Mixed English Questions Set 65 (New Pattern)

This set contains important New Pattern English Questions for SBI PO, IBPS PO Clerk, NIACL  and other upcoming exams. New Pattern English Questions on Sentence Filler and Odd Words . English Question Bank PO New pattern

Direction (1-5): In each of the following questions a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the passage complete and coherent.

  1. Cheap oil also hurts demand in more important ways. When crude was over $100 a barrel it made sense to spend on exploration in out-of-the-way provinces, such as the Arctic, west Africa and deep below the saline rock off the coast of Brazil.(………………………………………………………….). Projects worth $380 billion have been put on hold. In America spending on fixed assets in the oil industry has fallen by half from its peak.
    A) With the increase in price an increase in investment has been seen.
    B)As prices have tumbled, so has investment
    C) This fall in price is in some way beneficial as it has resulted into increased investment.
    D)As oil collapses against the backdrop of a fragile world economy, it could trigger development
    E)The possible financial spillovers are hard to assess.
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    Option B
    : The passage with the sentence that oil has become cheap. The sentence after the blank says that projects have been put on hold while in America spending in oil industry has also reduced, so Option B fits the blank.
  2. (…………………………………………………..). The draft bill will make explicit how the electronic-intelligence agency, GCHQ, may (with a warrant) plant bugs on computers and other devices, collect and analyse bulk information (such as mobile-phone activity and web-browsing records) and read private messages. Get the details right, and Britain can provide a model of how to balance security and freedom; get them wrong, and centuries of freedom might shrivel.
    A)Few balances are harder to strike than those involved in running a spy agency.
    B)The bill’s biggest success is its self-restraint.
    C)A lot is riding on Britain’s attempt to update the law governing the domestic activities of its spy agencies
    D) The proposed system merely requires the commissioners to check that a warrant has been issued lawfully and reasonably
    E)Just as important as the nuts and bolts of the new law is its implementation.
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    Option C
    : The passage says that there is a draft bill related to intelligence agency. Also at the end, Britain has been mentioned. So something about change in the legal structure related to intelligence agency in Britain is being talked about. So C) is correct as it introduces the passage.
  3. Around the world, young people gripe that it is too hard to find a job and a place to live, and that the path to adulthood has grown longer and more complicated. (………………………………………………………). Consider employment. In many countries, labour laws require firms to offer copious benefits and make it hard to lay workers off. That suits those with jobs, who tend to be older, but it makes firms reluctant to hire new staff. The losers are the young. In most regions they are at least twice as likely as their elders to be unemployed.
    A)The early years of any career are the worst time to be idle, because these are when the work habits of a lifetime become ingrained.
    B)Those unemployed in their 20s typically still feel the “scarring” effects of lower income, as well as unhappiness, in their 50s.
    C) For the first time in history, the world’s youngsters form a common culture, so they also share the same youthful grievances.
    D)With the whole world to explore and nothing to tie them down, young people move around more often than their elders.
    E)Many of their woes can be blamed on policies favouring the old over the young
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    Option E
    :The next statement talks about labour laws. Option E) talks about policies.Hence E) is correct
  4. At Facebook, content encouraging or celebrating violence is prohibited, yet the company is less than rigorous in monitoring what gets posted on its site. (…………………………………………). That means users are the first line of defense; when a video is flagged as offensive, then Facebook’s team takes a look to decide if it should be removed. Yet by that point, countless people have probably already watched and saved it.
    A)Facebook is reviewing how users flag videos.
    B)At present, Facebook allows its 1.86 billion active monthly users to police the site’s content
    C)Yes, there are millions of innocuous videos posted and streamed daily, and Facebook is not responsible for crimes its users commit.
    D)Still, like other social media sites but with the greatest reach, Facebook gives criminals an instant platform to craft a personal folklore to explain motives
    E) Facebook should adopt a more stringent approach to tackle such situation as it affects the user.
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    Option B
    :Users are first line of defense. It means that users are the first to act on such cases of video that have violent content. Hence Option B is appropriate.
  5. (……………………………………………………………………………………..) But the economics of the influx still matters, not least because it colours perceptions of the new arrivals. One fear is that immigrants will compete for work and drag down wages. Another is that they will pinch the public purse.
    A)THE welcome accorded the 1.1m refugees arriving in Germany in 2015 is cooling fast.
    B) The experience of past immigrants may not be much use in assessing the impact of the new lot.
    C)There are also differences between refugees and other legal migrants.
    D)Humanity dictates that the rich world admit refugees, irrespective of the economic impact.
    E)In the very short run, the IMF estimates that refugees will add around 0.19% of GDP to public expenditure in the European Union (0.35% in Germany) in 2016
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    Option D
    :The sentence after the blank starts with BUT, it means the previous sentence and this sentence must be contradictory. So Option D is the answer.

