Static GK Quiz for Upcoming Exams Set 437

    Static GK Questions for SBI PO/Clerk, IBPS RRB, IBPS PO/Clerk, RBI Assistant, LIC, NIACL, OICL, NABARD, SEBI and other competitive exams

  1. The Pavana Dam is located in which state?
    A) Kerala
    B) Maharashtra
    C) Telangana
    D) Madhya Pradesh
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    Option B

  2. What is the capital and currency of Poland?
    A) Oslo and Krone
    B) Riga and Tenge
    C) Warsaw and Złoty
    D) Paris and Euro
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    Option C

  3. The Karakoram Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which state of India?
    A) Rajasthan
    B) West Bengal
    C) Himachal Pradesh
    D) Jammu & Kashmir
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    Option D

  4. Who is the author of the book “Alice in the Wonderland”?
    A) William Shakespeare
    B) Charles Dickens
    C) Lewis Carroll
    D) Walter Scott
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    Option C

  5. Hojagiri is a folk dance performed in the state of ______?
    A) Punjab
    B) Odisha
    C) Manipur
    D) Tripura
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    Option D

  6. In which state is “Biju Patnaik Hockey Stadium” located?
    A) Odisha
    B) New Delhi
    C) Rajasthan
    D) Assam
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    Option A

  7. Ujjain is situated on the banks of which river?
    A) Shipra
    B) Cauvery
    C) Narmada
    D) Mahanadi
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    Option A
    Shipra (Kshipra)

  8. Where is Narora Atomic Power Plant located?
    A) Bihar
    B) Uttar Pradesh
    C) Chhattisgarh
    D) Karnataka
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    Option B
    Narora, Bulandshahar District, Uttar Pradesh

  9. Where is “Marine National Park” located?
    A) Gujarat
    B) Madhya Pradesh
    C) Andhra Pradesh
    D) Himachal Pradesh
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    Option A

  10. What is the capital of Cyprus?
    A) Zagreb
    B) Havana
    C) Nicosia
    D) Moroni
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    Option C
    Currency- Euro

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