Discussion Zone – 26 November 2017

Hello Aspirants
This is a live quiz page. Discuss any of the topics below in the comment section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Awareness
  • Computer

Share the page with your friends too to take the full advantage. Group study will help you retain things in mind. Happy learning. ?

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154 Thoughts to “Discussion Zone – 26 November 2017”

  1. Good Evening Everyone:)

    1. Keep calm !!

      ge mam 🙂

      1. How was the exam today ?
        and RBI when ?

        1. Keep calm !!

          Exam was ok mam
          RBI ka kal hai

      1. Keep calm !!

        ge :))

          1. Keep calm !!

            Nice name pinnu :p

  2. pinnu ;p

    any quiz??

    1. Keep calm !!

      U had exam ?

      1. ADK

        Hi mam, how was your exam?

        1. Keep calm !!

          hii suman 🙂
          I was just going to mail u ..mine was ok type 😐
          How was urs ?

          1. ADK

            What can I say mam. :’D

          2. Keep calm !!

            hehe mat btao 🙂

          3. ADK

            When is your RBI?

          4. Keep calm !!

            tomorrow it is dear 🙂
            wbu ?

          5. ADK

            I have not applied. All the best mam. 🙂

          6. Keep calm !!

            Ty :))
            Mujhe to ab pta chal rha quants me number series bhi the lolz 😛

          7. ADK

            Pata nahi mam first time tha, DI was ‘comparatively’ easy. Reasoning was reasoning. 😛 Main killer was GA for me. 😐

          8. Keep calm !!

            SBI me atleast GA was easy 😛
            isme to wo bhi poisonous tha 😀

      2. pinnu ;p

        yea….rbi 🙁

        1. Keep calm !!

          today or tomorrow ?

          1. Keep calm !!

            okuu all the best :))

          2. pinnu ;p

            TY….UR NAME ???

          3. Keep calm !!

            ambika 🙂

          4. pinnu ;p


          5. Keep calm !!

            definitely 🙂

          6. pinnu ;p

            ATB BYE …TC

          7. Keep calm !!

            ta taaa

          8. MERAKI

            dear how was exam ??

          9. Keep calm !!

            not that good sisi :||
            quants nhi hua mujhse achhe se :((
            aap btao

          10. MERAKI

            Same… made a serious blunder… forgot to mention sender’s address in letter… don’t know how☹️☹️ RRB sis… in naa?

          11. Keep calm !!

            ohh 😐 No i couldn’t make it
            Just Hope for the best :)) All the best for tomorrow dear :))

          12. MERAKI

            seriously dear???how dis can happen:(((
            all the best for rbi…take all ur revenge here..

          13. Keep calm !!

            ty dear :))

    2. Na, no one for the quiz today

      1. pinnu ;p

        🙁 n u didnt post tat maths quizz naaa.. 🙁

        my xam on 28 🙁

  3. pinnu ;p

    buii all..

    1. Keep calm !!

      buii buiii

      1. pinnu ;p

        khikhiki… ;p

        1. Keep calm !!

          BP se ho kya ?

          1. Keep calm !!

            nothing ;p
            asked were u previously active on banking pathshaala

          2. pinnu ;p

            No dear…even i dont know abt this site?

          3. Keep calm !!

            okuu :)))
            ye bui buii whin hota hai so asked 🙂

          4. pinnu ;p

            me to vese bhi krta hu….hamesha se … ;/

      2. jyotika

        Exam kaisa rha ambika?

        1. Keep calm !!

          fine 🙂

          1. Keep calm !!

            doesn’t matter much 🙂

          2. Keep calm !!

            accuracy matters na :))
            85 btw

          3. jyotika

            Tomorrow rbi??

  4. jyotika

    Hi every one:))

      1. jyotika

        Hi how’s ur exam ?

        1. Paladin

          Not applied..

          1. Paladin

            if I’m not wrong you are waiting for joining in sbi…?

          2. MERAKI

            Which service??

          3. Paladin

            Asst. Section Officer..

          4. MERAKI

            ?? where’s ur office at secretariat ??

          5. MERAKI

            which year u got sir???

          6. Paladin

            & 1 more think.. pls don’t call ‘Sir’
            I have already said it naa… that I have a strong allergic to that word.. :p

          7. MERAKI

            den why u r here sir???

          8. Paladin

            I belong to this platform… I had started my presentation from these DISQUS platforms… & I have friends here… so to meet them I visit these sites.. &
            sometimes I attend quizs to have touch in my study.

  5. GujjU PoOH_N!T

    finallyyyyyyyyyy kal rbi ka xam 🙂
    All the best guyzzzzzzzzzzzz ….
    nd ibps po result k liye wish u gdluck :))

    1. Paladin

      ATB bhai… ?

      1. GujjU PoOH_N!T

        thnku bhaii 🙂

    2. Keep calm !!

      good luck pooohnit 🙂

  6. Paladin

    Yaha koi quiz nahi hota he ab… ??

    1. jyotika

      Today no quiz

  7. Paladin


      1. Paladin

        1 ghnta baad reply….?

        1. Keep calm !!

          network issue 😐

          1. Paladin

            kal exam he kya??

          2. Keep calm !!

            hanjii 🙂

          3. Keep calm !!

            Thankyou ji :))

          4. Paladin

            ye ‘ji ‘ bhi meri safe ke liye he na…
            jese pehele bhaii bolii thii…

          5. Keep calm !!


          6. Paladin

            likhna style bhul gyi kya…

          7. Keep calm !!

            alee haaan……
            yaad aya…p

          8. Paladin

            han… ab sahi he…

  8. jyotika

    Best of luck for rbi assistant to all:))

    1. Keep calm !!

      same 2 u 🙂

      1. 【Acheiver】

        Ty mam:))

          1. 【Acheiver】

            Happy holi mam’)

          2. Paladin

            holi ya holiday??

