Discussion Zone – 05 December 2017

Hello Aspirants
This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. ?

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243 Thoughts to “Discussion Zone – 05 December 2017”

  1. gomathy priya

    gud eve:))

  2. GE Everyone:))

    We will start Quiz in 5 minutes

    1. Eng m AweSomE

      ge mam..:)

    2. gomathy priya

      ge mam:))


      ge mam me bhi aa gya khelne quiz quiz

    1. Eng m AweSomE

      not filled



    3. gomathy priya

      didnt given mam

  3. Error Spotting

    Parts of the Sundarbans are legally (1)/ protected as national parks (2)/ and sanctuaries, and there is a (3)/ special focus on tiger conservation. (4)

  4. Error Spotting

    The need for a skilled workforce in the (1)/ emerging technologies will continue (2)/ to rise, even as some of the existing (3)/ ones needed to fade away. (4)

  5. Error Spotting

    This move threatens to (1)/ cripple the movie industry as (2)/ it comes in the backdrop of (3)/ price controls of tickets.(4)

        1. CASIMIRO

          not off not out yet

          1. CASIMIRO

            cut off not out

  6. Error Spotting

    A good monsoon is described by economists (1)/ as a four-month-long swing factor for the (2)/ national economy, more so because (3)/ it generates millions of direct farm jobs. (4)

    1. E

      More so is used for – four-month-long swing factor for the national economy

      1. CASIMIRO

        can we use so and because 2gether

      2. @【*

        Mor so ka mtlb jya h mam

        1. more so — Jyada isliye
          four-month-long – ke liye use kiya hai na more so

  7. Error Spotting

    Having been fit after 40 requires a little (1)/ re-structuring of your life in (2)/ terms of what food you (3)/ eat and what exercise you do. (4)

    1. Having been > Being
      Having been describes past, so this sentence does not make sense – Having been fit after 40

  8. Error Spotting

    Since a diversified diet that meets all nutritional (1)/ requirements is difficult to provide, (2)/ fortification of food is relied upon by (3)/ many countries to prevent malnutrition. (4)

    1. gomathy priya


      1. DAS

        belongs to which state? sir

  9. Ice is sticky, but only to certain kinds (1)/ of surfaces when conditions are right just (2)/ for a shared ice layer to form (3)/ between the surfaces and link them. (4)

      1. DAS

        sir apne bataya nehi?????

        1. M@nish...

          tubelight is fused:p

    1. B

      right just > just right

      1. CASIMIRO

        kinds of why right ??

          1. yogi:))

            kind of ku ni aaya

          2. CASIMIRO

            mam certain ke sath always kinds of hi ayega ?
            means certain ke baad plural ?

        1. @【*

          Certain se bahubachn ka bodh ho rha to to kriya bhi plural ayi h

  10. Error Spotting

    NASA says scientists can get started on (1)/ a plan to deflect hazardous objects away (2)/ from Earth—and test the (3)/ spacecraft on a real asteroid.(4)

      1. CASIMIRO

        started on is past of phrasal verb start on ===begain to criticise ?

        1. Nhi, it is not is past

          NASA kehta hai ki scientists plan par start kar sakte hai , they can get started

  11. Error Spotting

    Several western thinkers have expressed the opinion (1)/ that despite having a rich and ancient spiritual (2)/ and cultural heritage, India do not have a single book (3)/ of ethics that can serve as a practical life-guide.(4)

    1. gomathy priya

      3333 does

  12. Tell the grammatically correct parts

    a) Many Indians seamlessly switch from there mother tongue to Hindi
    b) and English and back. Among the elite and
    c) the would-be elite, the danger is neglect of the mother
    d) tongue in the pursuit of the English.

    A) b) and c)
    B) a) and d)
    C) a) and b)
    D) All are correct except b)
    E) b) and d)

    1. A

      In a) , there > their …….In d), remove THE before english

      1. gomathy priya

        among the elites will not come mam?

