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618 Thoughts to “Discussion Zone – 27 February 2017”

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      gdeve mam :))

        1. Destiny : ultimate

          ge :))

  1. Gusto

    GE to ALL 🙂

      1. Gusto

        Ge purvi 🙂

    1. purvi

      ge paakhi 🙂

  2. I have come to(a)/ know that (b)/ his fa ther has died (c)/ three days ago (d)/No error(e).

        1. Destiny : ultimate

          has with had

  3. When you will find (a)/ out a solution (b)/ to this problem, (c)/ you will be awarded a prize (d)/No error(e).

      1. purvi

        ge myra 🙂

      2. Hemant ahuja?

        because both future hai isliye will omit

      1. purvi

        xam kesa rha tumara

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      you find

      1. found book in that download link ??

  4. Be fore the alarm had stopped (a)/ ringing (b)/ Nisha had telephoned (c)/the police (d)/No error(e).

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      del had

        1. Destiny : ultimate

          cos past perfect tense me first happend past perfct hota h and second simple past

    2. a

      Delete ‘had’. In past perfect tense, simple past is used for
      the work completed later.

  5. Divaker

    Good evening all

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      gdeve :))

        1. Myra

          only myra 🙂

  6. This is (a)/ the first time (b)/ that I see such (c)/an interesting movie (d)/No error(e).

      1. Divaker

        Saw ??? Use nhi ho Sakta

        1. Myra

          he had already seen the movie

          1. Divaker

            Nhi smj aaya

        2. this is the first time ki mene movie dekhi hai

          this is the first time ki mene movie dekhi thi

          See inme se konsa sentence sense bna rha hai ??

          1. yes
            to iska matlab – i have seen aaega

            i saw nhi

            hindi me meaning dekh liya karo

          2. Divaker

            Ok I will take care of it

          3. Divaker

            Sry confuse ho Jaya HN thoda sa

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      hve seen

  7. Whenever he is coming (a)/ here, he brings (b)/ many (c)/ gifts for me (d)/No error(e).

      1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

        ge sir :))

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ


        1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

          ge :))

    2. Destiny : ultimate


    3. a) Write, ‘whenever he comes’. For habitual action, present
      indefinite tense is used.

  8. Now a days, (a)/ he teaches English (b)/because the teacher of English (c)/ has gone on a month’s leave (d)/No error(e).

    1. Gusto

      he is teaching

    2. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

      is teaching

    3. Destiny : ultimate

      is teaching

    4. b
      ‘he is teaching’.

  9. “It is high time (a)/ you are starting (b)/ this business”, (c)/ said Ram to Mahesh (d)/No error(e).

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ


    2. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

      you should??

    3. paakhi

      aa– a high time

    4. Destiny : ultimate

      a high time

    5. b
      you started

      As told by Gusto –

      it is high time + verb in past

  10. Gusto

    it is high time + verb in past

  11. I will let you know (a)/ as soon as I (b)/ will get (c)/ any news in this regard (d)/No error(e).

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

      i get

    2. Destiny : ultimate

      i get

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ


    2. Myra

      I will let you know (a)/ as soon as I (b)/ will get (c)/ any news in this regard (d)/No error(e).

    3. purvi

      I will let you know (a)/ as soon as I (b)/ will get (c)/ any news in this regard (d)/No error(e).

          1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            in cc

  12. When I will (a)/ cross fifty, my (b)/ wife will cross (c)/ forty five (d)/No error(e).

    1. Destiny : ultimate

      i cross

  13. The secret of his good health (a)/ lies in the fact (b)/ that he is get ting up early (c)/ and goes to bed early (d)/No error(e).

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

      he gets up

      1. Divaker

        HR ek questions Shi h AP ka Ma’am

        1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

          :)) thankuuuuuuuuuuuu

    2. Destiny : ultimate

      gets up

    3. c

      ‘he gets up’.

  14. paakhi

    mam difficult one post kijiye

    1. Divaker

      Yhi bolne wala that main bhi mza nhi as RHA

    2. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

      u new here ??

        1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

          welcome :))

          1. Divaker

            Pakkhi Ma’am bht old hai tumne aaj dekha

  15. The students sitting on the dais, (a)/ studied here (b)/ for three years, but (c)/ they have never created any problem (d)/No error(e).

      1. paakhi

        d bhi lg raha hai– had aayega

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

      have studied

  16. ^^^Jaga^^^....

    good evening mam 🙂

      1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

        bhai kese ho??/kese gaya xam syndicate ka

        1. Divaker

          Bhai mera bhi that bs SBI ke liye hi padh RHA HN Lekin satisfaction nhi milti

          1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

            Hn bhai time ha8 sbi keliye ab se thoda thoda padhenge to ho jayega

          2. Divaker

            PTA nhi bhai last 2 years lga HN kuch nahi Mila sirf experience ke alwa

          3. ^^^Jaga^^^....

