Discussion Zone – 03 January 2017

Hello Aspirants

This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. ?

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160 Thoughts to “Discussion Zone – 03 January 2017”

  1. alka singh

    ge//any quiz???

    1. Gd evng.
      Yes we ll start English quiz at 8 30

  2. Purvi

    gud eve frnds 🙂

    1. M@st@n!

      ge purvi 🙂

    1. M@st@n!

      ge maam 🙂

  3. The families /(a) are living in Gulmohar Park / (b) for the last two decades./(c) No error./ (d)

    1. ambika

      the gulmohar park

    2. ambika

      have been living

    3. have been living in Gulmohar Park

    4. M@st@n!

      a have been are


    gd evening

  5. Two lakhs of people / attended the meeting/ held in Parade grounds./ No error./

    1. lakhs -> lakh

      Hundred, thousand, lakh etc are used singular after numbers.

    2. M@st@n!

      a lakh lakhs

  6. There is a Bach’s violin concerto / on the radio / at 6 p.m. this evening./

  7. Lay your books aside and / lay down to rest / for a while. / No error /


      to-at rest

  8. (a) The far-flung areas in the Delhi-NCR region/(b)now resemble to a ghost town, unfinished towers of brick and mortar/(c) silently telling of the dashed dreams of /(d)millions of home buyers./(e) No error.

    1. (b)now resemble to a ghost town, unfinished towers of brick and mortar

      remove ‘to’



          1. KALYAN ADHYA

            ans tab kya hoga

          2. now resemble a ghost town

            remove to from now resemble to a ghost town, unfinished towers of brick and mortar

        1. resemble is used for far flung areas, so this is correct here

  9. (a) In a specific sense, business refers to / (b) any occupation in which people regularly/ (c) engage in an activity/ (d) with a view to earn profit. /

        1. KALYAN ADHYA

          view ke bad ‘to’ mein

      1. any is also correct here

        1. M@st@n!

          d to an earn?

          1. M@st@n!

            ok den dont know maam

          2. M@st@n!

            an earn kyun nhi hoga maam?

          3. hindi me convert karke dekho

            with to view to an earn profit ka meaning hua kuch ??

          4. M@st@n!

            nahi hua 🙂


        ok maam

  10. (a) The Indian philosophical traditions, in particular,/ (b) deals with questions relating to the way/ (c) people behave in the manner/ (d) in which they do./

        1. error is in b part , but not related


      c hoga maam



      2. people yahn sab people k liye hai, isliye behave is correct

        read sentence again

        1. KALYAN ADHYA

          mera confusion lag raha hai… deals with…

    2. try to tell error also so that it becomes more clear

    3. M@st@n!

      c behaviour?

      1. M@st@n!

        yes b relates 🙂

      2. no
        it says people kese behave karte hai
        so behave is correct

    4. error is in b part

      deals -> deal

      deal is used for Indian philosophical traditions
      so with traditions we will use first form of verb – deal

      1. M@st@n!

        yeaah finally correct 🙂

  11. (a) Promotion refers to use of communication/ (b) with the twin objectives/ (c) of informing potential customers about a product/ (d) and persuading them to buy it./

    1. M@st@n!

      a to the use?



    3. (a) Promotion refers to use of communication

      to the use

      jab specific kisi cheez ki bat ho, then ‘the’ is used before

  12. (a) Don’t get upset when your sister says/ (b) you are the ugliest member/ (c) in the family; she’s just/ (d) pushing your leg./ (e)

    1. M@st@n!

      d pulling pushing

    2. pushing your leg

      pushing -> pulling

  13. Once an old hermit / (a) saw a cat /(b) pounce upon a rat./ (c)

    1. poune on – it is an idiom

  14. It is _____ to the tolerance of our country’s religion based-majority society that it hosts several ______ communities of other faiths.

    1) clarified, secular
    2) misinterpretation , unique
    3) standstill , forcible
    4) testament , flourishing
    5) reference , abstract

    1. Purvi

      testament means

      1. M@st@n!

        proof or evidence that something exists or is true

    2. 4) testament , flourishing

  15. Acting is an _______ passion that can only be ____ and humanized by its brutal confrontation with reality.

    1) Insatiable, digested
    2) Integration , planed
    3) talent – projected
    4) image , enabled
    5) essential , approved

      1. image passion in nothing

    1. 1) Insatiable, digested .

  16. This is one of the most plausible and _____ arguments, I have ____ in a while.

    1) meaningless , had
    2) cynical , heard
    3) disowning , aimed
    4) emotional , stance
    5) forcible , remark

  17. Public would do well to _____ at this point that for the last 10 years we have a single coalition governing at the centre without a break.

    1) defence , only
    2) being , diverted
    3) reach , misled
    4) prevail , been
    5) recall , had

    1. M@st@n!

      2nd blank kahan h?


        sayad have ke bad

  18. City planning has undergone several changes from Independence.
    1) far Independence
    2) since Independence
    3) for Independence
    4) from the Independence
    5) No correction required

  19. M@st@n!

    sab gaye kya?

  20. In an attempt to boost their profits, 1)/ many tea producing companies 2)/ have engaging themselves in propaganda against commonly used tea 3)/ and promoting expensive varieties of tea. 4)




      maam kaun sa paper padhna thik rahega english ke liye …

      1. The Hindu is preferred
        but side by side ye b dekhna chaiye ki kya tenses, prepositions ku use ho rahe hai

        1. KALYAN ADHYA

          ok maam

    3. have been engaging

      engaged will not come as there is – and promoting expensive varieties of tea.
      promoting is there
      so engaging is correct

  21. M@st@n!

    dinner krke aari maam bye.

    1. ok, bye

      we can continue tomorow


        ok bye.. gd nyt

  22. U can tel in which quiz u people are interested we can do that from tomorrow

        1. Purvi

          mam quiz thoda fast karna
          because ek que ke baad bahut saara time bachta hai to usme hum log ya to kuch or padne lagte hain ya time waste karte hain soo

  23. Thats all for today

    tell me if any particular section u r interested in

    1. Purvi

      thanku mam 🙂

    2. Jayesh Thorat

      Thanks mam

  24. M@st@n!

    maam i want calendar topic to learn in easy way plz explain.

    1. calender topic for which xam ?

      1. M@st@n!

        revenue inspector.

          1. ok, i ll try to provide before that

  25. Jayesh Thorat

    mam please change title
    discussion zone 3 jan 2017

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