Chemistry Questions for SSC Exams Set 1

Chemistry Questions for various exams like SSC CGL, CPO, CHSL, High Court and other related exams.

  1. What is aspirin?
    A) methoxy benzoic acid
    B) methyl salicylate
    C) acetyl salicylic acid
    D) phenyl salicylate
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    Option C
  2. Cloud is a colloidal dispersion of –
    A) air in a dispersion medium of water
    B) fog in a dispersion medium of water
    C) mist in a dispersion medium of water D) water drops in a dispersion medium of air
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    Option D
  3. Which of the following is the petroleum wax
    A) beeswax
    B) carnauba wax
    C) paraffin wax
    D) jojoba wax
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    Option C
  4. Which variety of coal contains recognisable traces of the original plant mineral
    A) anthracite
    B) lignite
    C) Peat
    D) Bitumen
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    Option C
  5. Which is the purest form of iron
    A) cast iron
    B) Pig iron
    C)wrought iron
    D) steel
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    Option C
  6. Which of the following metals form in amalgam with other metals
    A) lead
    B) zinc
    C) Tin
    D) Mercury
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    Option D
  7. Detergent used for cleaning clothes and utensils contains
    A) nitrates
    B) bicarbonate
    C) sulphonates
    D) bismuthates
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    Option C
  8. Radioactive disintegration of Uranium ultimately result in formation of
    A) Radium
    B) Thorium
    C) polonium
    D) lead
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    Option D
  9. Which of the following is used in making smoke bombs
    A) sulphur
    B) Phosphorus
    C) hydrogen
    D) carbon
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    Option D
  10. A metal is exposed to the atmosphere for some time. It becomes coated with green carbonate. The metal must be
    A) silver
    B) copper
    C) aluminium
    D) zinc
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    Option B
  11. Which of the following is a supercooled liquid
    A) mercury
    B) ice cream
    C) Teflon
    D) glass
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    Option D
  12. Metals are good conductors because-
    A) they contain free electrons
    B) the molecules are very close to each other
    C) the molecules in them collide very freely
    D) they contain reflecting surface
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    Option A
  13. The first metal used by man was
    A) copper
    B) silver
    C) bronze
    D) brass
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    Option A
  14. Curd is sour due to the presence of
    A) Tartaric acid
    B) Lactic acid
    C) Oxalic acid
    D) Acetic acid
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    Option B
  15. Milk is a natural
    A) Solution
    B) Emulsion
    C) Mixture
    D) Suspension
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    Option B

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