            Bhai mera b same ho jayega kuch din baad

      1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

        ge bhai.. 🙂

  17. Divaker

    Next aaya kya ??

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ


    2. Destiny : ultimate

      yes f5

    3. Gusto

      The students sitting on the dais, (a)/ studied here (b)/ for three years, but (c)/ they have never created any problem (d)/No error(e)

  18. If he would have done this, (a)/ he would have done wrong (b)/ and would have deceived (c)/ many of his relatives (d)/No error(e).

    1. Pheonix

      if he had…aa

    2. Destiny : ultimate

      he have done

    1. Myra

      If he would have done this, (a)/ he would have done wrong (b)/ and
      would have deceived (c)/ many of his relatives (d)/No error(e).

        1. Destiny : ultimate


          If he had done this

        2. Myra

          If he had done this

    2. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ


    3. Destiny : ultimate


  19. Oppressive working conditions have 1)/ steadily improved in the last 6 months 2)/, but more must be done to reduce 3)/ the amount of overtime that employees work. 4)/ All correct 5).

      1. Divaker

        Overtime that employees do ???

      2. Divaker

        Pakkhi Ma’am need your counsel for SBI po

        1. paakhi

          dear m a student just preparing as u r doing..nothing basic concept clear kro n practice:)

          1. Divaker

            But main sare subjects nhi padh PA Raha that’s why I approached you
            AR some one said
            Students is more wiser than teacher so asked you

            No problem

    1. purvi

      must have to be

      1. Divaker

        I think must show strong positive
        And must have use in case of probably

        1. purvi

          but waha have nhi tha to mujhe laga have aana caheye

  20. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

    disqus problem :(((

    1. purvi

      ye discuss kisi ko padhne nhi dega

      1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

        hmm 🙁

    2. Gusto

      same . comments nhi dikh rhe

      1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

        haan yaar

      1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

        yes mam 🙁

  21. Hemant ahuja?

    disquss dead

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

      u r still alive????

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        bus aane wala hai tyme.ab to stunt bhi saste ho agye heartatack wale .whi aane wala hai ab mere ko

        1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

          boht days baad dikhe ho :))

          1. Hemant ahuja?

            nyt main gk krne aata tha bus

  22. koi hai ???

    Oppressive working conditions have 1)/ steadily improved in the last 6 months 2)/, but more must be done to reduce 3)/ the amount of overtime that employees work. 4)/ All correct 5).

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      mam disquss dead

    2. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

      ajj to disqus jaan le lega humari :pp

      1. Divaker

        Sirf tumari
        Ha ha h

    3. ^^^Jaga^^^....

      Mam disqus problm lagta hai aj…

  23. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ


    1. Gusto

      Oppressive working conditions have 1)/ steadily improved in the last 6 months 2)/, but more must be done to reduce 3)/ the amount of overtime that employees work. 4)/ All correct 5).

  24. Hemant ahuja?

    ye audio driver istall hai lapi main phir bhi sound nhi aa rhi what the pro

  25. Disqus problem

    I think we ll have to stop quiz

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

      yes mam :))

    2. Divaker

      Nhi Ma’am continue rakho dikh RAHE hai questions

      1. not able to do like this

        bilkul nhi dikh rahe comments

        1. Divaker

          Ma’am I need to share you that mujhe lagta hai main sahi se nhi padh PA rha kyunki mujhe satisfaction nhi multi kya Karun
          Help kar dijiye

          1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            KYA BOL RHE HO TUM ???

          2. Divaker

            Pasha nhi ya smj nhi aayA

            Presaan HN khud se bs

          3. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            don’t worry bus fb ko chodo or books se dosti kro :pp

          4. ronnie (honey)

            ji mam

          5. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ


          6. Divaker

            Books se hi Dosti jab bht thak Jaya HN ya MN nhi lagta to vahan jata hn

          7. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            don’t worry try to focus :)) all the best

          8. ronnie (honey)

            ye mam ki baat mano sb acha hoga ..all the best bhai

          9. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            :)) mam to khud fail hai ab tak lol

  26. purvi

    bye frnds
    yadi discuss jinda rha to phir milenge

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

      bye purvi ::))

    2. Divaker


    3. ^^^Jaga^^^....


  27. Hemant ahuja?

    ok frends

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ


    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

      ta taaaa

      1. paakhi

        jyada short ho gya ye 😀

          1. paakhi

            go went gone????

