English Questions: Fill in the Blanks 57

Directions: In each question below two sentences are given with two blanks in each. Each question is followed by four options with two words in each. You have to select that option as your answer which can fill both the blanks of both the sentence I and II.

  1. a. The judges had no _____ to review before making their _______ on the controversial case.
    b. Since there is no ______ upon which to base a ______, the school board must decide on its own how to handle the urgent need to close six schools.

    prior, vacilliation
    anterior, hesitation
    precedent, decision
    event, verdict
    All are correct
    Option C
    precedent = an earlier event or action that is regarded as an example or guide to be considered in subsequent similar circumstances. decision = a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration.


  2. a. His _______ boots should have been thrown out years ago, but the farmer _______that they brought him luck.
    b. A _______woman with unkempt hair and ragged hair was _______to be slept soundly on the park bench.

    wretched, request
    honourable, asked
    ragged, denied
    shabby, insisted
    All are correct
    Option D
    shabby = in poor condition through long use or lack of care. insisted = demand something forcefully, not accepting refusal.


  3. a. In his article, the writer described most illegal immigrants as ___________ individuals who moved constantly to _________ being caught by immigration officers.
    b. If you are a ________ person, you will always _________ to concoct with anyone around you.

    momentary, intervene
    transient, avoid
    perpetual, shun
    immanent, eschew
    All are correct
    Option B
    transient = lasting only for a short time; impermanent. avoid = keep away from or stop oneself from doing (something).


  4. a. If you want to fly on an airplane, you should be __________ to deal with ___________ from the airline personnel.
    b. Whenever I am well __________ for the exams, I feel the teachers are watching me with a great deal of __________.

    prepared, scrutiny
    equipped, peek
    trained, glance
    unable, blink
    All are correct
    Option A


  5. a. Because I made a perfect score on my last exam, I am _________ from the study guide that all of the other students are ________ to complete.
    b. Many people wish to be _________ from jury duty, but they nevertheless must attend because it is _________ by law for them to do so.

    absolve, absolute
    exempt, required
    release, casual
    liable, imperative
    All are correct
    Option B


  6. a. Although the manager tried to _________ I work on religious holidays as a condition of employment, he _________ I would not abandon my beliefs for a job.
    b. If the contract does not _________ how often payments should be made, then it is not a valid agreement, I __________.

    determine, failed
    chatty, grasped
    bargain, incomplete
    stipulate, realized
    All are correct
    Option D
    stipulate = demand or specify (a requirement), typically as part of an agreement. realized = become fully aware of (something) as a fact; understand clearly.


  7. a. The plan to _________ both federal and State constitutional arrangements _________each State parliament to pass its own enabling legislation.
    b. Magical thinking that outer changes will _________ one’s love life and finances have their roots in humankind’s ancient ___________ for alchemical transmutation.

    overhaul, optional
    blemish, compulsory
    revamp, required
    patch, casual
    All are correct
    Option C
    revamp = give new and improved form, structure, or appearance to. required = officially compulsory, or otherwise considered essential; indispensable.


  8. a. Therefore, Beijing remained the ________ capital and Nanjing __________ as the secondary capital.
    b. This __________authority over appointments was formally __________ by the Papacy in 1487.

    factual, concealed
    de jure, accepted
    sincerely, obscure
    de facto, recognised
    All are correct
    Option D
    de facto = in fact, whether by right or not. recognised = identify (someone or something) from having encountered them before; know again.


  9. a. Although he occasionally calls on his status as an outsider to ____________ a particularly puzzling _____________ about Australia, or to qualify his insights.
    b. The process of mixing and assimilation of immigrant and native populations is virtually impossible to ___________ with material culture, but the _____________ about the situation is evident from the ruckus it created.

    elucidate, conundrum
    expound, obvious
    obfuscate, enigma
    clarify, denounce
    All are correct
    Option A
    elucidate = make (something) clear; explain. conundrum = a confusing and difficult problem or question.


  10. a. They said in __________ that he who had guarded the coast with such ____________ zeal should be buried by the seashore.
    b. While Jim made the statement in ________, his stern boss was ___________ to welcome his inappropriate humor.

    howl, callous
    jape, allergic
    jest, insensate
    quip, animate
    All are correct
    Option C
    jest = a thing said or done for amusement; a joke. insensate = completely lacking sense or reason.



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