Quantitative Aptitude: Data Interpretation Questions Set 52

Directions(1-5): Study the table and answer the given question.
                   Data related to salary structure of individuals from different organizations in March.
Note: I. Total Deduction = Provident Fund Deduction (which is 10% of the basic salary) + Other deduction
II. Net salary = Basic salary + Total Allowance – Total Deduction
III. Few values are missing in the table . A candidate is expected to calculate the missing value, if it is required to answer the given question, on the basis of the given data and information.

  1. If Q’s total allowance was Rs.3,000 more than his basic salary, what was his total allowance ?
    A) Rs.18,000
    B) Rs.16,600
    C) Rs.15,500
    D) Rs.19,000
    E) Rs.22,000
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      Option B
    Q’s net salary = Rs.25850
    If the basic salary of Q be Rs. x , then
    Total allowance = Rs.(x+3000)
    x+x+3000- 4350 = 25850
    => x= 13600
    Q’s total allowance= 13600+3000 = Rs.16600
  2. If the respective ratio of  Provident  Fund Deduction and other deduction of S was 7:13 what was S’s other deduction?
    A) Rs.3100
    B) Rs.2080
    C) Rs. 3500
    D) Rs.2150
    E) Rs.3245
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      Option B
    Provident Fund Deduction of S = (11200*10)/100 = Rs. 1120
    Other deduction of S = (13/7)*1120 = Rs.2080
  3. If other deduction of P was Rs. 4,720, what was his net salary?
    A) Rs.35500
    B) Rs.42510
    C) Rs.51000
    D) Rs.40000
    E) Rs.43500
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      Option E
    Total deduction for P = (21800*10)/100 + 4720 = Rs. 6900
    P’s net salary =21800 + 28600 – 6900 = Rs. 43500
  4. Basic salary of S is what percent more than the basic salary of R?
    A) 1(1/12)%
    B) 3(4/13)%
    C) 5(1/12)%
    D) 7(9/13)%
    E) 4(3/8)%
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      Option D
    Required % = [(11200-10400)/10400]*100 = 7(9/13)%
  5. If other deduction of T was Rs. 4,000, what was his net salary?
    A) Rs.45000
    B) Rs.35000
    C) Rs.32900
    D) Rs.24510
    E) Rs.31500
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      Option C
    Other deductions for T = Rs.4000
    Deduction for Provident fund = Rs.(5700 – 4000) = Rs.700
    T’s basic salary = (1700*100)/10 = Rs.17000
    T’s net salary = 17000 + 21600 – 5700 = Rs.32900

Directions(6-10): Study the following graph carefully to answer the questions  given below

  1. By what % approximately is the total investment of  Y in schemes B,D and E together less than that made by X in the same schemes?
    A) 30%
    B) 10%
    D) 20%
    E) 23%
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      Option E
    Investmesnt in schemes B,D and E by Y = 560+580+380 = Rs.152000
    Investmesnt in schemes B,D and E by X = 440+720+820 = Rs.198000
    Required % = (198000-152000)/198000 = 23%(approx.)
  2. What is the respective ratio between the total investment of Y in schemes C and D together and that of X in the schemes E and F together?
    A) 21:28
    B) 10:13
    C) 11:17
    D) 10:11
    E) 9:13
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      Option C
    Required ratio = (520+580):(820+880) = 11:17
  3. The investment by X in scheme F in comparison to scheme B is more by what %?
    A) 100%
    B) 110%
    C) 90%
    D) 88%
    E) 75%
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      Option A
    Required % = [(880-440)/440]*100 = 100%
  4. What was the average investment of Y in the schemes taken into consideration?
    A) Rs.25000
    B) Rs.55000
    C) Rs.44000
    D) Rs.51000
    E) Rs.60000
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      Option D
    Required average = (400+560+520+580+380+620)/6 = Rs.51000
  5. By what % approximately is the amount invested  by YX in scheme A and C together more than that invested by Y in the schemes B and E together?
    A) 55%
    B) 62%
    D) 58%
    E) 50%
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      Option B
    Investment by YX in schemes A and C = Rs.(740+780) =Rs. 152000
    Investment by Y in schemes B and E = Rs.(560+380) = Rs.94000
    Required % = [(152000-94000)/94000 ]*100 = 62%