          2. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            yaa right :))

          3. Hemant ahuja?

            tu parrot hai uski.ans de rhi usko

          4. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            main parrot hi hun par uski nhi hun :))

          5. Hemant ahuja?


          6. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ


          7. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            suzi matlb??

          8. Hemant ahuja?

            Name to likh le apna. Jaise lgata koi bhootni aa ghi

          9. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            :|| main bhoootni hi hun tumko khaungi sabse pehle

          10. Hemant ahuja?

            Sauce lga ke khana

          11. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            haan jarooooooooooooor :))

    2. Divaker

      Answer me CHK below

  28. Today no CA Quiz

    We ll meet tomorrow . GN All :))

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

      ok mam 🙂 GN

    2. Hemant ahuja?

      ok gn mam

    3. ronnie (honey)

      ty mam..

      1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

        silent ???

        1. ronnie (honey)

          thoda busy tha so aa nhi paya ..abhi aya tha

          1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            ohhh :))

          2. ronnie (honey)

            hor btao sb bdia apki life me ?

          3. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            yes everything is great :))

          4. ronnie (honey)

            grt hi hona chaiye ..

  29. Hemant ahuja?

    ye lapi par sound nhi aa rha ,wht d prob kal aa rhi thi

    1. Myra

      may be,u kept in mute

    2. Divaker

      Re-start kar do sir

    3. ronnie (honey)

      sound bnd kr di tumne

  30. Divaker

    Good night future bankers

    1. Myra

      gud ni8 future banker 🙂

      1. ronnie (honey)


    2. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

      gn :))

      1. Divaker

        Bhai pranaam late ho

  31. Suraj

    Practise set for upcoming exams!!!!

    Reasoning: Inequalities Set 4 :

    Quantitative Aptitude: Data Interpretation Set 12 :

    English: Sentence Fillers for SBI PO Set 2(New Pattern) :

    Static GK Quiz for Upcoming Exams Set 21 :

    Banking Awareness for Upcoming Exams Set 11 (T-bills) :

    Current Affairs Quiz: February 27, 2017 :

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

      thanku sir :))

  32. ^^^Jaga^^^....

    Suraj sir???

      1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

        sir sbi pre keliye kaun sa st acha hoga pm ya ob??

        1. Suraj

          level to dono ka accha hai.. pm is of less price.. ob is costly.. else level to dono k acche hi hai

          1. Myra

            Gud night sir 🙂

          2. Suraj

            Good Night 🙂

        2. Suraj

          i preferred ob..

          1. ^^^Jaga^^^....

            ok sir…thank u very much

        3. Hemant ahuja?

          Jismain new pattern ho

  33. ^^^Jaga^^^....

    Shubhra mam??

  34. Hemant ahuja?

    Bahar nikalo sab

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

      hum kidhr chupe the???

        1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

          :)) tum pagal ho na

          1. Hemant ahuja?

            Ismain pagal Wali kya baat

          2. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            to har baat pe kabutar wali kya baat hoti hai wese btana jraa

          3. Hemant ahuja?

            Purvi ki behan hai tu bhi chid jati hai

          4. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            haaan meri hi behn hai wo :))

          5. Hemant ahuja?

            Insurance ki bhi nikalo post

          6. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            kesi chal rhi hai prep ??

          7. Hemant ahuja?

            Ab to high court ki karuga kal se.

          8. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            hmm wo kab hai??

          9. Hemant ahuja?

            March ya April. Abhi date nhi aayi

          10. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            insurance ki post matlb?? new vacancies??

          11. Hemant ahuja?

            Yes. National insurance ki 984 post

          12. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            achha hai kar do apply :))

          13. Hemant ahuja?

            6 March se start hai

          14. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            hmm achha hai 🙂 karte jao

          15. Hemant ahuja?

            Tu bhi Kar Dena fill. Salary achi hai uski 15k se 40k tak hai

          16. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            kab hoga exam??

          17. Hemant ahuja?

            June ya April end

          18. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            ok kar dungi fir to

  35. Hemant ahuja?

    Shubra mam

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Ye jo math ke quiz dete ho di wale. Iski pdf bna sakte ho set 12 tak ke.

        1. ok, We ll give tomorrow up to 12 sets

          1. Hemant ahuja?

            Thanks. Insurance Wali check ki

          2. NIACL ki notification abi unki site pe nhi hai, to jab tak site pe nhi aati – exact syllabus and vacancies cannot be known

          3. Hemant ahuja?

            Mam pre hai aur mains. And also descriptive bhi hai. Assistant ke liye bhi descriptive rakha hai

          4. ok. abi 6 march tak wait karo jab tak offical notification nhi aati, then i ll tell u all

          5. Hemant ahuja?

            Yhi padha Maine.

