    Fanta/Coke = 136/135
  5. Profit on selling 10 candles equals selling price of 3 bulbs. While loss on selling 10 bulbs equals selling price of 4 candles. Also profit percentage equals to the loss percentage and cost of a candle is half of the cost of a bulb. What is the ratio of selling price of candle to the selling price of a bulb?
    A) 2:1
    B) 3:2
    D) 5:3
    E) 3:1
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      Option B
    Candle  —————— Bulb
    CP ….x ——————– y
    and   y = 2x
    Profit  = 10(a – x) = 3b
    Loss     = 10(y – b) = 4a
    Profit% = (3b/10x)*100———–(1)
    and Loss% = (4a/10y)*100———-(2)
    equating (1) & (2), we get
    a/b = 3/2
  6. A person wants to reduce the trade tax so he calculates his profit on the sale price instead of on the cost price. In this way by selling a article for Rs. 280 he calculates his profit as 14(2/7)%. What is his actual profit percentage ?
    A) 20.12%
    B) 16.66%
    C) 15.66%
    D) 22.21%
    E) 31.11%
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      Option B
    CP ————-SP
    240…..(- 14 2/7)……280
    Actual profit% = (40/240)*100 = 16.66%
  7. A  person sold an electronic watch at Rs. 96 in such a way that his percentage profit is same as the cost price of the watch . If he sells it at twice the percentage profit of its previous percentage then find the new selling price.
    A) Rs.132
    B) Rs.120
    C) Rs.123
    D) Rs.100
    E) Rs.110
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      Option A
    SP = x + (x*x)/100 = 96%
    => x = 60
    New , SP = 60+(60*120)/100 = Rs. 132
  8. A bookseller procures 40 books for Rs. 3200 and sells them at a profit equal to the selling price of 8 books. What is the selling price of one dozen books, if the price of each book is same?
    A) Rs.1300
    B) Rs.1100
    C) Rs.800
    D) Rs.1200
    E) Rs.1000
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      Option D
    CP = Rs. 3200/40 = Rs.80
    Now SP of 40 books =  CP of 40 books + SP of 8 books
    => SP of 32 books = 3200
    SP of 1 book = Rs.100
    Required SP of 1 dozen books  = Rs. 1200
  9. A firm of readymade garments makes both men’sand women’s shirts. Its average profit is 6% of the sales. Its profit in men’s shirts average 8% of the sales and women’s shirts comprise 60% of the output. What is the average profit per sales rupee in women’s shirts.
    A) 0.1243
    B) 0.5416
    C) 0.0466
    D) 0.5247
    E) 0.2451
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      Option C
    Women’s shirts comprise = 60%
    Men’s shirts comprise =40%
    Average profit from men’s shirts = 8% of 40 = 3.2 out of 40
    Overall average profit = 6 out of 100
    Average profit from women’s shirts = 2.8 out of 60 i.e. 0.0466 out of each shirt.
  10. Of the two varieties of rice available, variety A is bought at Rs.32 per kg and variety B at Rs.80 per kg. Two varieties of rice are mixed together in the respective ratio of 8:5 and the mixture is sold at Rs.72 per kg. What per cent of profit approximately the seller receives ?
    A) 50%
    B) 40%
    C) 30%
    D) 55%
    E) 43%
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      Option E
    Let 8 kg of first variety of rice and 5 kg of second variety is mixed.
    CP of 13 kg of rice = (8*32 + 5*32) = Rs. 656
    SP of 13 kg of rice = 72*13 = Rs.936
    Profit = 936 – 656 = Rs.280
    Profit% = (280/656)*100 = 43%



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    Cp = 60×5/6 =50
    50: 100

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