English: Double Fillers for SBI PO Set 13

Double Fillers for SBI PO, IBPS PO, NIACL Assistant and other Bank exams.

Direction: Fill in the blanks with appropriate word to form a meaningful sentence .

  1. It’s hard to not hold a _____ against the girl who _____ me for four years in high school.
    A) grievance, loved
    B) grudge, bullied
    C) felling, ditched
    D) dislike, boosted
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    Option B
    : Grudge- an intense feeling of dislike or animosity towards an individual who has treated you unfairly
  2. Even though my air conditioning unit works very ______ , the temperature still tends to _____ in my house during the summer months.
    A) fine, concentrate
    B) good, wave
    C) until, carry
    D) well, fluctuate
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    Option D
  3. If you were not so ______ to people, you would have a ______ number of friends!
    A) insolent, greater
    B) good, higher
    C) abusive, lesser
    D) modest, bitter
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    Option A
    : insolent- rude or impolite
  4. In order to ______ which applicant was most qualified for the position, the hiring manager spent a long time ______ the resumes.
    A) confirm, sneering
    B) check, conversing
    C) ascertain, reviewing
    D) settle, accessing
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    Option C
    : ascertain- determine
  5. _______ to ultra-violet rays from the sun can lead to skin cancer, so it is necessary to _____ yourself with sunscreen.
    A) Revelation, dress
    B) Exposure, cover
    C) Display, dome
    D) Airing, Hood
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    Option B 
  6. The bossy man wanted a ______ wife who would _____ his every command.
    A) decisive, step
    B) rude, relate
    C) pliant, obey
    D) rigid, accept
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    Option C
    : pliant – easily manipulated or controlled by people
  7. When you ______ , please do not be a/an _____ speaker who makes everyone fall asleep
    A) accept, fast
    B) present, insipid
    C) display, timid
    D) show, slow
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    Option B
    : insipid – dull or boring
  8. The angry widower has vowed to _______ an act of ______ against the man who killed his family.
    A) commit, desire
    B) display, reverence
    C) perpetrate, vengeance
    D) present, hatred
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    Option C
    : perpetrate- to execute or carry out
    vengeance- punishment inflicted or retribution exacted for an injury or wrong.
  9. At the end of the night, the concert will _____ in a huge fireworks ______ .
    A) end, concealment
    B) culminate, display
    C) hit, show
    D) display, credit
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    Option B
    : culminate – to come to a significant point such as the end of an event
  10. Abhijeet was a _____ student to his teachers because he would actively participate in class and _____ all the rules.
    A) classical, argue
    B) quintessential, mutiny
    C) perfect, dissent
    D) model, obey
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    Option D 


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