          6. Hemant ahuja?

            Mam tday discussion page link

          7. Hemant ahuja?

            Dutch were defeated by English? Dutch won ya loss

          8. Hemant ahuja?

            Mam ek daily eng Grammer rules ki bhi post diya karo. Like articles, conjunction. Etc

  36. " Born To Win "

    The average score of a cricket player after 48 innings is 49 and
    in the 49th innings the player scores 98 runs. In the 50th innings the
    minimum number of runs required to increase his average score by 2 than
    it was before the 50th innings?

    A. 152

    B. 150

    C. 136

    D. 128

    E. None of these

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ


      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Iska koi formula

        1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

          mene to whi routine method se kiya hai ruhi se pucho

    2. Hemant ahuja?

      Ques samjh nhi aaya last line

    3. Hemant ahuja?



  37. " Born To Win "

    The average age of board of directors of a company having 15
    directors was 48 years. When a director aged 56 resigned from the board
    of directors another director died on the same day. A new director
    joined board of directors aged 36. Next year the average age of all 14
    directors was found to be 48 years. The age of late director at the time
    of his death was _______

    A. 48 years

    B. 42 years

    C. 45 years

    D. 40 years

    E. None of these

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ


      1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

        mere ko to palle hi ni pda ye :pp

        1. Hemant ahuja?

          Main abhi tak ques hi samjh rha

          1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ


    2. Hemant ahuja?

      Ek resigned hua ek dead phir to 13 hue

      1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

        ek join bhi to hua

    3. " Born To Win "

      Answer – B. 42 years

      Explanation :

      Before Death = 48*15 = 720

      The age of late director at the time of his death

      720 -(56+x) + 36 + 14 = 672

      X = 42

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Ye Kaise solve hga

  38. Hemant ahuja?

    Ruhi explain bhi do

  39. " Born To Win "

    The average expenditure of the hotel when there are 10
    guests is Rs. 80 per guests and the average expenditure is Rs.40 when
    there are 30 Guests. If it is known that there are some fixed expenses
    irrespective of the number of guests then the average expenditure per
    guest when there are 50 guests in the hotel.?

    A. Rs. 25

    B. Rs. 35

    C. Rs. 50

    D. Rs. 45

    E. None of these

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ


      1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

        mujhe lag rha tha mera wrong hai :pp option 5 kitna dangerous hai na

        1. " Born To Win "

          ans glt diyah

    2. Hemant ahuja?

      Last line hi samjh nhi aati

      1. " Born To Win "

        aram se kro jldi me nhi kro

        1. Hemant ahuja?

          Samjh aaye tab kru

  40. " Born To Win "

    The average marks of Sumit decreased by one, when he
    replaced the subject in which he has scored 40 marks by the other two
    subjects in which he has just scored 23 and 25 marks respectively. Later
    he has also included 57 marks of Computer Science, then the average
    marks increased by two. How many subjects were there initially?

    A. 12

    B. 14

    C. 10

    D. 15

    E. 13

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      8 no kum kiye Avg 1 decrease hue. 9 no add kiye Avg 2 increase hue. Aage nhi aata

    2. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ


      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Tu jagrata par roti khane aayi hai. Tu bhi de apna solution

        1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

          hahahha lol haan shi pehchana mene to tukka mara tha :pp

    3. " Born To Win "

      Answer – D. 15

      Explanation :

      Total subjects = x ; Average Marks = y

      (x + 1)(y – 1) = (xy – 40) + (23 + 25)

      y – x = 9 –(1)

      (x + 2)(y + 1) = (xy – 40) + (23 + 25)+ 57

      xy + 2y + x + 2 = xy + 65

      2y + x = 63 –(2)

      From Equation (1) and (2) => x = 15; y = 24

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Koi easy

        1. " Born To Win "

          dekhna pdega

  41. " Born To Win "

    The average runs scored by a cricketer is 42 innings, is 40. The
    difference between his maximum and minimum scores in an inning is 100.
    If these two innings are not taken into consideration, then the average
    score of remaining 40 inning is 38. Calculate the maximum runs scored by
    him in an innings ?