Direction  : In each question below there are four statements. Each statement has pairs of words/phrases that are highlighted. From the highlighted word(s)/phrase(s), select the most appropriate word(s)/phrase(s) to form correct sentences. Then choose the best option.

  1. (i) We live in an age of fast-paced changes where organisations must strive [A]/ spite [B] for evolution and innovation.
    (ii) Revenue, profits, sales are necessary for a company’s growth, but what is criteria [A]/ crucial [B]for it to stay relevant and in competition is the spirit of innovation.
    (iii) Geniuses like Steve Jobs took the world by storm [A]/ Strike [B] using his innovative skills.
    (iv) Innovative companies attract creative employees who set in motion [A]/ move [B] an environment of innovation.
    A) ABBB
    B) BAAA
    C) ABAA
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    Option C
    : strive: make great efforts to achieve or obtain something.
  2. (i) Long-term innovation models require dedicated inputs, support, and engagement from the employees and all stakeholders involved [A]/ inspired [B].
    (ii) It is becoming increasingly clear that innovation backed by adequate in-house R&D is the way forward for organisations to succeed and for employees to except [A]/ excel [B].
    (iii) The digital age we live in allows a more open and collaborative environment where everyone works to brainstorm [A]/ brain drain [B]on ideas.
    (iv) Instead of chasing profits for shareholders, we must focus on innovation which creates value for all stake holders and is therefore a loftier [A]/ logical [B] ideal for companies to follow.
    B) BAAB
    C) BAAA
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    Option D
    :loftier: worthy
  3. (i)The dog food is made from the offer [A]/ offal [B] that remains after the chicken is cut and processed.
    (ii)The student’s exegesis [A]/ emergence [B]of the novel was one of the best summaries the professor had ever read.
    (iii)If the business partners can’t seal the rupture [A]/ bond [B] in their relationship, their store will probably close.
    (iv)As my daughter walked down the aisle [A]/ air [B] to get married, I became sentimental and started to cry.
    A) BABB
    B) BAAA
    C) ABAA
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    Option B
    :offal: the discarded elements of a procedure; in particularly, the leftover animal parts from processed meat
    Exegesis : detailed explanation of a written passage
    aisle: a passage between rows of seats in a building such as a church or theatre, an aircraft, or train.
  4. (i)With a sharper than usual transition [A]/ transmission [B] to summer, several parts of west, central and north India are experiencing heat wave conditions and record seasonal temperatures.
    (ii)Managing the summer in drought-hit rural Tamil Nadu would entail a separate set of challenges as compared to issuing [A]/ addressing [B] the heat wave in urban Gujarat.
    (iii)Wastage of water must be discouraged [A]/ dismantled [B].
    (iv)Setting up heat shelters and preparing neighbourhood clinics and sub-district hospitals for summer ailments are essential [A]/ essence [B].
    A) AABB
    B) ABBA
    C) ABAA
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    Option C
  5. (i)Although the warning signs have been billowing [A] /bestowing [B]in the polluted air of urban India policymakers remain strangely apathetic.
    (ii)Managing [A]/ Mastering [B] blazing mountains of garbage requires modern waste management practices.
    (iii)Centre and states must cooperate and strategise to forward [A]/deliver [B] change on a comprehensive, nationwide scale.
    (iv)Governments are beginning to realize [A]/ regret [B] that yesterday’s system can be re-engineered to work for today and tomorrow.
    A) AAAB
    B) AABA
    C) BABA
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    Option B


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