Static GK Quiz for Upcoming Exams Set 184

Static GK Questions for IBPS RRB, IBPS PO/Clerk, RBI Grade B, NIACL, BOI, Bank of Baroda and other competitive exams.

  1. Nashik city is situated on the banks of which river?
    A) Krishna
    B) Kaveri
    C) Godavari 
    D) Mahanadi
    E) Koyna
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      Option C
  2. When is World Toilet Day observed annually?
    A) 15 October
    B) 24 December
    C) 19 November
    D) 13 July
    E) 11 November
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      Option C
    Some Extra:

    World Toilet Day is an annual event celebrated on 19 November. The day focuses on the importance of proper sanitation and advocates for access to clean and safe toilets for all.
  3. On which of the following river is Ukai Dam in Gujarat situated?
    A) Sutlej
    B) Tapti
    C) Indus
    D) Sabarmati
    E) Mahi
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      Option B
  4. Dhalo is famous folk dance of which Indian state?
    A) Uttarakhand
    B) Madhya Pradesh
    C) Maharashtra
    D) Goa
    E) Bihar
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      Option D
  5. Where is the headquarters of Kotak Mahindra Bank situated?
    A) Bengaluru
    B) Mumbai
    C) Chennai
    D) Pune
    E) Puri
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      Option B
  6. Bhupen Hazarika Setu is built on which of the following rivers?
    A) Musi
    B) Narmada
    C) Kaveri
    D) Mahanadi
    E) Brahmaputra
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      Option E
    Some Extra:

    Also known as Dhela- Sadiya Bridge and built on Brahmaputra and Lohit river.
  7. Where is Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Airport situated?
    A) Maharashtra
    B) Punjab
    C) Haryana
    D) Chandigarh
    E) Karnataka
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      Option A
    Some Extra:
    Nanded, Maharashtra
  8. Where is Simplipal national park situated?
    A) Andaman and Nicobar
    B) Sikkim
    C) Odisha
    D) Kerala
    E) Madhya Pradesh
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      Option C
  9. Varuna is a Naval Exercise between India and
    A) Russia
    B) Indonesia
    C) France
    D) Bangladesh
    E) Singapore
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      Option C
    Some Extra:

  10. What is the constituency of Union Civil Aviation Minister, Sh. Ashok Gajapati Raju?
    A) Bangalore South
    B) Vizianagaram
    C) Sundargarh
    D) Gwalior
    E) Bhopal
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      Option B
  11. What is the currency of Philippines?
    A) Riyal
    B) Won
    C) Pound
    D) Peso
    E) Franc
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      Option D
    Some Extra:

    Capital: Manila
  12. World Economic Outlook is a survey conducted by
    A) World Bank
    B) Transparency International
    C) World Economic Forum
    D) International Monetary Fund
    E) United Nations Organization
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      Option D
    Some Extra:

    The World Economic Outlook (WEO) is a survey conducted and published by the International Monetary Fund. It is published biannually and partly updated two times a year.

  13. Where is Kowdiar Palace situated?
    A) Odisha
    B) Arunachal Pradesh
    C) Kerala
    D) Sikkim
    E) West Bengal
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      Option C
  14. Where is the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary located?
    A) Jammu and Kashmir
    B) Rajasthan
    C) Uttarakhand
    D) Gujarat
    E) Jharkhand
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      Option B
  15. Where is Koteshwar Dam situated?
    A) Uttarakhand 
    B) Bihar
    C) Himachal Pradesh
    D) Madhya Pradesh
    E) Haryana
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      Option A
    Some Extra:

    On the river Bhagirathi.

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