    A. 125

    B. 130

    C. 110

    D. 100

    E. None of these

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      140 diff aa rha. Aage nhi pta

      1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

        160 aa rha hai

    2. " Born To Win "

      try again

    3. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ


        1. " Born To Win "

          donoo ka 160 a gya tha ?
          to wo x+y = 160 …..(i) hai
          aur qus me diya h x-y = 100 …..(II)
          esse kr lo
          x = 130

          1. Hemant ahuja?

            140 aaya tha

          2. " Born To Win "

            fr se kro

          3. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            2x + 100 = 160 ayega
            x = 30 to dusra 130

          4. Hemant ahuja?

            160 aaya tha

    1. " Born To Win "

      8: 22==750/30= 25
      25*22= 550*92/100 =506

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        100 assume kiya

        1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

          nhi no profit no loss hai na to 100

          1. Hemant ahuja?

            Gazar ko jab kuch pucho phir nhi btana isne

          2. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            tum ek naam rkho bus kbhi khumbi kbhi kabutar kbhi suzi kya hai ye main koi girgit hun kya :pp

          3. Hemant ahuja?

            Jo nikalta wo bol deta

  42. " Born To Win "

    The average weight of 4 persons, Amit, Bala, Catherine and David
    is 65 kg. The 5th person Elina is included and the average weight
    decreses by 2 kg. Amit is replaced by Francis. The weight of Francis is 4
    kg more than Elina. Average weight decreases because of the replacement
    of Amit and now the average weight is 64 kg. Find the weight of Amit.

    A. 54 kg

    B. 66 kg

    C. 55 kg

    D. 68 kg

    E. None of these

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ


    2. Hemant ahuja?

      Ques hi samjh nhi aata ab to?

    3. Hemant ahuja?

      Elina ke aane se to Avg increase o rhio

      1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

        increase kyun person bhi to ek increase hoga to average decrease bhi ho sakti hai

        1. Hemant ahuja?

          Pehle 4 hai phir 5 hai

          1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

            haan to new person ka weight kam ho to avg decrease ho jaeyga

      2. " Born To Win "

        Sum of the weight of Amit, Bala, Catherine and David = 65 x 4 = 260 kg

        Average weight of Amit, Bala, Catherine and David = 65 – 2 = 63kg

        Sum of the weight of Amit, Bala, Catherine and David and Elina = 63 x 5 = 315 kg

        Weight of Elina = 315 – 260 = 55 kg

        Weight of Francis = 55 + 4 = 59 kg

        Average weight of Francis, Bala, Catherine, David and Elina = 64 kg

        Sum of the weight of Francis, Bala, Catherine, David and Elina = 64 x 5 = 320 Kg

        Sum of the weights of Bala, Catherine, David = 320 – 55 – 59 = 206 kg

        Weight of Amit = 260 – 206 = 54 kg

    4. Hemant ahuja?

      Frances tak to nikal gyi age

  43. " Born To Win "

    The average weight of the students in four sections Red, Black,
    Green and Yellow is 60 kg. The average weight of the students of Red,
    Black, Green and Yellow individually are 45 kg, 50 kg, 72 kg and 80 kg,
    respectively. If the average weight of the students of section Red and
    Black together is 48 kg and that of Black and Green together is 60 kg.
    What is the ratio of the number of the students in sections Red and

    A. 12 : 7

    B. 2 : 3

    C. 4 : 3

    D. 8 : 5

    E. None of these

    1. Hemant ahuja?

      Avg 600 individual 247 ban rahe

    2. Hemant ahuja?

      Ye ques hai ya silly bna Rahe

    3. " Born To Win "

      Answer – B. 4 : 3

      Average weight of students of sections of Red and Black = 48 kg

      ⇒ (45a + 50b)/(a + b) = 48

      ⇒ 15a = 10b

      Average weight of students of sections of Black and Green = 60 kg

      ⇒ 50b + 72c = 60(b + c)

      ⇒ 10b = 12c

      Average weight of students of Red, Black, Green and Yellow = 60 kg

      45a + 50b + 72c + 80d = 60(a + b + c + d)

      ⇒ 15a + 10b – 12c – 20d = 0

      ⇒ 15a = 20d

      ⇒ a : d = 4 : 3

  44. Hemant ahuja?

    Gn frends. Mere kol pkka stunt lagega ab

  45. " Born To Win "

    Out of the three annual examinations, each with a total of
    500 marks, a student secured average marks of 45% and 55% in the first
    and second annual examinations. To have an overall average of 60%, how
    many marks does the student need to secure in the third annual
    examination ?

    A. 450

    B. 400

    C. 350

    D. 300

    E. None of the Above

  46. " Born To Win "

    The average age of women and child workers in a factory was
    20 year. The average age of all the 12 children was 8 year and average
    age of women workers was 26 year. If 9 women workers were married, then
    the number of unmarried women workers was.