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        net sal+total deduction =basic sal+tot,allowncw
        & net sal+tot.ded.=25850+4350 =30200
        =>30200 =bs+(3000+bs)
        =>27200 =2bs
        => bs of q =16600

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        mam mereko essi equation me prob aa gyi phirse like
        esse sums main mam

        1. 1/(x+5) + 1/x = 1/(x-4)

          take denominator (x+5)*x*(x-4)

          Num = x*(x-4) + (x+5)*(x-4) = x*(x+5)
          Den = (x+5)*x*(x-4)
          discard den now
          and solve x*(x-4) + (x+5)*(x-4) = x*(x+5)
          x^2 – 4x + x^2 + 9x + 20 = x^2 + 5x

          1. NITROUS OXIDE

            mam iska koi or way ? mereko ese sum me prob ata always

          2. way to yahi hai and simple hai

            kahan smjh nhi a rha, tell?

          3. NITROUS OXIDE

            1/(x+5) + 1/x – 1/(x-4)===0
            esse hoga mam
            and mam mostly mereko denominator lene me prob ata hai isme

          4. NITROUS OXIDE

            is case me x+20 le sakte the kya ??

          5. yes ese hi hai

            deno. me koi agar same value hai to take it once, other than take all, and no jo den me hai bas vahi le sakte hai, ye plus nhi ho sakta

          6. Suppose

            1/(x+5)x + 1/x – 1/(x-4)===0

            then deno = x*(x+5)*(x-4)

            Num = (x-4) + (x+5)(x-4) – x*(x+5)

          7. NITROUS OXIDE

            mam x+20 denomi kyu nhi sab me jayega ?

          8. nhi we cannot take ese

            1/2 + 1/3 hota hai to 2 and 3 ka LCM = 2*3 = 6 and 6 in the den.

            but yahn of 1/(x+4) + 1/(x+5) then (x+4) and (x+5) ka LCM kya hua ??
            (x+4)*(x+5) or = x^2 + 9x + 20 —– this in the den.

            but we dont multiply, and simple takes (x+4)*(x+5)

          9. NITROUS OXIDE

            mam supose
            1/x+4 + 1/x+5
            x+20 lcm
            5+4/x+20 ans dekhna divisible hai dono main
            apka mtlb sab denominator ko lena hoga in that case

          10. x+ 20 only ku ???

            multiply to (x+4) and (x+5) hone chaiye na only 4 and 5 ku multiply

            chlo suppose x = 1 hai

            then tumne (x+4) and (x+5) ka LCM liya (x+20) means 1+20 = 21

            and if we put x = 1 in (x+4) and (x+5) , then we have to take LCM of (5) and (6) which is 30

            do both values match? No.
            So we cannot do like this – that multiplying only numbers

          11. NITROUS OXIDE

            kk mam sabhi value * krna hoga means cahe 3 values ho upar coment dekna wess equation banega finaly na
            NITROUS OXIDE Shubhra • 2 minutes ago
            and mam same dekho
            in teeno ko in teeno se multiply krege means and
            essa kya mam

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          12. han sab values ko multiply karna hoga, only numbers ko nhi

          13. NITROUS OXIDE

            kk mam samjh gya equation bna ke practice kruga warna option laga luga equaltion me ans satisfy hua wo ans

          14. NITROUS OXIDE

            and mam same dekho
            in teeno ko in teeno se multiply krege means and
            essa kya mam

          15. yes

            and then this is equal to 0, so discard den

            and finally (s)(s-4)+(s+5)(s)+(s+5)(s-4) = 0

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