English: Double Fillers for SBI PO,NIACL,NICL Set 17

Important English Double Fillers Question for Bank Exam SBI PO, IBPS PO, IPPB, RBI, NIACl, LIC etc.

Direction: Fill in the blanks with appropriate word to form a meaningful sentence.

  1. India’s navy is beginning to see the end product of decades of ______ and a continuing ______ of strategic planning.
    A) agitation, praise
    B) calmness, disdain
    C) confusion, neglect
    D) amazement, despite
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    Option C
    : confusion, neglect

  2. Recent moves by the government to try and _________the ___________ of savings rates in the country — many of which are still administratively set — are welcome and praiseworthy.
    A) resolve, diversity
    B) rationalize, multitude
    C) elucidate, phenomenon
    D) accumulate, majority
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    Option B
    : rationalize, multitude

  3. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has ______ in line with ________ by keeping unchanged the repo rate, the rate at which the central bank lends to the banking system, at 6.25 per cent.
    A) enforced, assumption
    B) executed, view
    C) operated, fortune
    D) acted, expectations
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    Option D
    : acted, expectations

  4. On Tuesday, the Madras High Court directed the Tamil Nadu government to waive farm loans taken by all farmers, _________ of their land holding, and to ensure that no penal action or loan recovery was ________ against them.
    A) irrespective, initiated
    B) needless, inserted
    C) impartial, originated
    D) respectful, sponsored
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    Option A
    : irrespective, initiated

  5. Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced demonetisation in order to curb the use of black money, a _________ theme in public __________ has been the use of such unaccounted wealth in financing political parties.
    A) relaxed, domain
    B) fixed, execution
    C) recurring, discourse
    D) circular, attitude
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    Option C
    : recurring, discourse

  6. _______ summer and the water availability _______ in most part of the country.
    A) After, low
    B) Come, dwindles
    C) Attain, subside
    D) Occur, flourishes
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    Option B
    : Come summer is equivalent to When summer comes.

  7. It is a great relief that the country is ______ to ______ the goods and services tax (GST) regime.
    A) next, forwarding
    B) concentrated, borrowing
    C) gaining, seize
    D) close, adopting
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    Option D
    : close, adopting

  8. The one ____________ success of the Narendra Modi-led government is a/an ________ in the Centre’s fiscal state.
    A) unequivocal, improvement
    B) certain, stoppage
    C) indisputable, stagnation
    D) questionable, organised
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    Option A
    : unequivocal, improvement

  9. The Supreme Court’s ______ last week that the sale of vehicles meeting Bharat Stage-III (BS-III) emission norms won’t be allowed from April 1 caught the industry on the wrong ________.
    A) ruling, bench
    B) verdict, foot
    C) adjudication, terms
    D) decision, sentence
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    Option B
    : If something catches you on the wrong foot, you are not prepared for it.  

  10. It appears that the central government and the Supreme Court are no ______ to a _______ on how senior judges should be appointed.
    A) adjacent, refusal
    B) approaching, contest
    C) closer, compromise
    D) proximity, pay
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    Option C
    : closer, compromise


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