Computer Basics Set 16

  1. Which of the following shortcut is used to rename a folder or file in Windows 7 and higher version operating system?
    A) F3
    B) F2
    C) F4
    D) F6
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    Option B

  2. ___ loads the code which is translated by translator into the main memory and makes it ready to execute.
    A) Loader
    B) Linker
    C) Interpreter
    D) Transistor
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    Option A

  3. _____ is a program used with a compiler or assembler to provide links to the libraries needed for an executable program.
    A) Loader
    B) Linker
    C) Translator
    D) Header
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    Option B

  4. Which of the following is an example of PAN ?
    A) Metropolitan cable network
    B) WWW
    C) Mobiles connected via Bluetooth
    D) Storage Area Network
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    Option C

    Pan – Personal Area Network is a connection of personal device for data exchange.
  5. Which of the following is not a valid extension of web page?
    A) .html
    B) .php
    C) .aspx
    D) .cdc
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    Option D

    .cdc is not a valid extension for web page. A site designed using html code will have .html extension. Page designed using PHP and ASP.NET will have extensions .php and aspx respectively
  6. ____ is the service which translates domain name into IP Address before opening the actual website?
    A) DHCP
    B) DNS
    C) HTTP
    D) TCP
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    Option B

    DNS – Domain Name Servers is responsible for converting the URL/domain name of a website into actual IP Address of that Website before the site is opened on browser of the user.
  7. The process of obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page is known as ____?
    A) PEO
    B) AEO
    C) CEO
    D) SEO
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    Option D

    SEO- Search Engine Optimisation
  8. In DBMS ___ Key uniquely identifies a record in a table.
    A) Candidate
    B) Secondary
    C) Primary
    D) CHECK
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    Option C

  9. What does Q stands for in SQL?
    A) Querying
    B) Query
    C) Quest
    D) Question
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    Option B

    SQL- Structured Query Language
  10. CMYK is related to ?
    A) Power supply
    B) Coloring model
    C) Memory management
    D) Software upgrade
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    Option B

    CMYK – Cyan Magenta Yellow Key(Black)

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