Discussion Zone – 15 February 2017

Hello Aspirants

This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. 🙂

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205 Thoughts to “Discussion Zone – 15 February 2017”

    1. garima shah

      gud evng mam……..1st aspirant

        1. garima shah

          yes mam….


    (A)The report has suggested dedicated crossing points in border villages, where policemen would be in charge of regulating the movement of people.
    (B)Every citizen would need to have an identity proof like a passport,” said a senior official.
    (C)Based on a high-level committee report submitted by Joint Intelligence Committee chief, the government is all set to change the “misnomer” related to “free border movement”
    (D)“The movement of people will not be curtailed, as they have strong social and cultural ties across the border, but instead it will be regulated.
    (E)and will try to replicate the model prevalent along the Bangladesh border.

    1. garima shah


  2. As public resources are ……… there is a need for ……… of the private sector in development.
    (a) exhaustive, participation
    (b) relative, solicitation
    (c) necessary, regulation
    (d) dwindling, coveting
    (e) limited, involvement

    1. (e) limited, involvement

  3. The Government is likely to ……… a new rural infrastructure ……… by the end of March.
    (a) formulate, development
    (b) frame, policy
    (c) sanction, funds
    (d) inspect, clearance
    (e) conceive, inflow

  4. State owned banks may lose ……… Government business if they ……… to fulfil their developmental role.
    (a) valuable, compete
    (b) approved, omit
    (c) lucrative, fail
    (d) significant, neglected
    (e) profitable, succeed

      1. garima shah


        1. Purvi

          mujhe to aana he tha
          qki eng nhi aati mujhe

          1. garima shah

            SAME HERE …

          2. garima shah


          3. Purvi

            atb dear 🙂

          4. garima shah

            THANK U

  5. The Company was ……… with a ……… to improve power distribution in rural areas.
    (a) initiated, backing
    (b) established, aim
    (c) promote, priority
    (d) started, mandate
    (e) acquired, belief

    1. Purvi

      mam with ke baad a he hain na ya phir typo

  6. The Finance Minister is ……… that the country will ……… a nine percent growth rate.
    (a) assured, check
    (b) convinced, ensure
    (c) confident, post
    (d) proposed, achieve
    (e) challenged, sustain

      1. garima shah

        MAM KAISE?

        1. proposed yahn kese fit ho ra hai ??

          1. garima shah

            HMMM….RIGHT SAY,,,,OKK MAM

    1. proposed is not fitting here

  7. Improving from the quality of new recruits, the company is planning to devote greater resources to training.
    (a) By improving
    (b) In order to improve in
    (c) To improve
    (d) An improvement of
    (e) No correction required

  8. Purvi

    @hemant @mastani

  9. Your plan sounds easy in theory but is will be quite difficult putting in practice.
    (a) while in practice
    (b) in practice
    (c) when putting to practicing
    (d) to put up for practice
    (e) No correction required

    1. garima shah


    2. plan ko practical karoge to vl be difficult

  10. Have some work, so cant continue today
    We ll meet tomorrow

    10 PM CA Quiz. GN :))

    1. Purvi

      ok mam

    2. garima shah

      OOOKKK MAM….

    3. garima shah


    4. M@st@n!

      ooh maam ok gn 🙂

    1. MiMi

      i ambi sis kaha gayab o jate o tum :(((

      1. ambi

        so sorry dear :(( i had to go very sorry

          1. ambi

            i am very clear about my goal now so i have to focus .. visit my proflie u will see something there

          2. MiMi

            oh ascha ssc preparation kar rahi hai?ok good dear..sbi nhi degi kya tu?

          3. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            no :)) follow kro usko tum or dusro ko bhi btana ok :pp

          4. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            meko nhi channel ko 🙂 follow kro

      2. ambi

        tum kidhr gayab ho gyi thi???

        1. MiMi

          thoda busy thi me

  11. Suraj

    Will start with 9 and 10 Feb CA in 5 minutes!!!!!

      1. Purvi

        Hey dear
        Kesi ho

        1. ambi

          am good 🙂 u btao kesa chal rha hai sab??

  12. Suraj

    1. As per governments notification with respect to making Aadhaar mandatory for availing subsidised foodgrains, subsidised foodgrains will not be sold to anyone not having Aadhaar after _____
    A) 1 April 2017
    B) 1 July 2017
    C) 30 June 2017
    D) 31 July 2017

    1. Suraj

      C) 30 June 2017

  13. Suraj

    2. Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) will increase its equity investment limit from 10% to ___ % from the next fiscal year?
    A) 12%
    B) 17%
    C) 15%
    D) 20%

  14. Suraj

    3. Government of India on 9 February 2017 appointed three part-time directors on the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) board. Who among the following is not appointed as the director?
    A) Shri Manish Sabharwal
    B) Dr. Rajiv Kumar
    C) Dr. Ashok Gulati
    D) Shri Sunil Mitra

    1. Suraj

      D) Shri Sunil Mitra

  15. Suraj

    4. ________ is going to form an advisory committee on financial technology or fintech-related issues, to facilitate crowdfunding of ‘genuine’ ventures.
    A) RBI
    B) SEBI
    C) IRDAI
    D) NITI Aayog

  16. Suraj

    5. Which state government is set to open the country’s first government-run Skills University?

  17. Suraj

    6 Who has been awarded with “Dr B C Roy national award for 2016”?
    A) Rajeev Singh
    B) Dr P Raghu Ram
    C) Dr Alok Verma
    D) Bidan Chandran

