Quantitative Aptitude: Quadratic Equations Set 13

Directions: In the following questions, two equations numbered are given in variables x and y. You have to solve both the equations and find out the relationship between x and y. Then give answer accordingly –

  1. I. 20x2 – 31x + 12 = 0,
    II. 3y2 – 5y + 2 = 0
    A) If x > y
    B) If x < y
    C) If x ≥ y
    D) If x ≤ y
    E) If x = y or relation cannot be established
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    Option E

    20x2 – 31x + 12 = 0
    20x2 – 16x – 15x + 12 = 0
    So x = 3/4, 4/5
    3y2 – 5y + 2 = 0
    3y2 – 3y – 2y + 2 = 0
    So y = 1, 2/3
  2. I. 3x2 – 19x + 30 = 0,
    II. 3y2 – 10y + 3 = 0
    A) If x > y
    B) If x < y
    C) If x ≥ y
    D) If x ≤ y
    E) If x = y or relation cannot be established
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    Option C

    3x2 – 19x + 30 = 0
    3x2 – 9x – 10x + 30 = 0
    So x = 3, 10/3
    3y2 – 10y + 3 = 0
    3y2 – 9y – y + 3 = 0
    So y = 1/3, 3
  3. I. 3x2 – 25x + 52 = 0,
    II. 5y2 – 18y + 9 = 0
    A) If x > y
    B) If x < y
    C) If x ≥ y
    D) If x ≤ y
    E) If x = y or relation cannot be established
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    Option A

    3x2 – 25x + 52 = 0
    3x2 – 12x – 13x + 52 = 0
    So x = 4, 13/3
    5y2 – 18y + 9 = 0
    5y2 – 15y – 3y + 9 = 0
    So y = 3/5, 3
    Put on number line
    -1/2 …. 3/5 ….2/3 …. 3
  4. I. 4x2 – 5x – 6 = 0,
    II. 5y2 – 7y – 6 = 0
    A) If x > y
    B) If x < y
    C) If x ≥ y
    D) If x ≤ y
    E) If x = y or relation cannot be established
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    Option E

    4x2 – 5x – 6 = 0
    4x2 – 8x + 3x – 6 = 0
    So x = -3/4, 2
    5y2 – 7y – 6 = 0
    5y2 – 10y + 3y – 6 = 0
    So y = -3/5, 2
  5. I. 3x2 – 10x + 8 = 0,
    II. 3y2 – 14y + 16 = 0
    A) If x > y
    B) If x < y
    C) If x ≥ y
    D) If x ≤ y
    E) If x = y or relation cannot be established
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    Option D

    3x2 – 10x + 8 = 0
    3x2 – 6x – 4x + 8 = 0
    So x = 2, 4/3
    3y2 – 14y + 16 = 0
    3y2 – 6y – 8y + 16 = 0
    So y = 2, 8/3
  6. I. 2x2 + 17x + 30 = 0,
    II. 4y2 – 7y – 15 = 0
    A) If x > y
    B) If x < y
    C) If x ≥ y
    D) If x ≤ y
    E) If x = y or relation cannot be established
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    Option B

    2x2 + 17x + 30 = 0
    2x2 + 12x + 5x + 30 = 0
    So x = -6, -5/2
    4y2 – 7y – 15 = 0
    4y2 – 12y + 5y – 15 = 0
    So y = -5/4, 3
  7. I. 3x2 + 16x + 20 = 0,
    II. 5y2 + 8y – 4 = 0
    A) x > y
    B) x < y
    C) x ≥ y
    D) x ≤ y
    E) x = y or relationship cannot be determined
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    Option D

    3x2 + 16x + 20 = 0
    3x2 + 6x + 10x + 20 = 0
    So x = -10/3, -2
    5y2 + 8y – 4 = 0
    5y2 + 10y – 2y – 4 = 0
    So y = -2, 2/5
  8. I. 2x2 + 17x + 21 = 0,
    II. 2y2 + 13y + 15 = 0
    A) If x > y
    B) If x < y
    C) If x ≥ y
    D) If x ≤ y
    E) If x = y or relation cannot be established
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    Option E

    2x2 + 17x + 21 = 0
    2x2 + 14x + 3x + 21 = 0
    So x = -7, -3/2
    2y2 + 13y + 15 = 0
    2y2 + 10y + 3y + 15 = 0
    So y = -5, -3/2
  9. I. 5x2 – 7x – 6 = 0,
    II. 3y2 – 19y + 28 = 0
    A) If x > y
    B) If x < y
    C) If x ≥ y
    D) If x ≤ y
    E) If x = y or relation cannot be established
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    Option B

    5x2 – 7x – 6 = 0
    5x2 – 10x + 3x – 6 = 0
    So x = -3/5, 2
    3y2 – 19y + 28 = 0
    3y2 – 12y – 7y + 28 = 0
    So y = 7/3, 4
  10. I. 8x2 + 6x – 5 = 0,
    II. 2y2 + 7y – 4 = 0
    A) x > y
    B) x < y
    C) x ≥ y
    D) x ≤ y
    E) x = y or relationship cannot be determined
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    Option E

    8x2 + 6x – 5 = 0
    8x2 – 4x + 10x – 5 = 0
    So x = -5/4, 1/2
    2y2 + 7y – 4 = 0
    2y2 + 8y – y – 4 = 0
    So y = -4, 1/2

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    1. PHOENIX

      hey dear, have u attempted PM’s 13th ST…if yes,pls let me know the approach to solve Q81-85 & in Q64,23 came from where.. ??

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        no dear i had 5 st only :pp u can post here i ll try

          1. (¯·.¸¸.-> °º åɱβȋ º° <-.¸¸.·¯)

            see it is very simple type of ques just keep in mind the conditions given …….like the first number is 12 its is an even no and followed by odd no viz. 21 so . so we will apply condition no. 3

            means 12 + 21 = 33 ok…… now move further…we have to take this result means 33 as the next value to be considered so 33 is now followed by 11 so here we ll apply condition no.2 i.e 33-11 = 22
            now.. 22 is followed by 8 so here comes the condition no. 1 means 22 * 8/ 4 = 44
            then 44 is the value of X here now with 3 we ll use condition no.3 so 44 + 3 = 47 then for 23 we ll use no. 2 so 47 – 23 = 24 then last we ll apply condition no. 3 so the answer is 24 + 11 = 35 …..:))

            these ques were introduced last year in sbi po mains …see if u get it

          2. MiMi

            okkk i got it..bohat esy qstn :0

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    Hello mam
    6 ans E hona chahiye please ek baar check karke ans bataiye mam

    1. No its correct

      Put the values on number line

      -6… -5/2…. -5/4….3

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