Mixed English Questions Set 66 (New Pattern)

This set contains important New Pattern English Questions for SBI PO, IBPS PO Clerk, NIACL  and other upcoming exams. New Pattern English Questions on Odd Sentence and Sentence Correction. SBI PO English Preparation Material

Direction (1-5): Five statements are given below, labelled A, B, C, D and E. Among these, four statements are in logical order and form a coherent paragraph/passage. From the given options, choose the option that does not fit with the other statements in the passage.

  1. A) The idea is that as the financial sector grows, apart from a number of universal banks, it may be useful to have differentiated banks focusing on different areas and developing competence. This will reduce the cost of intermediation and lead to better economic outcomes.
    B) After having issued licences for new-age payments and small finance banks, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has now published a discussion paper on the need for wholesale and long-term finance (WLTF) banks.
    C) Government ownership would lead to the same problems that public sector banks are facing at the moment.
    D) Further, they can act as market makers in instruments like corporate bonds and credit derivatives.
    E) The discussion paper notes that WLTF banks will focus on lending to the corporate sector, small and medium businesses, and the infrastructure sector. They may also offer services in the area of foreign exchange and trade finance.
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    Option C
    : The correct sequence is: BAED. The passage discusses the scope of WLTF>
  2. A) There are a number of constitutional laws on child labour and also provisions for stringent punishment for violators. But child labour remains a major challenge in India.
    B) The reason is that the problem lies not only in society, but in the homes as well of such children.
    C) Sadly, parents and guardians, who are supposed to give food, shelter, security and education to their wards, till such time the latter are ready to face the cruel world, instead view them as working hands right from their tender ages, for increasing family income.
    D) These helping hands try to put the noose around the neck of unscrupulous employers and their source of recruitment.
    E) A loose definition of a child labour is one who is under the age of 18 and made to work in some way that harms him/her, physically, mentally or morally.
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    Option D
    : The correct sequence is: EABC.
  3. A) More than a hundred tigers have reportedly been poached in the past five years, according to a report published by the National Tiger Conservation Authority.
    B) According to forest department officials, a team of guards were on routine patrol when they came face to face with a group of poachers around midnight near the Baghmari forest camp.
    C) The sudden increase in the number of incidents of tiger poaching across the country is, of course, worrying, but it also begs the question if a sense of complacency has set in among those responsible for the protection of the big cats.
    D) The report also underlines that poachers have caused tiger deaths in all 41 tiger reserve forests spread across 17 States in the country.
    E) Yet, since the National Tiger Conservation Authority was established in 2005 to manage Project Tiger, the authorities have actually done a fair amount of work to conserve and nurture India’s tiger population which has, in fact, grown steadily in recent years.
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    Option B
    : The correct sequence is: CADE. The passage is about a report related to tiger poaching. Option B talks about a real life incident.
  4. A) Hiring must be transparent and rule-based. Political interference leads to skewed deployment of personnel, most evident in appointment of teachers and healthcare personnel, who lobby local politicians to seek transfers away from rural areas.
    B) Filling the vacancies — ranging from primary schoolteachers to judges — will require systemic changes and innovative staffing options.
    C) Local authorities and institutions should be encouraged to hire from the area. This will create local accountabilities, and ensuring that those employed understand the local realities and have a stake in delivering on their job.
    D) The preferred urban and peri-urban areas are overstaffed, resulting in inefficiencies. Next, hiring must be decentralised for some of the sectors such as schools, medical centres and police.
    E) The government and activists are on a warpath over allegations that more than half of all workers under the rural jobs scheme will be denied employment because the deadline for Aadhaar enrolment has passed.
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    Option E
    : The passage is about problems in hiring and solutions.
  5. A) India is currently an environment basket case: Water in our rivers is not fit for bathing, leave alone drinking.
    B) This is not the task of the environmentalist alone, a healthy environment is our collective responsibility
    C) So bad is our air quality, that even breathing is difficult.
    D) Even the holiest of them all, Ganga, is burdened by dams, sewage, polluting industries, toxins, effluents and power plants, to the extent that it is nothing but a filthy sewer.
    E) According to Global Burden of Disease, 2013, outdoor air pollution caused 6.2 premature deaths in India in 2010, a six-fold jump from the one lakh deaths in 2000.
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    Option B
    : The correct sequence is: ADCE. The passage is about environmental issues.

Directions (6-10): Which of phrases given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold type to make it grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark ‘E’ as the answer.

  1. You should apologize for your inability about attending the wedding
    A) inability to attending
    B) being inability to attending
    C) inability to attend
    D) unability to attend
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    Option C
    : inability to attend
  2. I have told the sculptor to put down all the best in the statue which he was carving
    A) to put in
    B) to put up
    C) to put on
    D) to put
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    Option A
    : We put in time or effort in doing something
  3. The manager got very angry and ordered immediately dismissal of the employee who had committed the mistake
    A) order immediately
    B) order immediate
    C) ordered immediate
    D) ordering immediate
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    Option C
    : ordered immediate
  4. Even on requesting him, Virat did not tell us how he bats so well.
    A) Even after requesting him
    B) Even we had requested him
    C) Though after requesting him
    D) Even after being requested
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    Option D
    : Even after being requested
  5. When I managed to convince him I want to get home quickly, he agreed to leave me early.
    A) that I want to get home quickly
    B) that I want to get to home quickly
    C) that I wanted to get home quick
    D) that I wanted to get home quickly
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    Option D
    : that I wanted to get home quickly


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