          3. 【Acheiver】

            Hne jo likha bhi sahi hai bhai

          4. Paladin

            bhai budha hogya hun kuchh dikhta nahii achhi se…

          5. 【Acheiver】

            Ohhhh jhandu pacharist khaye taro taja rhiye

          6. Paladin

            han suna he ki..
            badhti umara mano tham si jaye..
            asha kuchh hota he kya…?

          7. 【Acheiver】

            Haan kuch buddhe logon se duna yo h

          8. Paladin

            ohh phir to lena padega….

          9. 【Acheiver】


          10. 【Acheiver】

            Gn bhai

          11. Keep calm !!

            Happy holi 🙂

          12. Paladin

            Gn Akdu…..

          13. Keep calm !!

            Gn Sid ….

          14. 【Acheiver】

            Happy diwali

          15. Keep calm !!

            Happy new year 2019

          16. 【Acheiver】

            Ohhh ek kadam aage mese:)

    2. Paladin

      I will take your wishes n distribute among aisparants., … done ?

    3. MERAKI

      Atb dear aapko Bhi

  9. 【Acheiver】

    Atb akdu urfff sana bali mam:()

    1. Keep calm !!

      ty harshu don


    Shubra Mam Question for RBI pre __/__

    1. @【*

      First shift RBI assistant
      17 38 80 164 ?
      5 18 57 174 ?
      4 17 40 71 108 ?
      24 10 8 10 18 ?
      6 14 25 184 ?
      RC asked in morning shift

      Hans had served his master for seven years, so he said to him, “Master, my time is up, now I would like to go back home to my mother. Give me my wages.”

      The master answered, “You have served me faithfully and honestly. As the service was, so shall the reward be.” And he gave Hans a piece of gold as big as his head. Hans pulled his handkerchief out of his pocket, wrapped up the lump in it, put it on his shoulder, and set out on the way home. As he went on, always putting one leg before the other, he saw a horseman trotting quickly and merrily by on a lively horse.

      “Ah,” said Hans quite loud, “what a fine thing it is to ride. There you sit as on a chair, never stumbling over a stone, saving your shoes, and making your way without even knowing it.”

      The rider, who had heard him, stopped and called out, “Hey there, Hans, then why are you going on foot?”

      “I must,” answered he, “for I have this lump to carry home. It is true that it is gold, but I cannot hold my head straight for it, and it hurts my shoulder.”

      “I will tell you what,” said the rider. “Let’s trade. I will give you my horse, and you can give me your lump.”

      “With all my heart,” said Hans. “But I can tell you, you will be dragging along with it.”

      The rider got down, took the gold, and helped Hans up, then gave him the bridle tight in his hands and said, “If you want to go fast, you must click your tongue and call out, ‘jup, jup.'”

      Hans was heartily delighted as he sat upon the horse and rode away so bold and free. After a little while he thought that it ought to go faster, and he began to click with his tongue and call out, “jup, jup.” The horse started a fast trot, and before Hans knew where he was, he was thrown off and lying in a ditch which separated the fields from the highway. The horse would have escaped if it had not been stopped by a peasant, who was coming along the road and driving a cow before him.

      Hans pulled himself together and stood up on his legs again, but he was vexed, and said to the peasant, “It is a poor joke, this riding, especially when one gets hold of a mare like this, that kicks and throws one off, so that one has a chance of breaking one’s neck. Never again will I mount it. Now I like your cow, for one can walk quietly 

      Eight person LMNOPQSR live on eight different floor .lower 1 , top 8. L , live on odd number floor but not 5 . There is one person live between L and R . R is below L .Three person live between Q and O . Q live s one floor above L and as well as O. S live one of floor above Q . Neither N nor Q lives in top floor .One person live between S and M .

  11. ? Lovely (star) ???

    num series asked rbi assistance
    4, 17, 40, 71, 108, ?
    24, 10, 8, 10, 18, ?
    6, 14, 45, 184, ?
    17, 38, 80, 164, ?
    5, 18, 57, 174, ?
    6, 5, 7, 12.5, 27, ?
    3, 18, 35, 56, 83,?
    7, 6, 10, 27, ?, 515
    45, 49, 40, 56, 31,?
    11, 29, 65, 137,?, 369

  12. GujjU PoOH_N!T

    To fir kitne kiye sbne yha attemptsssssss ? :PP

    1. DAS

      apne kitne kiye???????????

      1. GujjU PoOH_N!T

        bhai abhi nai sbke jaan lu fir bataungaa sryyy

          1. DAS

            sir apne kitne kiye??????????

          2. @【*

            Km attempts hue h quanti k starting k kuch m lg or di chor aya

          3. DAS


          4. @【*

            Starting k ques krta gya usme thora jyada time lg mujhe sol krne m jisse di k question ni kr paye

          5. @【*

            Apne kitne kia

          6. @【*

            the sum of digits is 9
            And dif the btwn the no after reversing digits of no in 45.

          7. DAS

            the sum of digits is 12
            And dif the btwn the no after reversing digits of no in 36

          8. @【*

            Atb for nxt level

          9. @【*

            Dout h acuracy pr

          10. DAS

            nehi cut off may be 85+

          11. @【*

            Wait fr result..

          12. DAS

            you are from which state?

          13. @【*

            Mp. Mera pradesh

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