Computer Basics Set 14

  1. The amount of time it takes for requested information to be delivered from disks and memory is known as?
    A) Access Time
    B) Refresh Time
    C) Latency Time
    D) Retrieval Time
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    Option A

  2. A step-by-step procedure designed to solve a problem or achieve an objective is known as?
    A) Syntax
    B) Semantics
    C) Algorithm
    D) Procedure
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    Option C

    Algorithm is a step by step solution to a problem. The pictorial representation of algorithm is known as Flowchart.
  3. Which among the following is the name given to a small application that performs one specific task .
    A) Beans
    B) Applet
    C) Scripts
    D) Sharp
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    Option B

    Applet is a small program which performs a single task.
    Scripts are more complex programming and can perform multiple task.
  4. A file in computer that has been compressed to save space is known as?
    A) Folder
    B) Directory
    C) Archive
    D) Sub file
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    Option C

    Archive is a file which has been compressed to reduce the size of the file. Example : .ZIP
  5. In the extended ASCII table coding for how many characters are specified?
    A) 7
    B) 64
    C) 128
    D) 256
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    Option D

    In ASCII coding, the code for 128 characters are defined, and in extended version codes for 256 characters are defined.
  6. A software that has lots of features but requires considerable disk space and RAM to install and run.
    A) Spamware
    B) Bloatware
    C) Shareware
    D) Spaceware
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    Option B

    A software which requires a lot of harddisk space for storage and RAM while running, but also provides the user with rich functionality is known as Bloatware.
  7. _____ is the process of loading a set of instructions when a computer is first turned on or booted.
    A) Bootini
    B) Bootload
    C) Bootstrap
    D) Bootcrawl
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    Option C

    Bootstrap is the process of booting. Boot.ini is a file which stores information regarding boot process.
  8. A malicious act intended to shut down a Web site or a network by flooding it with too much information is known as _____?
    A) Viral Attack
    B) DoS Attack
    C) MoS Attack
    D) PoS Attack
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    Option B

    Denial of service (DoS) attack.
  9. To retrieve any text or other information created by one and transfer it to another program is known as ?
    A) Import
    B) File
    C) Select
    D) Cut
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    Option A

  10. _____ is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font.
    A) Alignment
    B) Kerning
    C) Orientation
    D) Adjoining
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    Option B

    Kerning is the process of adjusting the space between any two character. It is used in typography the study of fonts. And also used to create fonts.

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