    A. 16

    B. 17

    C. 18

    D. 15

    E. None of these

    1. " Born To Win "

      Answer – D. 15

      Explanation :

      Women workers = x

      26x + 12 x 8 = 20 (12+x)

      ⇒ 26x + 96 = 240 + 20x

      ⇒ 6x = 144

      ∴ x = 24

      ∴ Unmarried women workers = 24 – 9 = 15

  47. " Born To Win "

    The average age of all the members of Mr. Ravi’s family is
    25 year. The average age of males is 30 year while the average age of
    females is 20 year. If the number of females in the family is 10, then
    find out the number of males?

    A. 20

    B. 30

    C. 15

    D. 18

    E. 10

    1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

      30 ……………..20
      ……….. 25……..
      so males =females = 10

        1. ᗩᙢᙖᓰḰᗩ

          vgm sir :))

    1. ambi

      ssc ka notice hai dekh lo sab

          1. Gusto

            cgl 2016 di thi ??

          2. ambi

            no yaar its my first time but kuch samjh bhi ni aa rha kidhr se start kren no strategy :((

          3. Gusto

            cgl tier1 ke liye
            gs– lucent sufficient hai .. according to online tier1 2016 exam
            eng– sp bakshi or mb publication buk
            maths– quant– quantum cat.. advanced maths– platform buk or kiran,s elementary & advanced mathematics
            reasoning — r s agarwal

          4. ambi

            mene sab books kd publication ki li hain paramount ki :pp unse kaam chal jayega kya vese ye sab bhi hain mere pass

          5. Gusto

            kd or paramount ki sirf eng buk achi hai
            neetu singh wali …other subj ke liye dusri buk se padho
            st ke liye .. ssbtube ki st achi hai … kd or paramount ki st ka interface acha nhi hai + jaldi soln bhi nhi detee

          6. ambi

            ohhh esa hai thankuu :))

          7. Gusto

            waise exam ke 30-35 din pahle se hi ssctube wale free live st provide krne lagte hai weekly st

          8. ambi

            ohhh :)) i love free st :p

          9. Gusto

            hahaha 😛
            kd wale bhi weekly free st provide karte hai … ob ka ek free st de sakte hai

          10. ambi

            ok :)) aj hi dete hain fir to

          11. Gusto

            gud gud 😛

          12. ambi

            quantam cat ki kya need hai ???

          13. Gusto

            arithmetic ke liye agar quantum se padha jaye to better hai bcs mains me ye buk bahot help karti hai .. iske level 1 & 2 hi sufficient hai

          14. ambi

            ok then we can do it after teir 1 only pehle kyun pagal hon :pp

          15. Gusto

            aisa mat socho ki cgl pre ka ppr 2016 pre jaisa ayega … waise jab bhi exam ka pattern change hota hai to ppr thora easy banaya jata hai … to ye jaruri nhi ki cgl 2017 pre bhi easy ayega … abhi taraf se mains jaisa prepn karo .. jisse ppr tough aya to exam me koi fark na pade ..

          16. ambi

            hmm tumne 2016 diya tha ???

          17. Gusto

            yup got 162 marks in tier 1 .. but dengue hone ki wajah se mains nhi de saka 🙁
            po mains/clk mains ye sab bhi nhi de saka

          18. ambi

            ohhh to tum kya jaga ke friend ho ?? uske ek freind ke saath bhi same hua tha 🙁 so sad yaar

          19. Gusto

            haan jaga se mail pr baat hoti hai … lekin yha mene usko nhi btaya ki mai kaun hun 😛
            kisi ko mat banana .. jaga wala comnt dlt kr do 😛

          20. ambi

            ohh ok :)) tum bhi kar do usne mujhe btaya tha ki uska koi bhai hai boht intelligent hai par ab bimar hai to teir 2 nhi dega

          21. Gusto

            usko reply kr diye the … 7-8 din pahle bhi mail kiya tha to reply kiye

          22. ambi

            delete na karna edit kar do delete ko moderators padh lete hain vese :pp main bhi yhi karti hun apne channel pe

          23. Gusto

            mai comnt dlt karne se pahle comnt ko aise kr deta hun ……….
            fir dlt mar deta hun jisse mod na read kr sake 😛

          24. ambi

            don’t worry prepare well for sbi now :))

          25. Gusto

            koi pren nhi ho pa rha bcs dengue thik hone ke baad .. 16 dec ko meri kamar ki pulse dab gyi thi .. mri hua hai report me pulse apni place se khisak gyi hai .. 16 dec se ab tak bed rest kr rha hun … treatment chal rha hai ,,, but medicines se koi jyada improvement nhi ho rha .. dr bol rha ki operation karna padega :(( … but abhi to medicines + exercise karne ko bola hai .. ab dekho aage kya hota hai

          26. ambi

            so sad :((( be strong everything will be fine

        1. Abhi

          @disqus_daerSNtYRJ:disqus @disqus_GhyVUTbsXD:disqus

          1. Abhi

            need to ask u something

          2. Abhi

            bhai ssc cpo ka preparation krna h……..n i have started it bt thoda queries h and kuch guidance chaiye tah

          3. Gusto

            haan bolo kya puchna hai ?

