Current Affairs Quiz: April 24, 2017

Current Affairs Quiz 24 April 2017. This Quiz is divided into two parts. First part contains questions from Current Affairs of  23 April 2017. The Second Part contains Current Affairs Questions from various newspaper of today i.e 24 April 2017. Read our Current Affairs and Newspaper daily to excel in General Awareness section of competitive exam.

Quiz from Current Affairs 23 April 2017 of A2ZClick Here to Read Current Affairs of April 23, 2017

  1. As er Finance Minister of India the Indian Economy is expected to grow at ___ in 2017-18.
    A) 7.1 %
    B) 7.3 %
    C) 7.5 %
    D) 7.7 %
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    Option C
    : expected growth of 7.5 per cent for 2017-18 against 7.1 per cent in 2016-17
  2. This year India has won elections in how many UN bodies?
    A) 1
    B) 2
    C) 3
    D) 4
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    Option B
    : Two
    Committee for Programme and Coordination (CPC), a subsidiary body of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). And
    International Narcotics Control Board
  3. The India Post has recently released a Commemorative Postage Stamp on Coffee as a Fragrance Stamp. The stamp has been printed in which denomination?
    A) Rs 10
    B) Rs 50
    C) Rs 100
    D) Rs 200
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    Option C
    : one lakh stamps in the denomination of Rs 100.
  4. Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2017 will be held at?
    A) Riyad
    B) Jeddah
    C) Dubai
    D) Abu Dhabi
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    Option C
    : Dubai
  5. What will be the theme of Indian Pavilion during the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2017?
    A) e-commerce and Startups
    B) Entrepreneur and Startups
    C) Yoga and Wellness
    D) Ayurveda and Medics
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    Option C
    : “Yoga and Wellness” will be the theme of the India Pavilion during the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2017
  6. Which state has been declared as the first digital village of Arunachal Pradesh?
    A) Changlang
    B) Diyun
    C) Nirjuli
    D) Ruksin
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    Option C
    : Nirjuli village-1 in Papum Pare district was declared as the first digital village of Arunachal Pradesh .
  7. Which of the following is the sole asset financing NBFC that was awarded in-principle approval for Small Finance Bank and has converted itself to Small Finance Bank from NBFC?
    A) Au Financiers
    B) Ujjivan Financial Services
    C) Suryoday Micro Finance
    D) Equitas Holdings
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    Option A
    : AU was the only asset financing NBFC out of the ten applicants from across the country which was awarded in-principle approval from RBI for SFB licence last year
  8. Who has won the 10th Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters title?
    A) Albert Ramos-Vinolas
    B) Rafael Nadal
    C) Novak Djokovic
    D) Andy Murray
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    Option B
    : Rafael Nadal captured an incredible 10th Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters crown in beating fellow Spaniard Albert Ramos-Vinolas
  9. Erin Moran who passed away recently was a popular _____ of America.
    A) Politician
    B) Singer
    C) Actress
    D) Sportswomen
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    Option C
    : US Actress Erin Moran of TV’s ‘Happy Days’ passed away
  10. World Book and Copyright Day is observed on which date?
    A) 20 April
    B) 21 April
    C) 23 April
    D) 24 April
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    Option C
    : 23 April

Current Affairs Quiz from Today’s Newspaper (24 April 2017) – The Indian Express

  1. Asia’s first and largest Online Scholarship Fund has been launched with a first closing of ____
    A) Rs 10 crore
    B) Rs 50 crore
    C) Rs 100 crore
    D) Rs 200 crore
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    Option C
    : Rs 100 crore
    First close basically means that when a certain threshold of money has been raised
  2. Prime Minister of India recently urged state governments to use GeM platform to curb corruption. What does G stands for in GeM?
    A) General
    B) Government
    C) Guarantee
    D) Garnishee
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    Option B
    : Government e-Market
  3. As per U.S. Federal Reserve paper, GST will boost Indian economy by up to ____ %
    A) 2.3 %
    B) 2.9 %
    C) 3.9 %
    D) 4.2%
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    Option D
    : The goods and services tax (GST) can boost India’s GDP growth by up to 4.2% — double the previous estimate — as lower taxes on manufactured goods will bump up output and make products cheaper, a U.S. Federal Reserve paper said.


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