Computer Basics Set 2

Hello Aspirants
We are presenting you with Computer questions for Banking and related exams type of which are frequently asked in exams.

  1. A small data-memory storage area that a computer can use to instantly re-access data instead of re-reading the data from the original source is called?
    A) Motherboard
    B) Pen Drive
    C) Cache memory
    D) Buffer
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    Option C
  2. The process of transferring file from our computer to web server is called ___?
    A) Downloading
    B) Uploading
    C) Copying
    D) Transfer Protocol
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    Option B
  3. The technology of connecting to the Internet via a phone line is called?
    A) WiMax
    B) VoLTE
    C) DSL
    D) Telemax
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    Option C
    Some Extra:
    DSL- Digital Subscriber Line is a method of connecting to the Internet via a phone line.
  4. A set of security programs that protect a computer from outside interference or access via the Internet is called?
    A) Bots
    B) Gateway
    C) Firewall
    D) Antivirus
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    Option C
  5. Software’s that are available free of cost and with full functionality on the internet are termed as?
    A) Crippleware
    B) Liveware
    C) Shareware
    D) Freeware
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    Option D
  6. Name the technology that allows one to experience and interact with images in a simulated three-dimensional environment.
    A) Webcam
    B) Video Conferencing
    C) Virtual Reality
    D) Live Streaming
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    Option C
  7. All the peripheral device are connected to the computer through ___?
    A) Monitor
    B) Processor
    C) RAM
    D) Motherboard
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    Option D
  8. Which of the following is the correct logic if you want to move a file from one location to another?
    A) copy-> paste
    B) cut-> paste
    C) move -> cut
    D) cut -> move
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    Option B
  9. A file of extension .rtf is a __ file?
    A) text
    B) presentation
    C) image
    D) database
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    Option A
  10. Landscape and Portrait are a type of ___ ?
    A) Page margin
    B) Page orientation
    C) Page indent
    D) Page size
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    Option B

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