Discussion Zone – 01 January 2017

Hello Aspirants

This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. ?

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125 Thoughts to “Discussion Zone – 01 January 2017”

    1. Purvi

      gud eve mam
      happy new yr

      1. Same to u dear 🙂

        had exam today ?

  1. Suraj

    Will start with english quiz…

  2. Suraj

    Facing with the prospect that the RBI withholds approval for the UTI-GTB merger, GTB has played safe by walking out of the merger.

    Faced with the prospect of the RBI withholding
    Facing the prospect that the RBI withholds
    In the face of the prospect of the RBI withholding
    On the face of it, the RBI withholds
    No correction required

      1. Suraj

        no, … can try once more

          1. Suraj

            🙂 A
            Faced with the prospect

    1. Suraj

      Faced with the prospect of the RBI withholding

  3. Suraj

    The quality of coal mined from State X is less than State Y.

    is less than that from
    is lower than
    is lower than that from
    is lower than that of
    No correction required

      1. Suraj

        is lower than that from

        quality ke bare me baat ki gayi hai, to quality is less from other..

        1. Purvi

          that of kab use hota hai

          1. Suraj

            The marks scored by Mr X is less than that of Purvi.

    1. Suraj

      is lower than that from

  4. Suraj

    Among other institutional investors in the bank are cooperative credit societies and cooperative housing societies.

    Among other institutional investors in the bank is
    Another institutional investor in the bank is
    Other institutional investors among the bank are
    Other investors between the institution and the bank are
    No correction required

      1. Suraj

        pehle sahi bola tha 🙂

        1. CHOTA BHEEM

          Ji sirkar

    1. Suraj

      No correction required

  5. Suraj

    One of the ways to dealing with this slowdown is to increase the domestic benefit from a given level of exports.

    ways to deal with this slowdown is
    the ways of dealing with this slowdown are
    the ways of dealing with this slowdown is
    the ways to deal for this slowdown is
    No Correction required

    1. Suraj

      the ways of dealing with this slowdown is
      It should be either to deal or of dealing.(1) is rejected because the article the is missing

  6. Suraj

    Important Tip : Try to understand the meaning of sentence, it will help a lot.. For this read newspaper regularly.

  7. Suraj

    Sentence Rearrangement

    A) For, in making the great experiment of governing the people by consent rather than coercion, it is not sufficient that the party in power should have majority.
    B) It is just as necessary that the party in power should never outrage the minority.
    C) The principle which distinguishes democracy from all other forms of government is that in a democracy the opposition not only is tolerated as constitutional but must be maintained because it is in fact indispensable.
    D)That means that its measures must take account of the minority’s objections, and that in administering measures it must remember that the minority may become the majority.
    E) The democratic system cannot be operated without effective opposition.
    F) That means that it must listen to the minority and be moved by the criticisms of the minority.


      Yeh kam hi sahi hota hai sir



  8. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***


    1. Suraj

      Good Evening.. Happy New Year!!!!!

      1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***

        happy new year sir :)))
        sir app bhi banking aspirant ho kya?

      1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***

        HNY bhim

        1. CHOTA BHEEM

          Same 2 u mam

    2. Purvi

      happy new yr dii

      1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***

        HNY CHOTI SISTER :))))))))))))

  9. Suraj

    Interested in which quiz – topic???

    1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***


  10. Suraj

    A) Apple recently launched its new version of the tvOS system
    B)that makes it easier to use the Apple TV set-top box as the new hub of a digital home.
    C)The new version allowed users to sign in just once
    D)to access multiple apps from various TV network providers.
    E)No Error

    1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***


      1. Suraj

        yes,,, try to tell the correction..

        1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***


          1. Suraj

            correct 😀

    2. Suraj

      C) allowed=>allows

  11. Suraj

    1) At this stage, 2) Select the right funds is the key, 3) And that needs expertise 4) Which the investment adviser brings to the table. 5) No error

    1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***

      bb selection

    2. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***

      selection of the right funds hoga na?

    3. Suraj

      2) select=>selecting

  12. ^^^Jaga^^^....

    Happy new year…..

    1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***




      1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

        Bhai i m not sir…

        1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***

          ok student :)))

          1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

            Yo yo

    3. Suraj

      Happy new Year

      1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

        Happy new year sir…aj b fail ho jaunga ??

        1. Suraj

          how many questions attempted??

    4. Purvi

      happy new yr 🙂

  13. Suraj

    1)After carefully weighing pros and cons, /2) the principal decided to take the plunge /3) and postpone the examination/ 4) of class 9th. /5) No error

    1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***

      cc postpnd

    2. Suraj

      1) the pros and cons must be used

  14. Suraj

    Any1 had clerk exam today?? Can share his/her review…

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

      Yes sir

      1. Suraj

        how much u did??

  15. Suraj

    1) Progress in life /2) depends a good deal /3) on crossing one /4) threshold upon another. /5) No error

    1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***

      bb depends on a

      1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

        Happy new year..

