Discussion Zone โ€“ 03 February 2017

Hello Aspirants

This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. 1) If we are indeed a democracy /2) then politicians would do well /3) to remember that tolerance and free speech /4) is the hallmark of democracy. /5) No error

    1. 4); Replace ‘is’ with ‘are’.

  2. 1) These efforts will help bring /2) the people of the two countries /3) closer together paving the way /4) for greater people-to-people contact. /5) No error


      33// close

      1. Purvi

        help to bring nhi hoga

        1. no
          help means to help only

          with some words if to is not used, then also they convey the same meaning


        mera dono jagah mein confusion hai ek help to bring aur closer

        1. with some words if to is not used, then also they convey the same meaning

          1. KALYAN ADHYA

            aur closer ??

          2. closer is correct
            no error here

          3. KALYAN ADHYA

            ty maam ๐Ÿ™‚

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    2. yes its happening today

  4. 1) Not only commerce undergraduates /2) though engineers and science graduates /3) also seem to be eager /4) to flow with the management stream. /5) No error


      22// but

    2. 2); Replace ‘though’ with ‘but’.

  5. 1) If India was to become a developed country /2) this sectional imbalance has /3) to be corrected which is /4) possible by improving the quality of education. /5) No error


      will become???

    2. 1); It should be ‘were’ in place of ‘was’.

  6. 1) There are ways and measures /2) to be followed if we /3) really mean to enhancing agricultural /4) growth in the years to come. /5) No error


      44// coming years

    2. 3); It should be ‘enhance’ in place of ‘enhancing’.


    (A) However, many of these organisations may be oblivious to the absence of attitudinal change.
    (B) Teams may be unwilling to unlearn old attitudes, which can make them unequal to the new challenge.
    (C) In terms of technology and strategy, most organisations rise to this challenging situation and adapt to it.
    (D) In the life of an organisation, an inflexion point arrives from time to time.
    (E) They may be carrying over the same attitude to the new situation to the detriment of the organisation and their personal growth.
    (F) Hardly pushed before, the employees may be in denial.



    2. Purvi

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  8. The new project is (1)/ to big for (2)/ the trainee to handle (3)/ on his own (4). / No Error (5)

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    1. 2; Replace โ€˜toโ€™ with โ€˜tooโ€™.

  9. The explanation that (1)/ he gave for (2)/ missing the meeting (3)/ were not satisfactory (4). / No Error (5).

    1. 4; Replace โ€˜wereโ€™ with โ€˜wasโ€™.

  10. Mr. Singhโ€™s son has applied (1)/ to the post (2)/ of Assistant Manager (3)/ in a construction company (4). / No error (5).

    1. 2; Replace โ€˜toโ€™ with โ€˜forโ€™.

  11. The manager has sent (1)/ many reminders to Mr Rao (2)/ to repay the loan but (3)/ has not received no reply (4) / No error (5).

    1. 4; Replace โ€˜noโ€™ with โ€˜anyโ€™.

  12. Beside the Chairman, (1)/ all the Committee members (2)/ were present (3)/ at the shareholders meeting (4). / No error (5).

    1. 1; Replace โ€˜besideโ€™ with โ€˜besidesโ€™.


    (A) Mostly not; because appearances are deceptive.

    (B) Thus, our keen observation of their actions can answer our basic question.

    (C) Is it possible to do so by looking at them ?

    (D) An intelligent personโ€™s actions will be more focused than those of a stupid person.

    (E) How can we differentiate between an intelligent person and a stupid person ?

    (F) We canโ€™t go by appearance, but we can do so through keen observation of their actions



  14. London ____________HongKong as the worldโ€™s most expensive city for companies to locate employees after rents climbed and the pound____________against the dollar.
    1) beat, acknowledged
    2) exceeded, criticised
    3) outpaced, decreased
    4) surpassed, appreciated
    5) outweighed, disparaged

      1. Purvi

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        1. M@st@n!

          goodeve purvi ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. 4) surpassed, appreciated

  15. Researchers have found evidence of a major____________in the warming of the Indian ocean, which could alter the ____________of the southwest monsoon.
    1) anomaly, strength
    2) departure, vigour
    3) peculiarity, stability
    4) deviation, clout
    5) exception, health

    1. 1) anomaly, strength

      anomaly – something that is odd

  16. World footballโ€™s governing body FIFA announced plans to allow referees to ____________matches for three minutes so that players____________of sustaining a concussion can be assessed.
    1) freeze, imagined
    2) stoppage, doubtful
    3) halt, suspected
    4) let up, uncertain
    5) end, hoping

  17. Purvi

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    bye frnds


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  18. Amazonโ€™s new smartphone has cameras that not only _____________pupil and head movements but also can use facial recognition data to____________the gender, age and ethnicity of the person looking at the screen.
    1) mark, survey
    2) stop, measure
    3) trail, evaluate
    4) record, guess
    5) track, estimate

