Discussion Zone – 02 February 2017

Hello Aspirants

This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. πŸ™‚

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    1. M@st@n!

      ge maam πŸ™‚


      gd evng maam πŸ™‚

  1. Hemant ahuja?

    Stringent means

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Start kro quiz

  2. Hemant ahuja?

    Quiz start

  3. Patriots of every country 1)/ have one thing in common 2)/ and 3)/ that the love for their motherland. 4)/ No error 5)

  4. He who knows 1)/ all the pros and cons 2)/ of any problem 3)/ can wield a lot of power. 4)/ No error 5)

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      The after and

  5. Not only he but 1)/ also his sons were 2)/ blamed for the 3)/ act and rightly so. 4)/ No error 5)

  6. None else 1)/ should held responsible 2)/ for this accident 3)/ and the loss. 4)/ No error 5)

  7. I am obliged with you 1)/ and your entire family 2)/ for showing kindness 3)/ and generosity towards us. 4)/ No error 5)

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Omit am

    2. 1; with => to

      oblige is followed by to

  8. 1) They understood how just a twitch, a shuffle, smirk or a glare on stage or screen/ 2) can give audiences more insight/ 3) into the impenetrable depths of a personality/ 4) than a thousand-word dialogue./ 5) No error.

  9. 1) Gone are the days/ 2) when people used to / 3) plan and save for years before buying/ 4) the big-ticket items they aspired for./ 5) No error.

        1. Purvi

          aspired with ?

        1. Hemant ahuja?

          Aspired main

    1. no error

      aspire for or aspire to is used

  10. 1) To be eligible for a loan, / 2) you need to have a/ 3) regular source of income – salary, / 4) business or any occupation./ 5) No error.

    1. 4; any other occupation

  11. 1) Women tend to outlive their spouses,/ 2) which makes it important for them/ 3) to save money in instruments that will help them/ 4) build corpse to list a lifetime./ 5) No error.

    1. Purvi

      them to build

      1. to is not necessary here

        1. Purvi

          it ki jagha kuch or hoga

      1. Purvi

        mam yaha it spouses ke liye aaya hai na

        1. noo

          it is used generally here, not for any thing

        2. Also, it is used for things, not people

  12. 1) Success at work should not carry a disproportionate price tag/ 2) whereby we end up souring relationships/ 3) with our family members and friends/ 4) which matter to us./ 5) No error.

    1. QA Learner

      44 who matter

    2. Purvi

      that matters

  13. 1) Yesterday a thief/ 2) broke into/ 3) my house but/ 4) he could not steal anything./ 5) No error.

    1. QA Learner

      44, did not


      44// anything nehi hoga

  14. 1) Most women undermine themselves/ 2) by thinking that they are not qualified enough, / 3) or they haven’t worked before or their husband/ 4) won’t like it if they worked. / 5) No error.


      11// underestimate

    2. QA Learner

      bb enough qualified

    3. 3; husband => husbands

      women ki bat hui hai
      so their husbands

  15. 1) In case you cannot be in office on time,/ 2) call in your senior/ 3) at least an hour earlier and inform/ 4) that you are going to be late./ 5) No error.

  16. 1) Financial planning for women is tricky considering/ 2) they have to take career breaks for / 3)a variety of reasons such as marriage, child-birth, / 4) and looking after kids or the elder/ 5) No error.


    (A) Besides, they get a lot of exposure to novel things through media.
    (B) Therefore, their mental development did not show any extraordinary signs.
    (C) Children of the present generation appear to be smarter than their earlier counterparts.
    (D) Thus, the environment of present days has brought out these changes.
    (E) This is probably because there are lots of opportunities for their indirect learning.
    (F) Children of yester years did not have these facilities.



  18. Anyone with a little interest in sports is bound to familiar with Sachin Tendulkar’s name.
    1) binding to familiar
    2) bound to be familiar
    3) binding to be familiar
    4) bound to have familiar
    5) No correction required

    1. 2) bound to be familiar

  19. He asked me if I will accept his conditions if he helped me.
    1) that if I will accept
    2) that if I would accept
    3) if I would accept
    4) if would I be accepting
    5) No correction required

  20. The ship was not fit to survive another storm as the damage was beyond repair.
    1) fitted to survive
    2) fit to be surviving
    3) fitting for survival
    4) fit with survival
    5) No correction required

    1. 5) No correction required

  21. His changed attitudes did not go well withinhis family.
    1) had not gone well within
    2) went not well within
    3) could not go well into
    4) did not go well with
    5) No correction required

    1. 4) did not go well with

  22. What all this mean, is that the disciples are more powerful than their teacher.
    1) all this means
    2) does all this mean
    3) all the meaning
    4) does this all mean
    5) No correction required

    1. 1) all this means

      does will not come here
      otherwise it will become a question

  23. 1) She used to meet him/ 2) on Sunday so I think/ 3) the fancy hairdone was/ 4) really in his honour./ 5) No error.

    1. 3 hairdone in place of hairdo

      hairdo – the way in which a person’s hair is styled.

  24. 1) Mum was/ 2) going to shopping/ 3) but I said I had/ 4) other things to do./ 5) No error.

  25. 1) Men do not need/ 2) women to stand/ 3) by them; that is not what/ 4) they needed at all./ 5) No error.

    1. lonely little kid


      1. ambika

        men do not need

  26. 1) It was an old house/ 2) that had been owned by / 3) two marvelous dotty old ladies/ 4) who were obsessed by gardening./ 5) No error.

    1. ambika

      obssessed with



        1. Purvi

          gud eve sir πŸ™‚


            Gd eve mam πŸ™‚



  27. 1) My carnivorous instinct kicked/ 2) in and I immediately ordered a / 3) platter of starters keeping in my mind that I/ 4) would end with a nice meaty burger./ 5) No error.


        Cntrl c





      1. Purvi

        kicked off nhi hoga ?

        1. ambika

          kick in
          phrasal verb of kick

          come into effect or operation.
          “the hospital’s emergency generators kicked in”

        2. off – outside
          in – inside

          carnivorous instinct kicked in

          1. Purvi

            ok mam πŸ™‚


          Kicked in come into effect

          1. Purvi

            thanku πŸ™‚

  28. A boy died from_______he received after being _________beaten up by his teacher.
    1) abrasion, formally
    2) injuries, allegedly
    3) infliction, hardly
    4) casualty, purportedly
    5) agony, severely



  29. Agricultural scientists told them that the___________was mainly due to _________soil health and that they needed to follow zero-till farming method.
    1) crisis, deteriorating
    2) catastrophe, adulterated
    3) change, non-productive
    4) trouble, terrible
    5) problem, weak



    2. 1) crisis, deteriorating

  30. It is __________how this colour has________the feminine space in India.
    1) bewildering, effected
    2) astonishing, busted
    3) prodigious, apprehended
    4) amazing, captured
    5) markable, arrested

  31. The make-up of the syllabus________students to have a wide ________of knowledge.
    1) seeks, variation
    2) desires, type
    3) expects, variety
    4) wants, scope
    5) helps, sort



        1. KALYAN ADHYA

          may be … not sure

          1. Purvi

            galti se 4 type ho gaya tha

  32. ________a coaching centre is a vital_______in the total game plan.
    1) Choosing, course
    2) Referring, angle
    3) Consulting, way
    4) Considering, thing
    5) Selecting, aspect

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    2. practice the questions now

  34. Ok friends. That s all for today :))

    Come at 10 PM – Reward based quiz :))

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      bye bye πŸ™‚


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