English: Double Fillers for SBI PO,NIACL,NICL Set 16

Important Double Filler Questions for Bank Exam SBI PO, IBPS PO, IPPB, RBI, NIACl, LIC etc.

Direction: Fill in the blanks with appropriate word to form a meaningful sentence.

  1. The middleman in India has ______ as an arguably _______ player in almost all fields.
    A) portrayed, chief
    B) selected, main
    C) emerged, indispensable
    D) played, synchronized
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    Option C
  2. Several activists have ______ their concern about the trend of turning women into baby-manufacturing machines and ________ mothers have been said to be treated with medical negligence.
    A) spoken, demanded
    B) changed, supportive
    C) intended, working
    D) voiced, surrogate
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    Option D
    : voiced, surrogate
  3. Waste water when ________ into water bodies can ____ the aquatic life and environment.
    A) discharged, harm
    B) floated, regret
    C) replaced, abuse
    D) ejected, misuse
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    Option A
    : discharged, harm
  4. The government says that the changes it has proposed were ________ by the previous government and that it is merely taking forward the process started by its_______ .
    A) denied, rival
    B) rectified, successor
    C) formulated, predecessor
    D) destroyed, derivative
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    Option C
    : formulated, predecessor
  5. The tornado siren was a _____ warning of approaching _______ .
    A) ringing, larder
    B) strident, possibility
    C) clarion, danger
    D) blaring, sureness
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    Option C
    : Clarion- forceful and clear-cut
  6. I was dishonorably ________ from the armed forces for my _______ behavior.
    A) sacked, afraid
    B) discharged, recreant
    C) freed, moral
    D) ejected, immaculate
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    Option B
    : recreant- unfaithful or disloyal to a duty, belief, or cause
  7. The candlelight started to _______ through the window and onto the ______ fallen snow.
    A) lacquer, inset
    B) coruscate, freshly
    C) focus, fondly
    D) flicker, certifiable
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    Option B
    : coruscate – to give off flashes of light
  8. The company will ______ into bankruptcy if it cannot _____ funds.
    A) descend, raise
    B) rise, find
    C) decline, drop
    D) penetrate, label
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    Option A
    : descend, raise
  9. If Sumit’s financial circumstance does not _________ , he will not be able to _______ his friends on their annual summer trip.
    A) worsen, accompany
    B) improve, join
    C) upgrade, weave
    D) augment, withdraw
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    Option B
    : improve, join
  10. When the eye doctor _______ the eye chart, Vineet had to _____ to read the last line.
    A) conferred, swell
    B) presented, squint
    C) showed, open
    D) disclosed, prefer
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    Option B
    : squint- to look with the eyes partly closed


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      Discharge, layoffs and resignation are three means by which employment relationships are severed, but each carries distinctly different connotations and implications. Discharges and layoffs are generally viewed as a negative necessity, but resignations can occur under positive or negative conditions

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