          4. Abhi

            bhai apko to pta hoga usme maths tier 1 me ata h……or mera maths itna acha nai h to muje btao kaise improve krun n ho jayega na………..

          5. Gusto

            maths improve karne ke liye tum ncert ki class 9 & 10th ki buk se practice karo … maths improve karne ki ye sabse achi buks hai

          6. Abhi

            sir ab itna tym kaha …………:(……..june me exm

          7. ambi

            no dear ye to easy hoti hain 1-2 months main cover ho jayengi

          8. Gusto

            abhi bahot time hai 3 month maths improve karne ke liye bahot hai

          9. Abhi

            ok sir:)………n gs k liye lucent na?

          10. Gusto

            lucent + practice ke liye SA ki quiz post

          11. Abhi

            ok sir ,,,,,,,,,acha new edition to nai lene as mere ps mere frnd ki old uk h

          12. Gusto

            new edition ki lelo … jyada costly nhi hai Rs120-130 tak mil jayega

          13. ambi

            tum bole lucent ki book menas objective wali jo blue cover main hai ya fir dusri small book

          14. Abhi

            i think the small one

          15. ambi

            haan wo mjedaar hai 🙂 jyada dimag bhi ni lgana padta

          16. Abhi

            only we need to mug up that buk

          17. Gusto

            lucent ki 2 buk aati hai
            1– lucent general knowledge
            2- lucent objective
            lekin 1st wala text buk hai … 1st wale se padhne se acha hoga

          18. ambi

            haan books ka to bhandaar lga liya mene par pdhi ek bhi ni jati :pp

          19. Gusto

            hehehe to fir usi sabhi book se padho .. utna sufficient hai

          20. Gusto

            tum bhi odisa se ho ?

          21. ambi

            no me from punjab 🙂 jaga hai odisha se to and u ?? up ya bihar???

          22. Gusto

            mai up se hun 😛

          23. ambi

            hmm hmm i know :))

          24. Abhi

            sir vo choti vali jo 30-40 ki ati h voi na?

          25. ambi

            hehehe yes i think 100

          26. Gusto

            nhi ye buk blue clr ki hogi
            Rs 120-130 print hoga discount karke aur less price me mil jayega

          27. Abhi

            to ye 30 vali konsi h kuch capsule type hoga fir..

          28. Gusto

            may be …. lekin 30 wa;i se mat padhna nhi to gs me marks kam ayega 😛
            more knowledge more marks

          29. Abhi

            indeed ………bs sir maths ka ho jaye baki to ratna h n iska physical jada tough h

          30. Gusto

            practice karo sab ho jayega … waise ssc cgl & cpo ke liye maths & eng jyada achi honi chahiye .. bcs mains me yahi dono subj hote hai

          31. Abhi

            hnn sir bt isme mains me english hai:)

          32. Gusto

            to fir tumhare liye aur acha hai 🙂

          33. Abhi

            hmm sir……..acah maths k liye koi youtube channel ?

          34. Gusto

            studyiq ye naam suna hai

          35. ambi

            haan but wo maths itna nhi krate

          36. Gusto

            yes crt .. ye channel GS/GA jyada provide karke hai

          37. ambi

            haan mera clerk mains ka CA inhi ke shaare to nikla hai 🙂

          38. Gusto

            grt yani tum bhi banking + ssc ki prepn karti ho

          39. ambi

            nhi last year tak to banking hi thi but ab only cgl :))

          40. Gusto

            kahi tum punjab wali baabu to nhi ?

          41. ambi

            no no main to last year ser hi start kiya hai exam dene only 4 hi diye hain ab tak to

          42. Gusto

            okk 🙂
            actually ham log sare frnds hangout ki group me the to mujhe lga wahi ho 😛

          43. Abhi

            kch gs ka pdi hain ap

          44. ambi

            abhi tak to time pass hi chal rha hai mera ;pp but maths jyada kar rhi hu n abhi to usme hi problem hai mujhe gs ko jyada time mat dena according to me bus padh lo 2-3 baar sab

          45. Abhi

            hmm n maths me konse topic ho gye?

          46. ambi

            mene abhi tak to geometry hi ki hai or mensuration thoda boht trigno ke basics hi kiye hain or kuch word topics

          47. Abhi

            ap science background se ho?

