Mixed English Questions Set 64 (New Pattern)

This set contains important New Pattern English Questions for SBI PO, IBPS PO Clerk, NIACL  and other upcoming exams. New Pattern English Questions on Sentence Filler and Fill in the blanks. SBI PO English preparation Material New pattern

Direction (1-5): In each of the following questions a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the passage complete and coherent.

  1. For over a decade, China has been the engine of global growth. (…………………………………………………). The stock market has been in turmoil, again. Although share prices in China matter little to the real economy, seesawing stocks feed fears among investors that the Communist Party does not have the wisdom to manage the move from Mao to market. The rest of the world looks at the debts and growing labour unrest inside China , and it shudders. Nowhere are those worries more apparent—or more consequential—than in the handling of its currency, the yuan.
    A) China has remained the leader in business and development since decades.
    B)China’s economy is not on the verge of collapse.
    C)But the blistering pace of economic expansion has slowed.
    D)China has a semi-fixed currency and semi-porous capital controls.
    E)China should have cleaned up its financial system and freed its exchange rate when money was still flowing in.
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      Option C
    : The statements after the blank unrest and debts in Chinese Economy, while the first sentence talks about China being the leader in the global growth. There should be a connecting line which is C). C) mentions that economic expansion has slowed in China.
  2. (…………………………………………………..). The old practice of preparing only two years before the Olympic Games needs to be scrapped. There must be scientific selection and nurturing of players in the under-14 and under-16 categories. The process of ad hoc selection of foreign coaches and training of elite athletes must be overhauled. So far, a player would select an academy or coach known to him, and ask the Government to pay for the same. A far better approach is to scrutinise all academies and employ a competent coach to come to India and train more players.
    A) Winning a medal in Olympic Games has always been a dream for any athlete.
    B) When you hear the word Olympics what comes in your mind? Medals or Athletes?
    C)In recent years, sports have emerged as an important career option for youth.
    D)Olympics require long-term investment in players, with best training and facilities
    E)A player if talented can prepare for any event even in less time.
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    Option D
    :Option D matches with the suggestions mentioned in the next statements.
  3. (…………………………………………………….), along with associated equipment and logistics. The status of the consginment is evaluated at every step of the chain in which a fleet of refrigerated trucks, containers, ships, and even trains are often pressed into service. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags and temperature data loggers keep a record of the history of the consignment, and a tab on the remaning shelf life. Documentation is vital with an etablished protocol being followed at each step of the chain and corrective steps taken for the consigment being delivered from farm to the table.
    A) Popular Indian e-commerce companies have improved a lot in product delivery
    B)A cold chain has to ensure an uninterrupted series of refrigeration for production, storage and distribution activities
    C)Though set up by private parties, Governmental intervention in the form of fixing a ceiling on what they can charge from the farmers for storage
    D)The Consolidated Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Policy of 2014 has now permitted large number of food products
    E)Though standard protocols are available for processing and storage both, for fruits such as apples, peaches, apricots which are from temperate regions, there are no comparative protocols and standards available for typical tropical Indian fruits
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      Option B
    : fleet of refrigerated truckshas been mentioned in the passage. Cold Chain uses refrigerated units. Remaining shell life also points in a similar direction.
  4. It is the private schools — known as public schools in India — that fleece the parents unscrupulously — which have become the craze not only amongst the affluent class but also the aspiring middle class.  The decision-makers, policy-implementers, and even the teachers of government schools admit their children in these public schools.  (………………………………………………..)
    A)As a consequence, Government schools are a neglected lot and no one is worried about improving the situation there.
    B)To improve the condition of private schools the children of affluent class must be admitted in Private schools.
    C)On paper everything is fine, but a visit to Government Teacher Training Schools and the state of disorder and neglect would be the first to attract one’s attention.
    D)When the world is talking of pace of change and times of accelerations, the Indian education system is oblivious to the damage being inflicted on it
    E)Poorly trained teachers just cannot produce quality manpower.
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      Option A
    : Option A) correctly tells the consequence of the passage.
  5. In this 21st century, when the Indian economy has seen transformative periods, the use of mobile telephony, which has crossed the 100-crore mark, cannot be more emphasised. All thanks to mobile phones and data connectivity that India has ushered into the league of mobile revolution. In fact, the way Internet is being used for economic, social and governance purposes, its use will only grow by leaps and bounds in time to come.(………………………………..). The network operators alone must be blamed for this gap. While there is ample spectrum available, telecom operators have failed to upgrade their infrastructure. Failure to optimally reinforce their networks, either due to the large debt burden or for their inability to adhere to Government norms, has resulted in many towers being taken down.
    A) It should allay apprehensions that radiation from too many mobile towers has been causing health hazards to humans as well as to avian creatures
    B)However, there is   growing disparity between the number of mobile users and the availability of spectrum for usage
    C)It is well known that these towers are the backbone of mobile phones, without which human life today is impossible.
    D)The prime focus of the Government, therefore, must be to ensure safety of the citizens by tightening radiation standards and side by side ensuring sound coverage.
    E)Whatever be the case, this is a contentious issue over which a consensus has not yet been achieved.
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      Option B
    : Option B) correctly matches with the next statements

Direction (6-10): In each of the following questions three statements are given with a missing word in each. You have to fill the blanks of first two statements with the first word of the option and the blank of the third statement with the second word of the option.

6. (i) As I think back to my childhood, I ______ recall the summer holidays spent on my grandfather’s farm.
(ii) Harshit watched ______ as his ex-girlfriend married someone else.
(iii)The government has the authority to imprison anyone it deems as being ________ to the country’s safety.
A)gladly, provost
B) swiftly, threat
C) wistfully, detrimental
D) purposefully, danger

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  Option C
:wistful: in a manner that suggests regret or longing
detrimental: producing harm or damage

7. (i) The experimental conditions were as described in the _______ to Figure 1.
(ii) According to the _____ ,Kartik, who had invented the flute, threw it away in disgust, because it distorted the features.
(iii)The lawyer tried to _________ his client to accept the generous settlement offer.
A) heading, demonstrate
B) book, force
C) legend, persuade
D) subscript, focus

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  Option C
: (i)legend: the wording on a map or diagram explaining the symbols used.
(ii) legend: story; a traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical but not authenticated.

8. (i)Once the college fell into ________ because of the hazing scandal, its number of applicants declined.
(ii)The judge’s arrest for accepting bribes put all his court decisions in ___________.
(iii) AB de Villiers is one of the _______ batsmen ever to play cricket.
A) disgust, best
B)disrepute, finest
C) remonstrate, outstanding
D) loss, respected

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  Option B
:disrepute: the status of being untrustworthy or dishonorable

9. (i)If you do not take your medicine, you will put your health in _________.
(ii)Because the athlete has been arrested twice on domestic abuse charges, his position on the team is now in ___________ .
(iii)The ______ estate was a sprawling 1,000 acres.
A)weakness, handy
B) jejune, beautiful
C) otiose, huge
D)jeopardy, massive

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  Option D
:jeopardy: at risk of loss or harm

10. (i)The girl penned a letter to the community center manager, urging him to reduce the _______ of the boys and girls soccer team schedules.
(ii) The _________ of the ground hindered their footing.
(iii)Airline ticket prices tend to ________ from day to day.
A) injustice, vary
B)inequality, fluctuate
C) biasness, move
D) disparity, shoot

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  Option B
:in (ii) inequality: lack of smoothness or regularity in a surface.


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