    1. 5) track, estimate

      pupil and head movements will be tracked

  19. When India was growing richer and when the stock markets were____________rapidly, Indian were not investing in the stock markets ____________with their rising income levels.
    1) increasing, proportionate
    2) rising, commensurate
    3) growing, appropriate
    4) flourishing, related
    5) moving, consistent

    1. 2) rising, commensurate

  20. The city known for its diamond mined is also a natureโ€™s paradise with its vast expanse of green meadows.
    1) with their vast expanse
    2) with its vastly expanse
    3) with its vast expanses
    4) about its vast expense
    5) No correction required

    1. 3) with its vast expanses

  21. Own a home is a cherish part of the Indian dream.
    1) To own a home is a cherishable
    2) Owning a home is a cherished
    3) To owning a home is a cherishing
    4) Own a home is a cherishable
    5) No correction required

    1. 2) Owning a home is a cherished

  22. All our projects are designed forcomplete peace of mind for our customers.
    1) complete peace of mind of
    2) whole piece of mind for
    3) entire piece of mind of
    4) full peace of minds of
    5) No correction required

    1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

      Ge mam. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. 3) entire piece of mind of

  23. Excellent team work and effective coordination among the various agencies involved gives us an edge to ourcompetitors.
    1) an edge over our
    2) an edge against ourโ€™s
    3) an edge for our
    4) an edge alike our
    5) No correction required

      1. against our can be correct

  24. Since the inception of the Accurate Institute in 2006 we are wide range of courses pertaining to different fields of studies.
    1) we has wider range of
    2) we has wide range of
    3) we have a wide range of
    4) we had been wide range of
    5) No correction required

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    1. ambika

      we have a wide range??

        1. ambika

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    2. 3) we have a wide range of


    (A) The problem is more pronounced with regard to business travellers โ€” be they pinstriped professionals, conference hoppers or intrepid entrepreneurs.

    (B) Compare this with China that has 10 times more, or the US that has 40 times more, and the figure shrinks into insignificance.

    (C) For a country that prides in according guests the status of God, India has not yet figured out a basic requisite of good hospitality โ€” a welcoming place to stay.

    (D) There just isnโ€™t enough room to host the increasing flow of inbound travellers, whose number rose by 13 per cent last year.

    (E) So, if we are really committed to serve our guests with due regard we have to improve the statistics of accommodation units first.

    (F) According to industry estimates, India has a total of about 110,000 registered hotel rooms.

      1. MiMi

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        1. jo easily pta chle vahi attempt karo exam me.
          There is no rule for them
          Stories vale to ho jate hai, but these are from newspapers, remains difficult

      2. M@st@n!

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        1. yes, these are sometimes difficult to make
          so exams me bht hi dhyan se attempt karo

  26. M@st@n!

    maam question level is as in exam getting all wrong what to do???????????

    1. practice accordingly

      For English, read English articles from newspaper or any magazines, etc.
      Very important to build vocabulary

  27. There was a question about Nepoleon in the exam, thank goodness I brushed over on him.
    1) brushed aside on him
    2) brushed up on him
    3) brushed on him
    4) brushed about on it
    5) No correction required.

  28. Purvi

    In coming years, the only differentiator that will matter in the selection and ranking of world class educational institutions will be that whether the institution is practicing education as enabler for uplifting the society.
    mam isme differentiator q aayega

    1. differentiator means anything that differentiates or anything that brings unique features

      so here it means
      that any anything that will be unique or anything that will bring differentiation

      1. Purvi

        ok mam thanku ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Rajeev is working part time in a factory toput himself on college.
    1) put himself in
    2) put himself about
    3) put him throughout
    4) put himself through
    5) No correction required.

    1. 4) put himself through

        1. put through means – put someone through something

          Rajeev is working so that vo college nikal sake
          means college k liye money pura kar sake

  30. The number of tourists begins to taper off in late autumn.
    1) taper on
    2) taper down
    3) tapering
    4) taper up
    5) No correction required.

    1. 5) No correction required.


      aa gaya madam

  31. M@st@n!

    maam thank u so much for d static gk quiz in d site its very helpfull hope u vl provide more quiz on other topics of static as well.

    1. yes I will start providing soon

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        1. Dear i ll have to plan, I cant say that when can i Start, but i ll try my best to start

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          1. Ok, right now I dont have
            We ll plan

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  32. The committee rejected the idea at the first, but they are now warming to it.
    1) the idea at first
    2) the idea first
    3) idea at the first
    4) ideas about the first
    5) No correction required.

  33. Rosa was cautioned by the police and she was scared that news of this would get out in her home town.
    1) would get off
    2) would get up
    3) would get around
    4) will get about
    5) No correction required.

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