Computer Basics Set 28

  1. Which among the following is responsible for arithmetic and logical operations?
    A) Control Unit
    B) Register
    C) ALU
    D) Hard Disk
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    Option C

  2. Language translators translate a programming language into ___ language?
    A) High Level Language
    B) Machine Language
    C) Object Oriented Language
    D) Java
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    Option B

  3. Which among the following is the first version of android operating system?
    A) Alpha
    B) Eclair
    C) Donut
    D) Froyo
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    Option A

  4. The computers connected in a college library is an example of ?
    A) LAN
    B) MAN
    C) WAN
    D) Internet
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    Option A

  5. What is the size of IPv4 IP Address?
    A) 8 bits
    B) 16 bits
    C) 4 bits
    D) 32 bits
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    Option D

  6. What is the size of IPv6 IP Address?
    A) 32 bits
    B) 256 bits
    C) 64 bits
    D) 128 bits
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    Option D

  7. If you want to find a synonym of a word, in MS Word, which of the following tool will you use?
    A) Spelling & Grammer
    B) Word Count
    C) Find and Replace
    D) Thesaurus
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    Option D

  8. When a device is not connected to CPU, it is said to be _______?
    A) Online
    B) Offline
    C) Offcut
    D) Off-CPU
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    Option B

  9. A loop inside another loop in a programming language is called?
    A) Infinite Loop
    B) Hyper Loop
    C) Nested Loop
    D) Link Loop
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    Option C

  10. The instruction which is most frequently used by computer system, gets stored in ?
    A) Cache memory
    B) Virtual Memory
    C) Hard Disk
    D) Register
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    Option A

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