Mixed Quantitative Aptitude Questions Set 58

Quantitative Aptitude Questions for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk, SBI PO, NIACL, NICL, RBI Grade B/Assistant, BOI, Bank of Baroda and other competitive exams

  1. A and B both sold the same Bicycle. The price of the Bicycle is Rs. 36,000. A gives a discount of 15% on whole, while B gives a discount of 10% on the first Rs 25,000 and 15% on the rest Rs. 11000. What is the difference between their selling price ?
    A) Rs1020
    B) Rs980
    C) Rs1530
    D) Rs1250
    E) None
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    Option D

    A’s Discount = 15% of 36000=5400
    B’s Discount = 10% of 25000 + 15% of 11000 = 2500+ 1650=4150
    The difference in selling price is same as difference in discount = 5400 -4150 = Rs1250.
  2. The product of two numbers is 9375 and the quotient, when the larger one is divided by the smaller, is 15. The sum of the numbers is:
    A) 380
    B) 400
    C) 420
    D) 360
    E) None
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    Option B

    Let the no be x and y.
    x*y=9375 and x/y=15
    then x=15y=15*25=375
  3. A bag contains 8 green, 6 white and 10 blue balls. Four balls are drawn at random from the bag. The probability that all of them are Green, is:
    A) 12/583
    B) 15/532
    C) 5/759
    D) 8/721
    E) None
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    Option C

    P= n(e)/n(s)
    =(8*7*6*5) /(24*23*22*21)
  4. P salary is 75% more than Q’s. P got a raise of 40% on his salary while Q got a raise of 25% on his salary. By what percent is P’s salary more than Q’s?
    A) 75%
    B) 96%
    C) 85%
    D) 66%
    E) None
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    Option B

    Let Q’s salary = 100; Q’s salary after rise = 125.
    Then P’s salary = 175.
    P’s salary after rise = 245.
    Difference between P’s and Q’s salary = 245-125 = 120; .
    then 120*100/125 = 96%.
  5. A shopkeeper sold 12 watches at a profit of 20% and 8 watches at a profit of 10%. If he had sold all the 20 watches at a profit of 15%, then his profit would have been reduced by Rs. 36. What is the cost price of each watch?
    A) 210
    B) 150
    D) 120
    E) None
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    Option C

    Let CP of each watches = 10 Rs.
    In 1st case
    Total cp of 20 watches = 200
    Total sp of 20 watches =(120+24)+(80+8) =232
    Profit = 232 – 200 = 32
    In Second case profit = 15% of 200 = 30
    So, 32 – 30 = 36
    1 = 18
    10 = 180.
  6. Total number of men, women and children working in a factory is 27. They earn Rs. 6000 in a day. If the sum of the wages of all men, all women and all children is in ratio of 18: 10: 12 and if the wages of an individual man, woman and child is in ratio 6: 5: 3, then how much a men earn in a day?
    A) Rs280
    B) Rs340
    C) Rs220
    D) Rs300
    E) None
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    Option D
    Ratio of number of men, women and children,
    = (18/6): (10/5):(12/3) = 3:2:4
    Total (Men +Women +Children) = 27
    3X +2X +4X = 27
    9X = 27
    X = 3
    Hence, number of men = 3x = 9
    Share of all men = (18*6000)/40 = Rs. 2700 [18+10+12 =40]
    Thus, share of each man = 2700/9 = Rs. 300.
  7. Two students appeared at an examination. One of them secured 20 marks more than the other and his marks was 60% of the sum of their marks. The marks obtained by them are:
    A) 40, 60
    B) 55, 75
    C) 42, 62
    D) 38, 58
    E) None
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    Option A

    Let their marks be (x + 20) and x.
    ==> 5(x + 20) = 3(2x + 20)
    So, their marks are 40 and 60.
  8. Two cyclist start from the same place in opposite direction the first cyclist goes towards north at30km/hr and the second cyclist goes towards south at 25km/hr. Approximately What time will they take to be 62.5km?
    A) 2hrs12mins
    B) 1hr 8mins
    C) 1hr 30mins
    D) 2hrs
    E) None
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    Option B

    Both 1hr travelled 30+25=55km
    Then 55 == 1
    62.5 ? ==>62.5/55=1 7.5/55hrs
    7.5/55hrs=55 60
    7.5 ? = 8.1mins(approx.)
    So time=1hr 8mins.
  9. A and B can do a piece of work in 30 days, while B and C can do the same work in 24 days and C and A in 20 days. They all work together for 10 days when B and C leave. How many days more will A take to finish the work?
    A) 18days
    B) 22 days
    C) 15 days
    D) 12 days
    E) None
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    Option A

    2(A + B + C)’s 1 day’s work = (1/30+1/24+1/20) =15/120=1/8
    Work done in 10days=10/16=5/8.
    Remaining =3/8work.
    A’s 1day work=1/16 – 1/24=1/48
    Then 48*3/8=18days.
  10. Starting from my office, I reach the house 25 min late if I walk at 4kmph. Instead, if I walk at 6 kmph, I reach the house 15 min early. How far is my house from my office?
    A) 12km
    B) 6km
    C) 8km
    D) 10km
    E) None
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    Option C

    distance=[Time diff *(s1*s1)]/(s1-s2)
    =(40/60 *24)/2

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