          48. ambi

            no yaar commerce

          49. Abhi

            chlo koi to mila:) ita relax feel hota h

          50. ambi

            lol tum bhi commerce :))

          51. ambi

            achha hai jidhr dekho udhar engineers bhre pde hain har jgah :))

          52. Abhi

            tbi to i said …..whenever i see ny commerce student na relaxing lgta h chlo koi to mila apna dukh batne val:P

          53. Abhi

            acha geometry easy h na:(

          54. ambi

            han geometry to easy hai but algebra or trigno main thoda dar lagta hai

          55. Abhi

            vhin online sekha ?

          56. ambi

            actually advance maths easy hota hai arithmetic se or itne method hote hain kisi bhi ques ko karne ke tumhe jo method easy lge bus wo strong karte jao main to abhi rakesh yadav ki books se kar rhi hun sab concepts videos boht bde ho jate hain to main bor ho jati hun par agar koi topic khud se samjh na aye to online guruji ya dinesh miglani se karti hun

          57. Abhi

            itna sara typ krne k liye thank you miss………..or maths k liye rakesh yadav achi h?

          58. ambi

            haan kiran ki practice book ot rakesh yadav ki advance maths best hain

          59. Abhi

            sir coaching to na lun na iska bcz money n time dono waste lgta muje

          60. Gusto

            agr tumko lagta hai ki self prepn kar sakte ho … to coaching ki need nhi hai … but tum jyada hi weak ho to fir coaching le lo

          61. Abhi

            hmm dekhta hun try kr ke………acha btw inme maths k question direct hote hain ya twisted lyk bank me misc itne bde questions hote hain

          62. Gusto

            direct qns aate hai… exam me to kuch qns prev yrs ke same aa jate hai + kuch qns r s agarwal//lucent ki maths/quantum cat in sab se aa jate hai

          63. Abhi

            fir to mtlb self ho skta h thoda tym de kr

          64. Gusto

            haan self karo … jo qns nhi aate wo yha ki prob solve wali post par qns post karo .. suraj sir ya koi bhi solve kar dena … BA par bhi doubt puch sakte ho

          65. Abhi

            vese to sir maths 12th tk tih bt fir b i dont knw y i fell deteriorated about dis maths subject

          66. Gusto

            11th/12th wali maths competition me nhi ate …to in sab ko bhul jao … bas 9-10th ki books se padho

          67. Abhi

            sorry sir thoda distrb kr rha hun……….english ki plinth sufficient na?ya sp bakshi b

          68. ambi

            ye neetu singh wali book mast hai boring bhi nhi hai

          69. Abhi

            same:) but usme exercise kum h

          70. ambi

            hm to exercise internet pe dheron sites pdi hui hain khin se bhi kar lo

          71. ambi

            ok see u bye bye :))

          72. Abhi

            or kuch update mile to plz update krna ………..especially maths part:)

          73. Abhi

            a friend in need is a friend in deed:) gud bye

          74. Gusto

            neetu singh wali book ?

          75. Abhi

            hn neetu singh plinth to paramount

          76. Gusto

            isi buk se padho … ye buk ssc exam ke liye bahot achi hai

          77. Abhi

            plz guide me how to prepare for ssc cpo exam

          78. ambi

            do u have proper qualification as to height and fitness ???

          79. ambi

            good then focus on your weak areas and refer to books given below by gusto 🙂

          80. Abhi

            started already but my maths is not dat good……..

          81. ambi

            maths to sab ki hi problem hai except some god-gifted ones don’t panic
            concepts pe focus kro give every topic its share of time means 4-5 days so that it stays with u forever 🙂 or koi doubt ho to mujhe btana main try krungi use mera bhi maths weak hi hai bcoz

          82. Abhi

            okk mam …..1 more thing maine na online videos se prpeare krna start kiya ……so vo useful h na?

          83. Abhi

            maine maths ka algebra start kiya online videos lecture le kr to vo sahi krate h na?

          84. ambi

            hmm kon sa channel ??

          85. Abhi

            online guruji………

          86. ambi

            haaan main bhi mostly whi se karti hun

          87. Abhi

            hehehe…….to muje update dia kyu nai:(..i thought u’ll help me

          88. ambi

            🙂 dinesh miglani ko bhi try karna wo systematic way se karwate hain sab topic and entire syllabus bhi covered hai unka

          89. Abhi

            now ur coming out

          90. ambi

            hehehe i am not genius dear main bhi abhi prepare hi kar rhi hun

          91. Abhi

            i must say kafi acha krate hain vo mam…….

    2. ambi

      or agar kisi ko samjh aye to samjha bhi do :pp

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