Reasoning Questions asked in RRB PO Prelims (9 September 2017)

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Here we are sharing Memory Based Reasoning Questions asked in RRB PO Prelims 2017


1) There are 7 person A, B, C, D, E, F and G born in 7 different month January, February, March, April, June, August, and October. A is born in the month having less than 31 days but not in April. There are 3 persons born between A and C. B is born on one of the day after D. No person is born between B and D. E is born on one of the day before G. E is not born in a month having maximum number of days. No person is born between G and E.


January – C
February – E
March – G
April – F
June – A
August – D
October – B

2) Eight boxes A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are arranged top to bottom but not necessarily in the same order. 3 boxes are placed between A and B..H is seated immediately below A. There are 2 boxes between H and G. There are as many boxes in between C and D as between H and B. C is seated above D. E is seated immediately below D. 3 boxes are there between E and F.


From top to bottom:

3) Four boxes between G and H. 2 are placed between G and I. No of boxes between H and M is same as between H and K. K is above M. One between J and L. And N immediately below L


From top to bottom:

4) M, N, O, P, Q, R, S and T are sitting around a circle. Equal number of persons are facing towards the center and outside. O sits 2nd to the right of R. R is facing towards the center. There are 2 persons in between O and N. S sits 2nd to the right of O. T sits on the immediate right of N. S an N are facing opposite direction ( if S is facing center then N is facing outside and vice versa). There are 3 persons in between P and Q. Both P and M are not immediate neighbours of R. Q sits 2nd to the right of M. Both T and Q faces opposite direction of O.


RRB Prelim 2017 Memory based


  1. Next term in the series – ZB, XD, UG, QK, ?
  2. Next term in the series – ZY, XW, TS, PO, ?
  3. If all the letters of the word MONSTER are arranged as per the letters of English Alphabet Series, then how many letters will remain in the same position?
  4. In number 73541826, how many such numbers are there which have as many numbers as per numerical number?
  5. If in number 9264367, 2 is added to each even number and 1 is subtracted from each odd number, the how many digits will get repeated in the number?


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    10 sep 3rd shift circular based puzzle.

    m n o p q r s t 8 member
    m sits second right of p and p faces centre
    n sits immediately of m
    3 person sit between n and s
    r sits second to the s
    immediate of q faces opposite direction
    o and t faces similar direction to p

    any one who wants to add in this pls Comment

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