Computer Awareness for NIACL Assistant Set 38

Important Computer questions for NIACL Assistant and various upcoming bank exams and insurance exams. Solve this Computer Quiz and test yourself. 

  1. A byte can represent any number between 0 and _____ .
    A) 8
    B) 255
    C) 256
    D) 1024
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    Option B
    : 2^8 -1 =255
  2. When a computer receives analog data to understand it the computer first _____
    A) scans it for virus
    B) sends it to RAM
    C) converts it into digital form
    D) None of these
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    Option C
  3. Expansion slot serves the purpose of _____.
    A) To remove unnecessary device
    B) To add extra device
    C) To provide external power supply
    D) All of these
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    Option B 
  4. Which of the following is not a valid operator in Boolean Algebra?
    A) NAND
    B) NOR
    C) XOR
    D) XAND
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    Option D
  5. What does K stands for in K-map in Boolean algebra?
    A) KLIP
    B) Kernel
    C) Karnaugh
    D) Keyboard
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    Option C
  6. What does U stands for in UMA in computer architecture?
    A) Unilateral
    B) Unstructured
    C) Uniform
    D) Unicode
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    Option C
    : Uniform Memory Access
  7. A ____ is a set of computer which are interconnected to perform any task as a single unit.
    A) Grid
    B) Unit
    C) Cluster
    D) Blog
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    Option C
    : This is the definition of cluster.
  8. Find the odd one out
    A) Laser Printer
    B) RAM
    C) Monitor
    D) ROM
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    Option C
    : Every other device has storage capacity. Laser printers have small amount of memory to store the pages that they have to print in its buffer memory to enable fast and smooth printing.
  9. The human readable form of a program is known as?
    A) program code
    B) system code
    C) analog code
    D) source code
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    Option D
  10. Select the correct order of the memory units.
    A) MB>KB>TB>Nibble
    B) TB>PB>MB>KB
    C) PB>TB>MB>KB
    D) MB>KB>PB>TB
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    Option C


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