Quantitative Aptitude: Time, Speed and Distance Set 8

Time Speed Distance Questions for NICL, SBI PO, IBPS PO, NIACL, LIC, Dena Bank PO PGDBF, BOI, Bank of Baroda and other competitive exams.

  1. Two trains are running with speed 40kmph and 60kmph in the same direction. A man in the slower train passes by the faster train in 36seconds. Find the length of faster train?
    A) 100mtr
    B) 150mtr
    C) 200mtr
    D) 250mtr
    E) 300mtr
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      Option C

    In the same direction speed … 60 -40 =2okmph
    20* 5/18 * 36 =200mtr
  2. After travelling two hours a train met with an accident due to this it stops for an hour. After this the train moves at 66(2/3)% speed of its original speed and reaches to destination 3hour late. If the accident would occur at 200km ahead in the same line then the train reaches only 2.5hours late. Then find the distance of journey and the original speed of the train?
    A) 2400km,600kmph
    B) 1800km,300kmph
    C) 2400km,400kmph
    D) 1800km,200kmph
    E) 2000km,100kmph
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      Option B

    Due to 200km it saves 5hrs.
    For 3hrs it has to run 200*2*3 =1200km
    66(2/3)% = 2/3
    .                     after………..normal
    speed             2         :       3
    time               3         :       2
    .                             3-2 =1.
    1 =2 ( train stops for 1 hr out 3hrs. so 3-1 =2)
    2 =4
    1200/4 = 300kmph
    so  2hr*300 = 600km
    Now total distance = 1200 +600 = 1800km
  3. A man travels a distance in three equal parts. He covers first part at 20kmph,second part at 40kmph and third part at 120kmph. Find the distance if he covers total distance in 20hrs.
    A) 1400km
    B) 1200km
    C) 1440km
    D) 1600km
    E) 1500km
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      Option C

    Distance = average speed * time
    Average speed will be….72kmph
    72*20 =1440km
  4. A person who can walk down a hill at the rate of 6kmph and climb up the hill at rate of 4kmph. He ascends and comes down to his starting point in 5hrs. how far did he ascends ?
    A) 12km
    B) 14km
    C) 20km
    D) 24km
    E) 16km
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      Option A

    First find average speed = 2*6*4/(6+4)
    Time = 5hrs
    distance = 48/10 * 5 =24
    one side distance = 24/2 =12km
  5. A student walks from his house at a speed of 2(1/2)km per hour and reaches his school 6minutes late. The next day he increases his speed by 1kmph and reaches 6minutes before school time. How far is the school from his home?
    A) 5/4km
    B) 9/4km
    C) 7/4km
    D) 11/4km
    E) 10/4km
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      Option C

    S1*S2/difference of speed *(( late + early)/60)
    = (5/2 * 7/2)/1 * 12/60= 7/4km
  6. In covering a distance of 60km Abhi takes 2hrs more than Sam. If Abhi triples his speed then he would take 2hrs less than Sam. Abhi speed in kmph is ?
    A) 10kmph
    B) 12kmph
    C) 15kmph
    D) 20kmph
    E) 14kmph
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      Option A

    .              Abhi triples his speed
    .                          triple…………….normal
    speed                     3……………………1
    time                       1…………………..3
    .                                       3 -1 =2
    so Abhi cover60km in 6hrs
    60/6 =10kmph
  7. Two men start together to walk a certain distance, one at 5kmph and another at 4kmph. The former arrives an hour before the latter. Find the distance?
    A) 10km
    B) 15km
    C) 20km
    D) 25km
    E) 30km
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      Option C

    .              speed          5………….4
    .              time            4…………..5
    .                                      5 -4 =1
    distance = 4*5 = 20km
  8. A man covers a distance in downstream at 18kmph. If the speed of stream is 2kmph then find his speed in upstream?
    A) 12kmph
    B) 14kmph
    C) 16kmph
    D) 18kmph
    E) 20kmph
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      Option B

    .               18 – 2 – 2= 14kmph
  9. The distance between a thief and apolicemen is 300m. the speed of thief is 12m/s and the speed of police is 15m/s. find the distance covered by police to catch the thief?
    A) 1000m
    B) 1200m
    C) 1500m
    D) 2000m
    E) 1300m
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      Option C

    .               300/(15-12) =100sec
    15*100 = 1500m
  10. Two trains of same length passes each other in 36sec. if the speed of trains are 40kmph and 20kmph respectively, then find the length of train?
    A) 200 m
    B) 400 m
    C) 600 m
    D) 300 m
    E) 500 m
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      Option D

    2x/(40+20) * 18/5 = 36
    2x= 600
    x = 300m

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