Static GK Quiz for Upcoming Exams Set – 545

    Static GK Questions for SBI PO/Clerk, IBPS RRB, IBPS PO/Clerk, RBI Assistant, LIC, NIACL, OICL, NABARD, SEBI and other competitive exams

  1. Who is the current President of Iran?
    A) Armen Sargsyan
    B) Hassan Rouhani
    C) Ashraf Ghani
    D) Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow
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    Option B
    Currency – Iranian rial, Capital – Tehran

  2. Asmara is the capital of which country?
    A) Georgia
    B) Kyrgyzstan
    C) Eritrea
    D) Senegal
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    Option C
    Currency – Eritrean Nakfa, President – Isaias Afwerki

  3. Who is the incumbent Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers?
    A) Narendra Singh Tomar
    B) D.V. Sadananda Gowda
    C) Nitin Jairam Gadkari
    D) Ramvilas Paswan
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    Option B

  4. Sardar Sarovar Dam is constructed across which river?
    A) Mahanadi
    B) Narmada
    C) Godavari
    D) Sabarmati
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    Option B

  5. Koli Dance is a famous folk dance of which state?
    A) Goa
    B) Odisha
    C) West bengal
    D) Maharashtra
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    Option D

  6. Kanha Tiger Reserve is based in which state?
    A) Madhya Pradesh
    B) Haryana
    C) Rajasthan
    D) Uttarakhand
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    Option A

  7. Where is the headquarters of National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) situated?
    A) Chennai
    B) New Delhi
    C) Bangluru
    D) Noida
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    Option B

  8. When is the World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day observed globally?
    A) March 10
    B) April 16
    C) May 8
    D) July 1
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    Option C

  9. What is the currency name of Turkmenistan?
    A) Rial
    B) Manat
    C) Won
    D) Yen
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    Option B
    President – Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, Capital – Ashgabat

  10. The headquarter of New Development Bank (NDB) is based at____?
    A) Shanghai
    B) Paris
    C) Bern
    D) Vienna
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    Option A
    Shanghai, China, President – Marcos Prado Troyjo, Founder – BRICS, Founded – July 2014, First president – K. V. Kamath

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