Mixed English Questions Set 23 (New Pattern)

This set contains New Pattern English Questions for various upcoming exams like SBI PO, IBPS PO, Clerk and insurance exams. Questions from Odd Sentence and Odd Phrases.


Direction (1-5) : The following questions contain five sentences as options. Find one sentence which does not relate to the central theme of the passage made by remaining four sentences.

  1. A) Hospitality, fast-food, retail and pharmacy workers stand to lose thousands of dollars per year after the Fair Work Commission’s landmark decision to cut penalty rates on Sundays and public holidays.
    B) On Thursday, more than 135 attendees, including leaders and representatives from the county’s hospitality industry, educational institutions, and elected officials, gathered for the day-long Sustainable Hospitality Development Symposium in Monterey.
    C) The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) said the decision to reduce the rates would affect nearly 1 million workers, costing some up to A$6,000 per year.
    D) But employers welcomed the cut and said it would help create employment.
    E) Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said Labor would fight the cuts “in parliament and in the courts”.
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      Option B
    : The passage is about penalty rates. This would affect the workers. But sentence B talks about a Symposium in which leaders are taking part. So B is not related to the passage.
  2. A) The mystery of how Mars could have once had water flowing on its surface is now deepening, as a new study reveals that the Red Planet’s early atmosphere likely possessed up to hundreds of times less carbon dioxide than needed to keep it warm enough for liquid water to last.
    B) The quest to find life outside the solar system got a big boost with the discovery of seven Earth-size extra-solar planets, or exoplanets, orbiting a dwarf star about 40 light years away.
    C) Unlike earlier discoveries of exoplanets, all seven planets could possibly have liquid water — a key to life as we know it on Earth — with three planets having the greatest chance.
    D) This is by far the largest collection of Earth-like planets in the habitable ‘Goldilocks’ zone of a star — neither too close nor too far from a star, which raises the possibility of liquid water being present on the surface.
    E) Less than a year after scientists announced the discovery of three planets orbiting the dwarf star, the team found four more through intense searches using several ground-based telescopes.
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    Option A
    : The pssage is about the discovery of a new planet system.
  3. A) Every weekday 20,000 pigs are delivered to the Danish Crown company’s slaughterhouse in Horsens, in central Denmark
    B) They trot into the stunning room, guided by workers armed with giant fly swats.
    C) Big companies are building centres to develop new products.
    D) They are hung upside down, a machine cuts them into pieces, which are then cooled, boned and packed.
    E) The slaughterhouse is enormous, ten football pitches long with 11km of conveyor belts.
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      Option C
  4. A) Of all the goods and services traded in the market economy, pharmaceuticals are perhaps the most contentious.
    B) Though produced by private companies, they constitute a public good, both because they can prevent epidemics and because healthy people function better as members of society than sick ones do.
    C) While most healthcare stakeholders are eager to embrace digital health, the pharmaceutical sector has been somewhat reluctant to join the digital health bandwagon.
    D) They carry a moral weight that most privately traded goods do not, for there is a widespread belief that people have a right to health care that they do not have to smartphones or trainers.
    E) Innovation accounts for most of the cost of production, so the price of drugs is much higher than their cost of manufacture, making them unaffordable to many poor people.
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      Option C
    : The passage is about Pharmaceutical and what role it has in economy and society. Option C talks about how pharmaceutical sector is reluctant to inculcate digital technology.
  5. A) THE most recent edition of the World Bank’s annual “Doing Business” report is a sobering read for Myanmar.
    B) China is Myanmar’s biggest trading partner, and the Chinese business presence has grown as the fledgling democracy opens up.
    C) As part of the effort to reconnect Myanmar to the global economy, the country was included in the report for the first time in 2013.
    D) Yet the results show that it is still among the very worst countries in the world to do business.
    E) On some indicators, such as the ease of starting a business and enforcing contracts, Myanmar even ranked below these African countries.
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      Option B
    : Passage is about Myanmar and its position in the Doing Business ranking.

Directions (6-10): Which of the words/phrases (A), (B), (C) and (D) given below should replace the words/phrases given in bold in the following sentences to make it meaningful and grammatically correct. Mark (E) as the answer if the sentence is correct and ‘No correction is required’.

  1. A slew of Bills in the US Congress, and the possible presidential executive order, are current in play to variously restrict, cleanse, balance and optimise American visas for highly skilled foreign professionals.
    A) a possible, is currently, various restriction, among high
    B) the possible, are current, various restriction, for highly
    C) a possible, are currently, variously restrict, for highly
    D) a possible, is current, variations restrict, among highly
    E) No Correction Required
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    Option C
    : variously restrict – restrict in several different ways
  2. The fundamental economic and business conditions whose contributed to the above-average returns of the past 30 years are weakened, and in some cases is in the processed of reversing.
    A) A fundamental, which contributes, has weakened, is in the process
    B) The fundamentally, that contribution, is weaken, is in the process
    C) The fundamental, who contribute, is weakened, are in the proceeds
    D) The fundamental, that contributed, are weakening, are in the process
    E) No Correction Required
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    Option D
  3. A new international report has caused attention to the dead pollutants that pervade the air that people breath in India, causing heavy illness and premature death.
    A) has brought, heavy pollution, live in, reduced illness
    B) have caught, illegal pollutants, take in, dangerous illness
    C) has drawn, deadly pollutants, breathe in, terrible illness
    D) has taken, deadly pollutant, breath from, heavily illness
    E) No Correction Required
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    Option C
  4. While most people see the doctor with the intention to get their medical problem solved, some however, just land out at the doctors with no intention of reveal their problems while the poor doctor tries to make odd or even of ‘what exactly is the issue’.
    A) understand a, visit , revealing his, ups and downs
    B) visit the, just land up, revealing their, head or tail
    C) contacts the , reaches out , the revelation of their, guesses
    D) observe the, argues, clearing, trails
    E) No Correction Required
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    Option B
  5. Going against the status quo to take a progressed decision is always a difficulty endeavour in politics or in government.
    A) Going with, progressive, an easy task, among government
    B) Taking the, good, a difficult situation, with goverment
    C) Going against, progressive, a difficult endeavour, in government
    D) Dividing, bold, a difficult task, for government
    E) No Correction Required
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    Option C


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