Reasoning: Puzzles and Arrangements Set 75

Directions (1-5): Each of the seven movie stars -A,B,C,D,E,F and G acted in different albums among Race, Dangal, Machis, Gandhi , Karma, Bahubali, Humsafar not necessarily in the same order.It is also known that:
a)There is exactly one pair of stars who share the same date and year of birth and hence are to be considered to have the same age.
b)B acted in Bahubali and A acted in Gandhi.
c)Those who acted in Dangal, Machis and Karma are younger to D,who is not the oldest among the seven.
d)E is younger to C,who is younger to F.
e)The oldest and the youngest of the stars acted in Machis and Gandhi,in no particular order.
f)The one who acted in Race has exactly four stars elder to him/her and the one who acted in Humsafar has exactly four stars younger to him/her.

  1. In which of the following album did “F” act?
    Either Karma or Dangal
    Option D


  2. Who among the following is the pair of stars having the same age?
    C and E
    F and G
    C and G
    D and G
    none of these
    Option C


  3. Who acted in Race?
    cannot be determined
    Option E


  4. Which of the following star is the oldest?
    none of these
    Option A


  5. The youngest star acted in which album?
    Option C


Directions (6-10):
Mr.Aniket, Mr.Bahubali , Mr.Chaman, Mr. Dunkan ,Mr. Eshwar have first and middle names as per the following conditions.(EACH OF THEM HAS DIFFERENT FIRST AND MIDDLE NAMES).
a)Four of them have a first or middle name of R,three of them have first or middle name of S,two of them have a first or middle name of T and one of them has a first or middle name of A.
b)Either Mr.Aniket and Mr.Bahubali are both named T or Mr.Chaman and Mr.Dunkan are both named T.
c)Of Mr.Bahubali and Mr.Chaman either both are named S or neither is named S.
d)Mr.Dunkan and Mr.Eshwar are both not named R.

  1. Which of these people have the same name?
    Mr Bahubali and Mr Chaman
    Mr Chaman and Mr Dunkan
    Mr Aniket and Mr Eshwar
    Mr Eshwar and Mr Dunkan
    There is no such pair
    Option C


  2. Mr Eshwar is known as ?
    none of these
    Option A


  3. Who is named A?
    Mr Aniket
    Mr Bahubali
    Mr Chaman
    Mr Dunkan
    None of these
    Option B


  4. The two T’s are?
    Mr Aniket and Mr Bahubali
    Mr Chaman and Mr Dunkan
    Mr Dunkan and Mr Aniket
    Mr Bahubali and Mr Dunkan
    none of these
    Option B


  5. Which of these is a possible combination of names?
    None of these
    Option E



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  1. Divaker

    Not able to understand 1st one and what do you mean by age order in solution pls explain

    1. the walking dead

      age order mtlb A sbse bada he…then B usse chota…and so on…

      1. jaga

        possibility to bht hai yaha…E sab se chota hai kese pata chalega ???

        1. the walking dead

          Since F>C>E,and the RACE star has to be younger than 4 of the stars.we get that F must be in 4th place and E must be youngest..#yes u will have to make possibilities…present time me jo puzzles aa ri he usme khub possibilities hoti he..:)

          1. jaga

            didn;t get it….

          2. the walking dead

            see point no.D and F

          3. jaga

            ok.let me do it again from beginning,

  2. vidya rani

    not able to understand point A plz explain

  3. zen

    How to do second one???didnt understand

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