English: Odd Words for upcoming Exam Set 25

Which of the words/phrases (A), (B), and (C) given below should replace the words/phrases given in (a), (b), & (c) in the following sentences to make it meaningful and grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is and ‘No correction is required’, mark (E) as the answer.

  1. It all started at Tesla’s earnings yell(a) earlier this month when Musk said he thinks moats are cripple(b). Musk was not referring to moats in the literal sense but in terms of the competitive prefrences(c) of a company. The term became popular in the world of investing after legendary investor Warren Buffett used it in 1999 to describe the kind of companies he likes.
    name, efficient, eminence
    call, lame, advantages
    shout, satisfactory, utilities
    cry, agile, interest
    No correction is required
    Option B


  2. There is a strong thesis(a) that India is reaching out to Kathmandu because of China’s growing presence in Nepal. While there is an element of truth in such an vindication(b), it fails to pull(c) the depth and history of India-Nepal engagement.
    opinion, assertion, capture
    concrete, silence, rise
    certainty, denial, trip
    proof, assertion, bust
    No correction is required
    Option A


  3. Many commercial banks in India are under financial stress. This has reveal(a) a fragility to the banking system as a whole. Scams and scandals shoal(b) from time to time, making headline news. There is also a quiet plight(c) that runs deep. It is not audible yet.
    concealed, interior, climacteric
    imparted, surface, crisis
    withheld, surface, stew
    break, surface, quandary
    No correction is required
    Option B


  4. A new generation of private universities has begun to find its hoof(a) in different parts of India. These new universities are welcome in a country in which the stint(b) of quality higher education means that students deplete(c) around $6 billion every year to study abroad.
    feet, curtailment, build
    feet, stint, shun
    feet, lack, spend
    feet, paucity, get
    No correction is required
    Option C


  5. Much is made about the persuing(a) impact of imperialism on the Indian mind, religion, society, politics, economics and even sexual ways(b). At a somewhat simplistic, mass-media level, we tend to clutch(c) with this long shadow in the form of two broad groups of interconnected questions.
    abiding, standards, receive
    surviving, principles, surrender
    enduring, mores, grapple
    permanent, formalities, avoid
    No correction is required
    Option C


  6. Mahathir is remembered for the way he beacon(a) Malaysia out of the 1997 East Asian crisis. He repudiated the IMF’s offer of financial assistance, and by intimation(b) the IMF’s prescription of austerity policies, and opted for capital controls to root(c) currency volatility.
    anticipated, connotation, emanate
    directed, incrimination, happen
    intended, ramification, commence
    steered, implication, stem
    No correction is required
    Option D


  7. The trouble is that policy has not kept gait(a) with this reality. It was only in January this year that India consented(b) 100 per cent foreign investment in single-brand retail, while relaxing the 30 per cent local sourcing rule for their Indian operations. Now, these entities can requite(c) their 30 per cent requirement, if they do the same for their global operations.
    pace, permitted, offset
    amble, permitted, approve
    precede, permitted, disproportion
    predate, permitted, outweigh
    No correction is required
    Option A


  8. Apart from supply separations(a), a further surge in crude prices will worsen India’s current account even(b) and fuel inflation, at a time when the economy is just beginning to show signs of returning to a high growth route(c).
    mishap, imbalance, divergence
    disruptions, imbalance, trajectory
    prostration, imbalance, trail
    wreck, imbalance, conduit
    No correction is required
    Option B


  9. The US tendency(a) favours chicken breast, while the feet of the bird are exported to China where they find a ready market. Chicken legs are likely to have been frozen for months before they buzz(b) here. Besides, the lower part of the bird is believed to contain high concentrations of antibiotics slag(c).
    tendency, abandon, necessity
    inclination, depart, base
    palate, arrive, residue
    preference, report, lack
    No correction is required
    Option C


  10. The one comforting factor for the Centre in this sketch(a) is that GST finally seems to be coming into its own. The beneficient(b) collection of ₹1-lakh crore plus in April seems to indicate that the tax is stabilising, and going forward, could keep the Centre’s cash registers beating(c).
    summary, target, throbbing
    pages, objective, beating
    scheme, munificent, resounding
    scenario, bounteous, ringing
    No correction is required
    Option D


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