        1. Purvi

          same to u 🙂

    2. Suraj

      4) upon=>after
      sentence means that life me progress is cheez pe depend karta hai ki hum kaise har threshold ko ek ke baad ek cross krte hai.. ek ke baad ek means one after another…

  16. ^^^Jaga^^^....

    Ibps Clerk mains ga…

    Hand in Hand joint Military exercise – Between India and China ( begins in Pune )

    Gobind Sagar dam located in – Himachal Pradesh

    Balamurali krishnan who passed related to – Indian Carnatic vocalist

    Which ETS operates in hourly time – NEFT ( National Electronic Fund Transfer )

    P in EFTPOS stand for – Electronic funds transfer at Point of Sale

    Kumarakom bird sanctuary in which state – Kerala

    Global citizen fest held in which state – Maharashtra, Mumbai

    Commercial Paper (Promissory note) are issued by – Corporate companies

    India signs 145 M777 howitzer deal with which country – U.S.A

    Limit of foreign investment in Universal banks – 74%

    Which Microfinance is a universal bank – Bandhan Bank

    Theme of International Day of Persons with Disabilities – Achieving 17 Goals for the Future We Want

    Rabobank HQ – Utrecht, Netherland

    Full form of MMID – Mobile Money Identification Number

    Lending of RBI to commercial banks is called as – Repo Rate

    International children prize to which kid from UAE – Kehkashan Basu

    Initially shares in RBI owned by – Private shareholders

    Payment bank having 100% equity participation by govt – IPPB

    Bollywood based theme park in – Dubai

    Now, One time Request for OTP not required for transaction upto – Rs. 2000

    RBI working group chaired by – Sudarshan Sen

    207 km bicycle highway inaugurate in which state – Uttar Pradesh

    Heart of Asia summit 2016 held in – Amritsar, india

    Immortals of Meluha authored by – Amish Tripathi

    International Criminal Court HQ – Hague, Netherland

    BSBDA account can be extended to how many months after submitting OVD – 12 Months

    Best performing actor at Asia Pacific Screen Awards- Manoj Vajpayee

    Current and saving account that don’t operate for a period more than 2 yrs are called as – Dormant Account

    NBFC accept deposits for a maximum period of – 60 Months

    Irom sharmila belongs to which state – Manipur

    National Financial Switch (NFS) Developed by – IDRBT

  17. ^^^Jaga^^^....

    Happy new year shubhra mam

  18. Suraj

    (A) While doing so, we may also correct any distortions that we may discern
    (B) With all our experience and insight, we should be able to visualize them well in advance
    (C) The celebration of the 50th anniversary of the country’s independence is a historic moment
    (D) Also, it is a time to consolidate on the gains that we have made
    (E) But, most of all, it is a time to gear up for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.
    (F) It is a time to introspect and evaluate what we have achieved in the last five decades

    1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***


      1. Suraj

        good try,, bas last ke A and B ko interchange kar do

        1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***


    2. ^^^Jaga^^^....

      Suraj sir ur attempt??

        1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

          Ohh….bt why?

  19. Suraj

    He objected to the proposal because it was founded on a ________ principle and also was ________ at times.

    faulty — desirable
    imperative — reasonable
    wrong — inconvenient
    sound — acceptable
    conforming — deplorable

    1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***


    2. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***

      SRY CCCC

      1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

        No no ..b means b…not c.. :p

        1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***


    3. Suraj

      wrong — inconvenient

  20. Suraj

    You all can share if you want something more from the site…

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

      Gn sir..tc..

  21. Suraj

    The criterion for ________ a player should be based on his recent performance; but unfortunately, the journalists are ________ to be carried away by earlier successes.

    condemning — satisfying
    judging — prone
    revealing — reluctant
    eager — acclaiming
    criticising — clean

    1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***


    2. Suraj

      judging — prone

  22. Suraj

    For the last half century he ________ himself to public affairs ________ taking a holiday.

    by — committed
    after — offered
    devoted — without
    sacrificed — after
    prepared — before

    1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***


    2. Suraj

      devoted — without

  23. Suraj

    You will see signs of ________ everywhere, which speak well for the ________ of these people.

    decoration — senses
    clear — debris
    beauty — careful
    industry — prosperity
    repairs — extravaganza

    1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***


    2. Suraj

      industry — prosperity

  24. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***

    SURAJ SIR pls eng ke liye kuch tips do m very weak in eng :(((( kaise prepare karna hoga..

    1. Suraj

      ok will tell u tomorrow…

      1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***

        ty sir

  25. Suraj

    Good nyt …
    Will continue tomorrow…

    1. NEHA *** Jhansi ki RANI ***

      good nt nd tc


      GNT TY SIR

  26. ambika

    happpppppppppppppy new year @shubhra mam :)) may this year fulfil all ur dreams and bring u a lot of happiness 🙂

  27. Thanks for every other magnificent post. Where else may anybody get that kind of info in such an ideal way of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I’m at the look for such info.

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