        1. No
          among elite and would be elite

          1. gomathy priya

            ok mam

  13. Tell the grammatically correct parts

    a)A zero rate of import duty means no protection for the
    b)domestic manufacturer. Still, a range of information technology products
    c) came to be selling under Indian brand names,
    d)competing with products in China.
    A) a) and c)
    B) All are correct except c)
    C) a) and d)
    D) a) and b)
    E) b) and d)

    1. @【*

      To be sold

    2. D

      In c), selling > sold ….in d), in > from

  14. In each of the following questions one sentence is given with a word in bold, choose the most similar meaning of that word

    Ploy : If the prosecutor’s ploy does not work, a guilty man could go free.
    A) vitiate
    B) radar
    C) expose
    D) trick
    E) ahead

    1. D

      ploy – an activity done for amusement.

      1. M@nish...

        below ka ans?

  15. In each of the following questions one sentence is given with a word in bold, choose the most similar meaning of that word

    Boisterous : Your boisterous actions at church cannot be tolerated.
    A) sedate
    B) serene
    C) wild
    D) subdued
    E) unruffled

    1. C

      Boisterous – noisy, energetic, and cheerful.

  16. Certain takes plural form

    kind of surface – is singular
    Its plural is – kinds of surfaces


      kk tq mam
      certain kind of surface====-0.25
      certain kinds of surfaces == +1 right

  17. In each of the following questions one sentence is given with a word in bold, choose the most similar meaning of that word

    Frenetic : Yesterday the sales floor was even more frenetic than usual because of the big clearance sale.
    A) mad
    B) placid
    C) docile
    D) affable
    E) amicable

      1. gomathy priya

        all others related to calm and friendly

      1. CASIMIRO

        palacid== calm 😛 sayad
        and mad == me 😛

        1. yogi:))

          Me b apki compny

    1. A

      Frenetic – fast and energetic in a rather wild and uncontrolled way.

  18. In each of the following questions one sentence is given with a word in bold, choose the most similar meaning of that word

    Defiant : The defiant child threw a tantrum when it was time to go to bed.
    A) respectful
    B) submissive
    C) obedient
    D) bold
    E) accept

    1. Eng m AweSomE


        1. yogi:))

          ?Sab wrong mere

      1. @【*

        Tantrum mantrum movie tha jaisa
        burst of anger

    2. D

      Defiant – showing defiance.

  19. In each of the following questions one sentence is given with a word in bold, choose the most similar meaning of that word

    Overt : Because of Frank’s religious beliefs, he was able to forgive his attackers for their overt hatred.
    A) private
    B) conniving
    C) disguised
    D) furtive
    E) obvious

    1. E

      Overt – done or shown openly; plainly apparent.

  20. Tell the grammatically correct parts

    a) Construction is a key driver of economic
    b) activity in general. Real estate and construction
    c) have not been done too well
    d) and was hit by demonetisation.
    A) a) and c)
    B) b) and c)
    C) a) and b)
    D) All are incorrect.
    E) All are correct.

    1. C

      In c) , done > doing …..in d) , was > were

  21. gomathy priya

    thank u @@Shubhra_AspirantsZone:disqus mam:)gnt:))

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        1. Nhi you are not in spam. US discussion post ko abhi ke liye band kar diya hai.

          1. STAR NEWS

            ohk ://

            mai der gaya tha

  22. Tell the grammatically correct parts

    a) The Centre has debarred real estate developers for marketing ongoing
    b) projects that are yet to be registered with the real estate regulatory authority
    c) in the respective state, as per the Real Estate Act, 2016.
    d) The Union housing ministry need to get real and reconsider.
    A) a) and c)
    B) b) and d)
    C) c) and d)
    D) b) and c)
    E) a) and d)



    2. D

      in a), for > from ….in d) , needs > need

  23. That s all for today



      TQ GNT MAM 🙂

    2. @【*

      Thnkss a lot mam.

    3. Tubelight

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    4. Vedu

      Thank u mam n gnyt

  24. Eng m AweSomE

    pinky CA quiz



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          1. Eng m AweSomE

            gn bhai

      2. ? Lovely (star) ???

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        arey nae mom ka doctorse check up aur shoping keliye gaye the mom aur mei so late hogaye 😛

        1. CASIMIRO

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          Bunk hi samjgege hum mam

          1. ? Lovely (star) ???

            quiz keliye pucha aur gayab?

          2. CASIMIRO

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          3. ? Lovely (star) ???

            ok gn sir final

          4. CASIMIRO

            Mam ap computer se ho to ek baat btana

          5. CASIMIRO

            Sayad e window na krwana oade

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          3. Paladin


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