    1. Suraj

      B) Dr P Raghu Ram

  18. Suraj

    7. Name the scientist who received the Canadian Governor General’s Medallion for his “contribution to improved agricultural practices and rural development in India and globally.”
    A) Prof. Panjab Singh
    B) Dr. N.K. Singh
    C) Dr. K.V.B.R. Tilak
    D) M.S.Swaminathan

    1. Suraj

      D) M.S.Swaminathan

  19. Suraj

    8. Writer and artist Gopal Krishna Nayak who passed away recently was a writer of which language?
    A) Telugu
    B) Marathi
    C) Kannada
    D) Malayalam

  20. Suraj

    9. Who has been appointed as the new President of Somalia
    A) Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo
    B) Hassan Sheikh Mohamud
    C) Sheikh Bin Zayed Abdullah
    D) Abdullah Al Zakir

    1. Suraj

      A) Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo

  21. Suraj

    10. Which country celebrated its first ever Women’s Day to fight for gender equality from February 1 to 4?
    A) Afghanistan
    B) Saudi Arabia
    C) UAE
    D) Nepal

    1. Suraj

      B) Saudi Arabia

  22. Suraj

    11. 2017 Desert Festival started in which city of Rajasthan?

  23. Suraj

    12. Genzebe Dibaba created the world’s record by becoming the fastest athlete to complete the women’s indoor 2,000 metres. She is from which country?
    A) Zimbabwe
    B) Ethiopia
    C) Jamaica
    D) Uganda

  24. Suraj

    13. Book titled “Veerappan, Chasing the Brigand” has been authored by whom?

    1. Hemant ahuja?


      1. Suraj

        option nhi bnaye iske :/

      1. ambi

        he realeased na???

  25. Suraj

    14. National Deworming Day observed on ?

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Ek Bari main shi ans de

        1. M@st@n!

          2 bare me bhi sahin nahi de pai

          1. M@st@n!

            terrrr ja ja ja

  26. Suraj

    15. Recently Government has launched a Braille atlas for visually challenged people in the country. Which ministry has launched this Atlas?
    A) Ministry of Science and Technology
    B) Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
    C) Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
    D) Ministry of Earth Sciences

    1. Suraj

      A) Ministry of Science and Technology

  27. Suraj

    16. Which bank has launched the competition named ‘Future of Jobs in India’ ?
    A) Axis Bank
    B) Yes Bank
    C) ICICI Bank
    D) HDFC Bank

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Badhti Ka naam zindagi tagline

      1. M@st@n!

        mai ambassador hun

        1. Hemant ahuja?

          Kabu hai th

  28. Suraj

    26 Ko syndicate bank ka exam kiska kiska hai jo yaha site pe aata hai??

      1. Suraj

        ok budget mcq jaldi h release krnege… CA one liners bhi

        1. Hemant ahuja?

          OK jaldi Karna. Mere pass budget ki pdf hai ques ki. Mail Kar du

  29. Suraj

    17. The three-day National Women’s Parliament has been organized in which place?
    A) Kerala
    B) Maharashtra
    C) Andhra Pradesh
    D) New Delhi

    1. Suraj

      C) Andhra Pradesh

  30. Suraj

    18. Who has been appointed as the Managing Director of Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India?
    A) Hemant Behrana
    B) Hemant Bahuguna
    C) Hemant Bhargava
    D) Hemant Bhagwat

    1. Suraj

      C) Hemant Bhargava

  31. Suraj

    19. Name the official mascot of the FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017.
    A) Khelo
    B) Kheleao
    C) Sheru
    D) Khilao

  32. Suraj

    20. “Mission 11 Million” is related to ___ ?
    A) Spacecraft on Moon
    B) Football Sports
    C) Housing Scheme
    D) Poverty alleviation 21.

    1. Suraj

      B) Football Sports

  33. Suraj

    21. Which company has launched the India’s first indigenously developed jet engine series.
    A) Fintech Limited
    B) Infonet Limited
    C) Bimstech Limited
    D) Intech DMLS Limited

    1. Suraj

      D) Intech DMLS Limited

  34. Suraj

    22. Which Indian airport has won the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) Chairman’s Order of Merit award at the CAPA 12 Annual India Aviation Summit?
    A) Veer Savarkar International Airport
    B) Cochin International Airport
    C) Indira Gandhi International Airport
    D) GMR Hyderabad International Airport

    1. Suraj

      D) GMR Hyderabad International Airport

  35. Suraj

    23. Which Indian singer has been roped in for the “Blue Heart Campaign” – United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime?
    A) Jagjit Singh
    B) Satinder Sartaaj
    C) Kuldeep Manak
    D) Harjit Harman

    1. Suraj

      B) Satinder Sartaaj

  36. Suraj

    24. What is the theme for BRICS summit 2017?
    A) BRICS: Stronger bond for Stronger ties
    B) BRICS: Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future
    C) BRICS: Making a livable planet for future generation
    D) BRICS: Partnership for Progress

    1. Suraj

      B) BRICS: Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future

  37. Suraj

    25. Government has launched TAMRA portal. It is related to _____ .
    A) IT Sector
    B) Defence Sector
    C) Steel Sector
    D) Mining Sector

    1. Suraj

      D) Mining Sector

  38. Suraj

    Good Night!!!!!

  39. Hemant ahuja?

    Gn sabko

  40. M@st@n!

    gn aaj maan he nai hora h kisika quiz krne me

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      So ja phir

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