Computer Basics Set 7

  1. Find the correct statement in relation to hard disk.
    A) Sectors are divided into tracks and platters
    B) Tracks are divided into sectors and platters
    C) Platters are divided into tracks and sectors
    D) Platters are divided into rows and coloum
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    Option C

  2. What is the full form of PDF?
    A) Presentation Document FIle
    B) Pre Document File
    C) Portable Document Format
    D) Post Document Format
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    Option C

  3. A local or restricted network in which information is accessible only within this private network is known as?
    A) Extranet
    B) Intranet
    C) Cloud system
    D) WWW
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    Option B

  4. When an Intranet can be accessed by outside users for the purpose of information exchange then It is known as?
    A) Public Intranet
    B) Extranet
    C) Secured WWW
    D) Ultranet
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    Option B

  5. Which of the following is the correct binary representation of decimal number 23?
    B) 11011
    C) 11010
    D) 10111
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    Option D

  6. The term Large scale integration is related with?
    A) Hard DIsk
    B) SMPS
    C) Chip
    D) Monitor
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    Option C

  7. Which of the following is used to connect a computer to computer network?
    A) Network Interface Card
    B) Network Integrity Card
    C) Network Information Connection
    D) Network Information Card
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    Option A

  8. Which of the following is the correct sequence?
    A) Input, Output, Processing
    B) Processing, Input, Output
    C) Input, Processing, Output
    D) Output, Input, Processing
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    Option C

  9. Small files saved on client computer holding the data regarding client computer and websites is known as?
    A) Cookies
    B) Cache
    C) Weblog
    D) Server
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    Option A

  10. Which of the following unit can represent the speed of internet connection?
    A) bps
    B) mhz
    C) kb
    D) bytes
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    Option A

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